Thursday, July 8, 2010

W Cup 2nd S-Final..Octopus Paul is sensational, Mani regains his reputation!

Unk Dicko just returned home from watching the Germany vs Spain Semi Final " live" at the club. There were a lot more people tonight forming a goodly night crowd. The first half ended in a scoreless draw with most of the play dominated entirely by the Spaniards. Strangely, Germany was not only subdued but playing in the same manner when they lost 1-0 to Serbia. They were practically overwhelmed by the sublime control, clinical passes and total possession of the Red shirts. If I were to give a ranking out of 10 for just possession and attacking movement.. then Germany will get 2/10 while Spain merits 8/10. So devastating was Spain's control and dominance of the game that Germany had hardly any proper strikes at goal while their GK had to make save after save.
If Spain produces the same sublime performance or take it 2 steps higher...Holland will be completely eclipsed in the coming Final.
They have so many players that you feel could produce a goal at any moment. That turned out to be true in the 73rd minute of the 2nd half when poor defending allowed Carlos Puyol ( Barcelona's captain ) to head in powerfully for the one and only goal.
Thomas Mueller who was suspended could have made a real difference.
On this performance Spain has to be the favourite to lift the trophy and the World Cup will have a new champion. But don't discount Wesley Sneider and company. They too are on the brink of making history for themselves.
Before that great Final will be the 3rd place playoff between Uruguay and now Germany.

[Photo credit: Reuters] - Spanish players celebrating at final whistle

[ photo credit: Reuters ] Schweinsteiger in tears at end

[Photo credit: Reuters] German players consoling each other
Paul the Octopus
He is now a phenomenon of huge proportions. He was spot on again for this match.
I think the sealife centre in Oberhausen has to immediately step up security to prevent his being assassinated by English, Argentinian, Aussie and German football terrorists. But the Spanish will volunteer their best bodyguards to protect and defend him.
Paul's picking of Spain over the Germans must have had the same psychological effect it had over the English and Argentinians....perhaps to a lesser degree.
But enough damage was done to their mentality as the world saw a different Germany that turned up. Coach Lowe noticed it too and confirmed it in his post match interview.
Mani the parakeet ( from Singapore's Serangoon Road )
After his mistake in picking Uruguay over Holland, his earlier pick on Spain beating Germany has now helped him regain his status and reputation.
Mani together with Octopus Paul has been sensational in their tips and both have made this World Cup much more exciting to watch and follow.
There are only 2 games left and if they pick both outcomes correctly...they will be living legends!
And probably star tourist attractions too!


Anonymous said...


I wonder if you bring these two 'wonders' together, I mean the octopus and the parakeet, will the small bird be swallowed up by the large sea creature?

unk Dicko said...

Those who have profitted from the psychic tips( and they must number millions around the betting world )would pray these 2 legends would still be around for more years to come.
If they can predict soccer outcomes...they might be able to predict even non-sport things!
Frightening and awesome!

Icemoon said...

Can the small bird dive .. can the octopus fly?

Anonymous said...

Maybe teamwork and cooperation can work 'wonders'.
If the small bird piggybacks on the octopus, it is a sure bet that both can dive together. However, if the large sea creature piggybacks on the parakeet, do you think that both can soar high up together?
Maybe the experts can predict on this?