Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life Begins at ...80 ! Check for yourself !

My good buddy sent me this cc email today. It wasn't the only email on the same subject I had received. There were a couple more about this 80 year old great grandmother of four who has been simply sensational in her singing....in the ongoing programme "Britain Has Got Talent."
He was so moved that he penned a note to our good Minister.
I must say I share his sentiments after watching this clip for JANEY CUTLER is extraordinary!
Do watch ! Do listen to what the judges say. Do watch the standing ovation !
You'll be amazed.
I am afraid no one is able to upload the actual Youtube video onto blogs as they have disabled the embed code. But just click on the Link in red and you can watch it.
Ps: If you are watching here...remember to turn "off" or click pause on my Jango Jukebox. The music plays automatically.

Dear Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishan,


A person I would most enthusiastically encourage the relevant official/unit in your MCYS to invite to our Singapore to sing and inspire our senior citizens, while she is still able to do so.

Shouldn't be difficult for MCYS to more than recover all costs involved - considering the number of sponsors which would be more than eager to be so identified with her.
Thank you.

Nga Thio Ping


maree said...

Lovley that she has fans from all over & is indeed an inspiration for all ages

unk Dicko said...

She truly has an amazing quality about her not just the voice but ...it's difficult to describe.