Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Hours of FAILURE vs 3 seconds of SUCCESS ! Must see video!

There was only one hostage taker in the Manila Tourist Bus massacre. And there were hundreds of policemen at the scene, most in uniform and holding handguns and snipers with rifles. It is simply beyond belief ! WHY use a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito? All that was needed was someone BRAVE enough, a volunteer undercover plainclothes man or woman ( preferably a woman as the hostage taker in his highly charged disoriented state would never suspect to be capable of anything else) to step forward as a planted "negotiator", or someone bringing him food and water, or a "media interviewer" etc.. etc.. .

Then with a few seconds of DISTRACTION / DECEPTION ... the hostage taker will be permanently consigned to the rubbish bin of history. In many parts of the world, where such a similar situation has occured, a lone gunman or someone wielding a knife and neck-locking a hostage...has been neutralised most often by just a single police officer with SPLIT-SECOND DECISIVE ACTION.

Watch this video below carefully again and again if necessary. THIS was what was missing in the Manila Bus massacre scenario.... DECISIVE ACTION! All those killed by Rolando Mendoza should NEVER have died at all !

This is an actual, real-life incident of a dangerous and highly-charged man who had taken an innocent girl as a hostage in Canton, China recently. He was armed with a dagger and held her securely in a neck-lock with his arm. Police and other negotiators had tried reasoning with him to no avail. An ambulance was on standby. And no armed police, especially with assault rifles, were around the scene. This is good planning to allay the fear of the hostage taker. It does not mean NO ONE is armed! The actual footage was shown "live" or as reported news in Canton, Hong Kong and China. The news reader spoke in Cantonese..the dialect commonly spoken in the Canton region and Hong Kong.

It took only 3 SECONDS for this brave lady officer to kill the terrorist and therby saved the lifeof the hostage. Observe closely how she distracted the knifeman while her right hand went to locate her hidden hand gun. It is also very important to put her index finger on the tiny trigger of the be ready to shoot without "cocking" the gun. Count how many shots she fired in just 3 seconds of superb, DECISIVE ACTION. She did not miss !

The Filipinos have much to learn from this... especially their leaders. They OWE IT to their own people and they OWE it to the tourists and foreigners.


fr said...

You know, Uncle Dicko, if this happened here, I think people will condemn the policewoman for killing the man. They will say Why fired so many shots? Why not shoot his leg or arm?

unk Dicko said... are indeed very observant about S'pore. You are right of course.
"the people will condemn,..."... The truth of the matter is that here in S'pore NO MATTER WHAT THE ISSUE IS..there WILL ALWAYS BE A PORTION OF people and ALWAYS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE. They do not even want to be the so-called'fence-sitters'.
They just want to be ALWAYS on the opposite to whatever the issue is.
But...they are very small in numbers.

Anonymous said...

desperate moments comes desperate measures . prolly 1st priority was the lil injured girl.