Saturday, November 7, 2009

A few thousand years ago, we had the same family!

On Saturday last week, I came across this very interesting article written by Senior writer Andy Ho of the Straits Times. The subject of his writing has always fascinated me and I presume a lot of other people out there too. Some of you may remember there was a TV programme, an interesting serial called "ROOTS !" many years ago. I used to enjoy watching it as it dealt with a subject closed to my heart...history. In this case the history of how the black people of America came over from Africa and elsewhere.
In Andy's article he reports on the postulations of some notable mathematician-scientist on the
why and how we present humans today will have the same common forefather if we go back just 3 to 7 thousand years ago. Read it. It makes you think!

I suppose most of us can trace our family links to grand and perhaps great-grand parent stage.
Those with carefully kept family historical records can go back hundreds of years...or more than a thousand years like the descendants of Confucius the Sage. Those with surnames"Kongs" number by the thousands worldwide.

How far can you trace your family links?

As for unk Dicko and his family tree...the Yip or Ye ( in mandarin), I had blogged about it previously. It is a really interesting read, with photos. Click HERE.
Whatever our innate prejudices may be, whatever differences we may have about the race question...the inescapable fact remains as supported by mathematics, science and history - we are all from the same family tree originally ( as in the diagram above ).

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