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SILVER INFOCOMM DAY 2010...Opening Day

Last Sunday, 19 September 2010, the Annual Silver Infocomm Day ( SID ), a huge IT event specially
catering to the senior citizens, was held at the Singapore Poly. More than 6000 people were present.  The Guest of Honour Mr Lui Tuck Yew, Ag Minister, Ministry of Information,
Communications & the Arts, gave the Opening Address.
Unk Dicko was invited as a special guest to this event.

In 2008, I was greatly honoured to be awarded the first-ever ACTIVE  AGERS INFOCOMM
CHAMPION AWARD ...the award was sponsored by The IDA (Infocomm Devt Authority of Singapore ) and presented under the auspices of the C3A ( Council of Third Age ).
As a follow up to that, Unk Dicko was invited to give 2 public Talks at the SID 2008, also held at the S'pore Poly then, as well as other public engagements under C3A and IDA.
Last year I was away in Europe and could not make it to the SID 2009


The Official Flyer that came with my invitation
Towards the end of his Opening Address, it was a pleasant surprise that my name was mentioned when he referred to " inspiring role models " etc.
I did not expect to be so recognised and still remembered. 
Live Video Conferencing with another Hall in the Poly


Singapore Poly

There was ample parking space for the event in the spacious grounds of  S'pore Poly.

Therese Lim, Google's Head of Communications S E Asia

  Therese Lim, the Head of Communications for Google S E Asia, gave an insightful talk with lots
of hands on practical tips about GOOGLE search engine itself.
I met up with her during our lunch reception and
expressly told her, " Google search engine is my best friend!  Without discovering Google and learning from it, I would not be where I am today."
Considering who she is, she was pleased as punch to hear that.
A few people came up to me to say hello and introduce themselves. All said they still remember me from 2008, including a few reporters !
Media Interview

After his Opening Speech, I was invited to view the exhibits together with Minister and CEO
of IDA Ronnie Tay and others.
Therese Anne Lim, Head Communications ( Google S E Asia )

The Talk About Google by Therese Anne Lim

This is a portion of the Speech by Ag Minister Lui Tuck Yew
Enhancing access to infocomm learning and resources

Besides providing training opportunities, IDA also works with partners to enhance senior citizens’ access to infocomm resources through the Silver Infocomm Hotspots (SIHs). These Hotspots at various locations such as community clubs and wellness centres, provide seniors with free access to computers and Internet services. IDA plans to set up a total of 100 Silver Infocomm Hotspots islandwide by March 2013. I am pleased to note that good progress is being made in the rollout, with some 31 Hotspots operational since the first quarter of 2010.

Word-of-mouth and peer influence to promote infocomm
As word-of-mouth and peer influence are important ways in which senior citizens can get to learn about ICT and its benefits, IDA has initiated the “Each One Teach One” movement where seniors pledge to pass on their IT knowledge to family members and peers by filling up a pledge card stating their commitment.

Another novel approach is the introduction of Intergenerational IT Bootcamps where grandparents attend infocomm workshops together with their grandchildren. Such bootcamps achieve the twin objectives of enhancing infocomm literacy among senior citizens, while strengthening inter-generational bonding.

At the individual level, it is important for senior citizens to have inspiring role models that they can look up to in their infocomm journey. In the past Silver Infocomm Days, we had shared about various role models such as Mr Dick Yip, a retired teacher who has embraced infocomm and imparted his knowledge to fellow seniors, and Mr Sam Liu, who volunteers actively with RSVP as a course trainer. Other seniors who have been active in training seniors include Mr Gabriel Muthusamy, whom I mentioned earlier; Mr Harry Lo, a trainer with CARE, as well as Mr Chow Kwong Sing, who conducts IT training in Mandarin for RSVP and is very popular amongst the seniors. They, and many others like them, serve as an inspiration to the rest of us to seek and to share the knowledge of infocomm.

Live Media  Interview by Ag Minister Lui Tuck Yew

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