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Shocking Revealations at Manila Inquiry !

Manila police fired 20 rounds in ill-fated bus
By Timothy Chui (China Daily HK Edition)

Updated: 2010-09-03, 09:23
Manila police fired 20 rounds in ill-fated bus.
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Lead HK investigator into hostage killings questioned on exit from Manila

Hong Kong investigators probing the aftermath of the August 23 Manila hostage crises inspects the ill-fated Hong Thai Tours bus in Taguig, the Philippines, Aug 30, 2010.

Investigators probing the aftermath of the August 23 Manila hostage crises have found evidence that 20 rounds were fired into the Hong Thai Tours bus by police.
Eight Hong Kong residents died during the hostage taking by Rolando Mendoza, a 55-year-old ex-cop dismissed for corruption.
The information concerning evidence of police bullets came out despite a gag order surrounding the inquiry.
Documents obtained by Filipino broadcaster ABS-CBN News disclose that police bullets hit the vehicle's windshield, driver's side window, tyres and a window near the door well.
Bullet holes linked to the line of fire of the SWAT team were also found in windows near to where some of the passengers were seated, according to the report.
Filipino authorities expect to wrap up the gathering of evidence next week.
Hong Kong Police are working in tandem with Filipino investigators who may also fly to Hong Kong to take statements from two survivors, to assist in mounting a re-enactment of the tragedy next Monday, said Filipino Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

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Without naming the two hostages, she added the trip may be cancelled if statements taken by Hong Kong police are provided and there are no conflicts.
Following the probe, a high-level delegation will take the investigations' findings to Beijing and then to Hong Kong.
Meanwhile, two Hong Kong police officers conducting investigations in Manila were questioned briefly by Filipino authorities Thursday.
Interpol Division Chief Inspector Li Kwai-wah was denied clearance to board a flight
from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Hong Kong Thursday morning. He was stopped because he was carrying a bag of empty shell casings from the gunman's assault rifle, Chinese Embassy in the Philippines spokesman Sun Yi said.

Interpol Division Chief Inspector Li Kwai-wah is escorted by aviation security to a waiting vehicle after he was held at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila September 2, 2010 for carrying a bag of empty shell casings from the gunman's assault rifle.

Li had not declared the casings nor did he have the required clearance from the Philippine National Police. Li was allowed to fly out after questioning, the spokesman said.
Public anger has been simmering over the handling and aftermath of the August 23 hostage crisis during which 22 Hong Kong residents were held hostage on a busy Manila thoroughfare.
Mendoza murdered eight of the hostages before he was killed by police at the end of a bungled two-hour-long rescue attempt.

The Filipino government says it's looking into the latest in a series of blunders. The bodies of three of those killed in the incident were sent to the wrong families in Hong Kong.
Philippines Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman apologized for the mix up.
The mistakes were discovered when the victims' coffins were taken to the Kwai Chung Mortuary after being flown in from Manila, according to the Security Bureau.
The bodies were identified by family members in Manila so the mislabeling may have been done by Filipino mortuary workers, a statement read.

Unk Dicko's Comment:
Everything I have seen so far from various news reports, including some of the latest inside
reports from Manila available online, suggests that the Philippines is only giving nominal co-operation and access to the Hong Kong GOVERNMENT appointed investigation team.
They, the Filipinos are not using their heads again.

Long ago we have learnt from wise men,
" When you have already done WRONG and have been found out, do not go on to commit another WRONG in the hope of hiding that first MISTAKE. "

The so-called Official Inquiry by Manila have definitely confirmed my earliest assessments about the debacle and shameful fiasco.

If you read and follow the various reports, you will be shocked at the unimaginable circus of CHIEFS of police, of this committee, that committee, at this level, at that level.... even an ordinary person like me be so disgusted with the idiocy of it all.
I can imagine myself having a BIG headache just to sit through and listen to all the "nonsense"
and explanations coming from their "big" chiefs.
You need 10 bottles of Panadol on standby to clear your head!

While the crisis was at its height...the REAL KEY CHIEFS Ministers, Police etc.....all "Chabuted" literally! ( local slang for abscond, run, hide, ). Army slang will say " take cover".
One ordered a govt plane to fly him south to "attend an event". ! ?
Another went to have coffee in a hotel..." and watch the action on TV" ! ?
Another went to have tea...
And another went.....
Whatever it was, it is most disgusting, shameful, irresponsible behaviour and they all should be charged for deriliction of duty and if found guilty...SACKED.
Innocent lives lost, billions of dollars will be lost in future tourism earnings, National shame,
a pariah police force image...all this and more.

If the exact same thing had happened in Sg ( behaviour wise ), I would not need to write a single
word at all.
I know what the inescapable outcome will be.

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