Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How I added some fun and excitement watching this W Cup

In one of my previous blogpost I posed this question," Is there something extra that Paul and Mani are telling us? " I repeatedly said not to rule out the possibility of the Final game between Holland and Spain ending in a DRAW...and Spain winning it in Extra Time. That scenario was inspired by the headline photo featuring the octopus and bird side by side...each with a flag.
And the catchy headline" but there can only be one winner".
So...best thing for me to do was to plonk a couple of $ $ on "Draw" options...as shown below.
The result of the match confirms both as winners.

This was the for the match between Uruguay vs Germany.
Bought a straight " Germany " 1 x 2 win option which paid a winner.

The amount I placed on a bet was small. No danger to my financial health whichever way it goes. My message here was and still is not to risk " safe sums of big money" in the hope of or as is usually the case.....greed to get big returns.
Winning a dollar is better than losing a dollar, what more thousands of dollars.
Be extra careful when it comes to sports betting.
Do check out some of my pointers and words of advice.
No more betting until 2014...Viva Brazil!!!
Then hopefully you might profit again from Unk Dicko's insights .


Icemoon said...

Uncle Dicko, by suggesting a draw, that makes the old owl wiser than the parakeet.

unk Dicko said...

Thank you Icemoon. But remember that wise people can also get burnt badly if they have NO or POOR CONTROL when it comes to any kind of betting.
SELF CONTROL is of the utmost importance to prevent addiction to gambling and betting excess.