Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Formula 1 S'pore Grand Prix...Unk Dicko's experience

Fernando Alonso of Ferrari wins 2010 F 1 S'pore Grand Prix 

It was only on Sunday night when those of us watching the Live coverage of the Finals of the F1 Night Grand Prix over at Marina Bay saw Fernando Alonso raising his fist in triumph at the end of the 61 laps.

Those of us watching from homes would have missed out on the unbelievable atmosphere of the actual race track. I too was watching from home that night. It was ok but not exciting at all compared to watching the real thing.
I certainly can confirm this as my wifey and I were there on the first day, Friday 24 Sept.
Fernando Alonso Winner 2010 F1 in S'pore

 The last time I actually went to a "live" Grand Prix was back in the 70's at the old Upper Thomson road circuit. A close friend and former VS classmate of mine Lam Tian Yue and myself started going to the Grand Prix in the mid 60's.
Since those days, I've not gone anywhere near to a Race track.
So when we were given 2 official  tickets for the 24 Sept First Day Practice sessions, I decided to accept the check out on what I've been missing all these years.
Our official ticket lanyards and ear plugs

The tickets came in a black pouch holder with some accompanying notes and explanations detailing all the benefits and action that can be expected at the Formula One Paddock Club.
It was to be one most memorable night for me and my wifey. 
The ticket and the pouch it comes with

The Map to all the Action

I knew it was "special" treatment in many ways
but never thought it was that good until I actually made the trip there.
Holders of the special ticket to the Temasek suite were given Star treatment,
pampered and treated most generously.
It is certainly beyond expectations. 

The Front and Back of the ticket

The Back of the Ticket pouch

Current World Standings before the Finals

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