Monday, May 10, 2010

Silviu Ionescu...handcuffed & detained in jail!

Photo credit: From Bucharest Herald
This is one of the latest photos of this shameful so-called "diplomat". Below picture as well as in many news live reports showed him being led away in handcuffs after the Romanian Court had jailed him for 29 days for further investigations. He looks exactly like a man on the run...haggled, hair all turned white and an overall unhealthy look and appearance with sallow face.
There are reports from the local diplomatic and international community..castigating this disgraced buffoon as having brought great shame and loss of integrity to the diplomatic corps.
Many people are beginning to question his perhaps questionable background.
How did he become a " Dr"?
Who was protecting him in Romania or elsewhere? Else, how could he be so BRAZEN on
Romanian news and TV making very damaging but SCURRILOUS and nonsensical charges
against Singapore and our authorities?
It seems improbable that someone without any backing can be ALLOWED and PERMITTED to
level SERIOUS allegations of injustice concerning his own case....AFTER the Coroner's Full Inquiry had shown the whole world...he was responsible.
What other shady deals and with what characters has he been involved in?

[ Newsclip source: Unk Dicko's Archives..Sunday Times 9/5/2010 ]
Let's wait and see whether this is just some smokescreen akin to some Hollywood stuff or if
some "Indian chiefs "in their country really have some power to put a stop to this charade....and bring that buffoon back here for a fair trial.


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Lam Chun See said...

I think when dealing with foreign countries' governments, our own govt should learn to be patient. In many of these countries, esp. the less-developed ones, the bureaucratic wheels turn very slowly. I think our MFA makes too many, "we are puzzled" statement.