Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Active Agers Awards Night 2009..

The 2009 Active Agers Awards Presentation an event with the theme " Honouring the Stars" was held at the Marina Barrage, a location that is not easily accessible unless you travel by car or

transport has been pre-arranged. Last year the venue was at the Cavenagh Bridge, across the Singapore River.

Nevertheless, the ambience and surroundings at Marina Barrage contributed to the nice atmosphere under the moonlight and sea breeze.
There were lots of other people there from kite flyers, cyclists, tourists and others merely taking in the sights.

D2 and I arrived at about 6.45 pm. The organisers/officials recognised me and directed me to the special carparking lots reserved for us.
We were met by Henry Quake, CEO of C3A and other C3A and IDA staff. At the registration counter, we were informed our table number was 8.
I went to look for the "new" faces amongst the tables and discovered an old friend from my working days.

Tang Wing Kee, Unk Dicko, my old friend from NYGH and Sabapathy Gopal.
Gopal is an Active Ager Award winner this year while my friend is the runner -up. They too are recognised and acknowledged...that is certainly a step in the right direction.

I managed to have a chat with emcee of the night ....Brian Richmond.
Last year we had much fun and laughter comparing our ages until we both discovered we were that close at birth. Born in the same year, Brian is older than me slightly by 3 weeks!
So I was very glad to reunite with my "elder " brother again and he felt likewise.
Another thing we seem to feel strongly about is that we did not feel older by one year. We both felt younger!

No, we're not doing the cha-cha or tango.
We just felt grateful and happy to meet up again.

Gerard Ee, the Chairman of the C3A having a chat with us.

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