Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mani the parrot...has made 3 predictions for the SFinals and W Cup Finals!

Credit source: Below is the full story from the NewPaper dated July 6 2010.

A little birdie told us... Spain will be champs
Mani picks Uruguay-Spain final
By Shree Ann Mathavan
July 06, 2010

SINGAPORE'S soccer tipster Mani the Parakeet has a 100 per cent record.
Mani picked up the Spain card when asked who will be this year's World Cup champions.

He correctly predicted all four countries for the World Cup semi-finals.
Our psychic bird selected Holland, Uruguay, Germany and Spain - all choices which were vindicated over the weekend.
It's enough to make Paul the Octopus - from the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany - turn Mani-green with envy.
Paul, if you haven't already heard is the superstar octopus that has been making accurate World Cup predictions and hitting international headlines everywhere.
Sadly, 13-year-old Mani, housed in his tiny cage in Little India, has no such celebrity status, yet.
Besides, there's no time to celebrate.
The next $10 dollar question is: Who will the semi-final winners be?
And more importantly, which team will proudly hoist the tournament's trophy as champions on July 12?
We put our little green friend to the test.
First up, the Uruguay and Holland match.
Uruguay knocked out Ghana only just - prevailing 4-2 on penalty kicks after a 1-1 draw at the end of 120 minutes.
After handing our dough over to Mani's boss and resident fortune teller, Mr Muniyappan, the 70-year-old solemnly taps the side of Mani's wooden cage.
The little bird hops out firmly and without hesitation picks the Uruguay card.
If proven right, the boys in orange - who have proven unbeatable so far - may just fall flat during Wednesday morning's match.
Mani was also likewise single-minded when it came to his pick for the Germany-Spain semi-finals.
With little coaxing, he confidently made a beeline for the Spain card.
Could this be a sign that without the magic touch of Thomas Muller - the 20-year-old German winger who is suspended - the team will lose its winning streak?
Guess we will find out soon enough.
And finally, the clincher.
The final - the great showdown on July 12, which the whole world will be watching with bated breath.
Mani, eagerly munching on seeds and an apple in between choices, looked up irritably as once again, his services were demanded to pick the winner.
And his choice?
He quickly hopped out of his cage and nipped at the Spain card.
We were convinced but our photographer needed another snap. So once again, super Mani dutifully rose to the task.
Sticking his tiny tongue out determinedly, the parakeet tried to pick up the Spain card with his beak, but failed to grasp it. But never-say-die Mani tried again and succeeded - second time lucky.
So folks, the great Mani has spoken not once, but twice. He says Spain will be the eventual winners.
That's certainly good news for Spain fans, who will be psyched to see their golden-boy striker David Villa score more goals.
When Mani pounced on the Spain card, an audible gasp could be heard from the 15 passers-by who eagerly amassed around The New Paper team.
Some whipped out their phones to film videos, while others snapped away with their cameras.
Sure Mani ain't no Brad Pitt, but here in a narrow walkway along Serangoon Road, Mani finally got the star treatment he deserved.
Mr Muniyappan shrugged his shoulders at the attention.
He hasn't watched a single match this year. He said in Malay: 'I'm not interested at all in the World Cup, although I used to watch years ago.'
Mani has been busier than usual at work since his spot-on soccer predictions last week.
Mr Muniyappan says there have been 'more customers', although he declined to say how many. However, he reveals he gets more than 10 customers per day on good days.
However, he was quick to point out that the increase in customers has nothing to do with soccer predictions - they want their fortunes read. Only one other customer - other than us - was interested in Mani's pundit services.
And if you want to watch the upcoming semi-final matches at an alfresco joint on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, good news is in store.
Mani has given the go-ahead. He picked on the cloudy, but not wet card.
So there you have it.
Hardworking Mani's picks are a Uruguay-Spain final, with a soaring Spanish triumph.

What does Unk Dicko think?
I read the Newpaper today and Brian Miller the #1 NP tipster, wrote his usual soccer betting column on tonight's S-Final game between Uruguay and Holland. The whole report ( quite humourous though ) zeroed in on this parakeet called Mani and his infallible record of picking the previous winners in the QFs matches.
As you can see from the above report...this celebrated bird has now gone 3 steps further than our other celebrity...Paul the octopus from Oberhausen,Germany. Not only has he tipped us that somehow a weaker Uruguay will truimph tonight over mighty Holland but that Spain will overcome Germany in the other SFinal and go on to beat Uruguay in the Grand Final!
Wow...what is there to say about it? Is is possibe at all? WHY not? The ball is always round isn't it? And animals have been known to have clairvoyant powers way beyond our human understanding and comprehension. I say don't dismiss them so easily!
Just that...not all animals or creatures have this "special" gift of soothsaying. But these two...Paul and Mani ..have shown how accurate they have been and as I've said before, "dare you go against their judgements? "
Apparently, Brian Miller says he will be plonking for Holland and Germany...dismissing Mr Mani
as "bird-brained".
The world is still awaiting Paul to get into action ( on Wednesday ).
We shall see what he does....for Spain or Germany game.
By the time Paul is in action, the 1st SF would be over, either B Miller will be covering his head or the bird will be chirping EXTRA loudly, maybe even have the unchallenged right to CROW like a rooster!
And Unk Dicko would again be smiling !


Anonymous said...

Mani - is it pronounced as many or money? Many money to be won if we follow his predictions?

unk Dicko said...

Hi there...it's pronounced like in the Indian name Manikam ( money come ).
Regarding winning "many money" ..it all depends how much is " many" to you.
Always remember that most people only start with thinking how "much" they can make IF RESULTS they pick go their way...so risking big sums for something that NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE.
Much better to start with thinking how "much" you will LOSE if the match outcome does not go your way.
If you have a lot of money to contribute to society, to the Pools, the bookies...they'd all be very happy.
Bet sensibly is my advice.

Anonymous said...

Terok lah! Kalah banyak wang. Kalau missus tahu, saya mati ( bukan Mani ). Sudah bankrupt - CPF nest egg habis - kering.

Mani - tolong opt for early retirement!

Anonymous said...

Prediction fail. :P

unk Dicko said...

Hi Anonymous..I sincerely hope you are just jesting( joking only)!
CPF or your hard earned money should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be used for betting lah.
AS I said bet small OR DON"T BET AT ALL.
Only 2 reasons why people bet:
1. Have "small" fun. If lose, you can laugh! If win, buy durians for your family or friends. No permanent damage done to your life or finance...after W Cup. No more betting!
2. Hope to WIN BIG, make big money.
Their life turned upside down.
After W Cup...their SORROWS begin. Have to pay bookies but have no money even pawn H/p,tv, laptop, wedding rings,children pocket money,...
Many will become runners for loansharks in hope of clearing their big debts.
Jail and serious caning awaits them.
We need to be sensible, have strict control ...otherwise avoid betting at all costs.

Ed said...

Mani got the Uruguay vs Holland match wrong. Could he be hit and miss? Lol

unk Dicko said...

I heard thro the grapevine that many big and small time bookies have LOST a great deal of money including over Spain's win last night.
So probably that "hit and miss"gave them a chance to stay alive by recouping major losses...in the earlier games all correctly predicted by bird and octopus.