Sunday, June 27, 2010

Germany vs England W Cup...the octopus has decided!

Since the World Cup 2010 in South Africa kicked off, my lifestyle took a dramatic change. I must apologise if my regular visitors to this blogsite did not see any blog activity for nearly 10 days..that's very unusual for Unk Dicko's regular blogging standard.
But do remember that the World Cup only come round once in 4 years. And in that short space of barely a month of non-stop football action happening at odd hours of our time zone, daily..there is so much for the World Cup soccer followers to see and not to miss. And Unk Dicko has been following the World Cup since the 60's...every World Cup without fail!

I may have missed some matches here and there in previous championships but those would be few and far between.
For example, when this 2010 W Cup started with the opening game between host country South Africa and Mexico...I was actually at Ho Chi Minh city ( former Saigon ). We were staying at the 4 star Kimdo Hotel which is opposite the Sheraton Hotel in the heart of the city.

From my own hotel room, I was able to catch all the opening games of the first 3 days of the competition. Unfortunately, the commentary was all in Vietnamese but it was really not a big problem as it was also drowned out by the horrendous noises that came from the 'vizvuzela' or whatever thery are called. It was probably ok for the atmosphere in the stadium where the games are played. But on the tv and internet feeds it was quite,quite irritating.
I have not missed a single game of this W Cup yet. Seen everyone of the game. Read hundreds of pages of news, reports and gossips about all the ups and downs of each team as they either faltered or progressed in their search for the ultimate prize and glory...the Winner's Cup!

There are far too many matches for me to blog about but I thought that I'll just focus on one monumental match taking place in less than 2 hours from now as I type.
This is the "Do or Die" match between 2 of the most watched teams in W Cup football...Germany and their eternal nemesis....England.
In all their 5 previous meetings at the W Cup knockout stage, all have ended in draws even after extra time. Then followed by penalty kicks.

What were the results then? Did England WIN any of them?
Before I give my is a famous quote from one of the best English strikers ever that puts things in perspective and nice humour.
He said, when asked to define England vs Germany football games....

" Football is a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end,
the GERMAN wins. "
( Gary Lineker )

So who will win the match tonight?
Who will we say goodbye to?
In a short while we shall soon find out unless, unless you are a very clever octopus called Paul.
You have not heard of my undersea friend called Paul?
He lives in Germany and has correctly predicted the outcomes of Germany's games so far.
He does this by opening one of 2 boxes placed in his tank. The boxes represented by the flags of the 2 teams are closed. The one he opens is the "winner"!
And for tonight which box has he opened?

Unk Dicko knows.

If you don't please click on this Link below.

The German World Cup team

The England World Cup team

Kimdo Hotel- Ho Chi Minh City

Kimdo Hotel

Enjoying the dinner and cruise aboard the SS Saigon in Vietnam

I shall be blogging about Vietnam shortly soon as I have found enough sleep!


jlow said...

Wah, Paul is really quite something, his prediction of the match is spot on.

peter said...

The moment they English FA named the English team b4 world cup even started, I told myself "sure lose". Why?

1. Same old players form the days of 2006 (+ or - here and there).
Heskey - omg. Rio - omg so slow that ManUnietd decided to look for somebody to replace him.

2. Pairing Gerrard and Lampard can never work - they never seem to understand English. In the Eng-German game, did u see the entire mid-field kena tricked. Germans played the long ball and by-passed the mid-field.

3. England Under-21 is so much better than the World Cup tema but sad to say there is a mafid inside the FA or inside the team. How on earh the FA cna believe "Britannia rule the wave"?

4. Capello is the manager/coach yet you see Beckham going to the touch-line to psyche the players. Is Beckham in the team or out of the team? He behaved he was the coach.

5. Rooney - already peaked in his career. That's why SAF purchased that Mexican chilly padi "Hernandez".

unk Dicko said...

Did you all know that Paul the clairvoyant Octopus was featured prominently in most of the British press and media?
Which means the England team, staff and coaches would have known about it prior to kick off.
From a psychological point of view...Capello and the English were GONERS even before the game started, since Octopus Paul had been 100 % spot on previously!
I saw that video clip a day before the match and made some checks of its veracity.
Then when I happened to pass by a Sg Pools place...placed a small bet following the TIP from Paul!
Today, I'll collect my winnings.
So...who will Paul pick next in Ger vs Arg?

unk Dicko said...

You should see what the British tabloids featured on yesterday's headlines.
One read: " We will STUFF the Germans!" ( Wayne Rooney was quoted ).
Rooney was and remains the only mouse of this W Cup. He and the others were stuffed rightly by the Germans and probably got their heads all messed up by Octopus Paul who carries a German NRIC.
I foresee it will be a mighty long, long time before England ever climb to the top of the pyramid again.
They need to uproot their entire football structure, FA, game approach...have a TOTAL futuristic plan and put one of their OWN ENGLISHMEN i/c period.
The greed for money and more money is the root of their endless problems.
They have not developed the SKILL LEVEL of their players that can match or overcome the likes of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Spain the W Cup level.

Anonymous said...


Octopus Paul is the greatest goalkeeper of all time. No ball can get pass him (or his hands).

Anonymous said...


Octopus Paul is the greatest goalkeeper of all time. No ball can get pass him (or his hands).

unk Dicko said...

Haha...good one there!
Now that Octopus Paul has notched one more feather to his growing reputation, I bet the Bigtime Bookies (legal and illegal) everywhere must be shivering in their pants!
Obvious right?
Keep your eyes peeled on which box he'll open for the Argentina vs Germany game.
Many punters will plonk $$$ whichever box he opens...that's for sure.
And the bookies?
They'll be HOPING that Octopus Paul has a big indigestion or headache and gets his sums wrong!!!
Otherwise it'll be Kaput for them, at least for that match.

Tom said...

Unk Dicko the daily paper I buy in the morning said the English football manager Fabigo Capello said he knew his team would fail 5 weeks ago he believed England
were doomed before they even set of, yes they are over paid, and over rated.