Sunday, October 11, 2009

The first Car race in Singapore..1907 !

Recently Singapore held the F1 Formula One Grand Prix for the second year running at the Marina Bay Circuit. It was also the second time that the race was held at night...last year being the inaugural night event.
In the 60's and early 70's the Singapore Grand Prix was held at the Old Thomson Road circuit.
Many people of my generation, including myself, used to enjoy the very exciting races held there.
However, not many of us are aware that the very first Automobile or car race was held about a 100 years ago!
Look at my original news clipping above. It came from the Straits Times edition of Friday, 16 December 1988, page 7...where they featured several old photos of early days of Singapore.
In the next few days, I shall post all the pics here.
That historic 1st motorcar race took place in June 1907. The venue was Tyersall Road which is where Botanic Gardens is today.
Apparently, that was also the year that the Singapore Automobile Club was formed.
Looking closely at the photo, I think it must have been around noon when the picture was taken.
It probably was a very hot day too as a few umbrellas can be seen. Most of those taking part were likely British.

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