Monday, May 17, 2010

Ukulele...Shigeto Takahashi and Unk Dicko Meet Again, part 2.

Before Shigeto-san ended his memorable visit to Ukulele Movement shop, Glyn presented him with a special "Ukulele" T-shirt and he autographed copies of his CDs for those who had purchased them. He has a playing style of his own, quite distinct from many of the other Ukulele players.
Shigeto presented me this very "Roots Trip "CD and also another one from that Ukulele couple "Bosko and Honey, titled " Ukulele Safari - Volume 1.

Photo: The cover of Shigeto's Ukulele CD

Photo: The inside message of the Cover page.

Photo: Glyn from UM presenting this T-shirt to Shigeto

From UM, I drove him to my club for a Dinner ..reservations had been made.
Shigeto meeting my family at my club for Dinner. Of the two
grandkids in this picture, it was my 4 year old grandson in red[ BT] who
captured the 2 snapshots below! In fact, he enjoys my camera so much
that he is often the one taking potshots at me and at will.

Shigeto enjoying his special Javanese Dinner prepared
by 2 master chefs flown in from Bali.

There was still time for a beer before I drove him to my home
and then to Changi Airport for his departure the same night.
As we chatted over dinner and the drive, Shigeto told me of his dream to be
a full time Ukulele musician, entertainer, traveller perhaps in a year or two.
And when the dream becomes reality, Unk Dicko has offered to connect him
with the relevant people and agencies when he intends to perform in S'pore.

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