Friday, August 27, 2010

The Manila Massacre... the cover up begins?

Photo source: S T online news showing mother and family
members of H K tour guide Masa Tse crying in anguish at
the arrival of her coffin in the airport at H K.
From Straits Times online news.
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Aug 27, 2010

Fatal bullets likely hijacker's
MANILA - THE bullets that killed eight Hong Kong tourists in a Manila siege likely all came from the hijacker holding them captive and not from the police rescue team, a police spokesman said.
'We can say that with a certain degree of certainty,' Philippine national police spokesman Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz told reporters when asked if the bullets that killed the tourists came from the hijacker's weapons.
Superintendent Cruz said the initial finding was based on witness accounts and testimony from the police involved in ending Monday's hostage crisis,
as well as the number of bullets found on the bus.

However, in his briefing to the press on Thursday, he said the police investigation was still ongoing and that final conclusions had not yet been made.
Ex-policeman Rolando Mendoza held a busload of Hong Kong tourists hostage in a desperate bid to have himself cleared of extortion charges and get his job back.
After a standoff of about 10 hours, a police SWAT team assaulted the bus but its members were held at bay by Mendoza who police said used the hostages as human shields. -- AFP

Unk Dicko's Comment:

In my previous post, I had predicted almost EXACTLY this course of action that Manila
would take. I had also predicted what some of the possible headlines would read like.
Do check it out.
The above report stated that their initial findings is based on Police testimony, witness accounts and "number of bullets in the bus".
Manila police? They have already bungled, proven useless, ineffective and unreliable...and now
can give testimony truthfully? What testimony...when the whole world wants to know just whose bullets killed the victims? Rolando or the SWAT team?
Most importantly, they the Filipinos have signed off their own fate by NOT INVITING SOME
TOP FORENSIC PATHOLOGISTS FROM THE WORLD AND INCLUDING a H K EXPERT to be present before they conducted the autopsies.
As each bullet is extracted from the body, it should be carfully filmed and marked and sealed with no possibility of tampering, for later analysis.
The whole circus smacks of some fly by night stuff.

Just watch, I predict more incredulous and unbelievable stuff will be emanating from
these cowboys.
It is beyond my comprehension why they keep piling up one disaster upon another.
Something is not quite right about their psyche and DNA.


Icemoon said...

Not sure if the Manila police conducted an autopsy but I remember they were to ship the body back by Wednesday? An autopsy would be conducted in Hong Kong. By now I think the bullets would have been removed from tbe bodies.

unk Dicko said...

According to H K news sources I've checked from online,5 bodies were "autopsied" by Manila side while the relatives of 3 victims refused to allow any autopsy at all( a very SMART and PRUDENT decision).
However, the P'pines side could have tampered with the bodies ( if they are unsrupulous )or tampered with evidence. No one would be surprised at all if this was done.
This is the P'pines we are talking about where literally ANYTHING GOES!
I have many personal anecdotes that I have not blogged about...concerning the P'pines.
Some of the things are so shocking and unbelievable...except that they ARE TRUE, as I was present.

stanley said...

Unk Dicko-I am sure many of your blog readers,including myself, would like you to share some of your personal experiences or anecdotes in the P'pines. This may prove useful in pre-empting anything untoward from happening to those intending to visit P'pines.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Stanley,
Thanks for your request.
Certainly I shall share some of these anecdotes plus sensible travel advice especially for trips to Philippines,here in my blog.
Let's wait a couple more days for the highly charged outpouring of grief and anguish among the H K people and others who sympathise with them, to subside a little first.