Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old news clippings...Victor Borge, Brisbane 1993

Among my tons of old newspaper clippings are some from foreign places. Mostly, I kept copies of the newspaper from countries I visited with my wife. This particular clipping was from the Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Australia dated 18 December 1993...publicising a one day only
Performance by that unbelievable and increditably gifted pianist and commedienne, VICTOR BORGE.
I remember D2 and I felt very disappointed that we could not attend the performance as by that date we would have returned to Singapore.
All of us, including my daughters, love the talent and comedy of this very special person. We used to have VCDs of his many performances.
Today, you can check them out on Youtube.

I have included two of his most entertaining and memorable clips.
Do remember to click the "pause"button on my Jango jukebox before you start the clip.

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