Saturday, October 9, 2010

The F 1 Pit Walk and F1 Girls

When we first stepped into the Temasek Suite our lady hostess gave us a Programme flyer each. She pointed out a couple of things on the map. We thanked her. I then asked her if there were anything we should not miss.

She replied, " Yes...the Pit Walk . It is only open exclusively to guests of the Paddock Club. Even those holding Grandstand tickets in the public sector do not have this privilege. "
Me: " Tell us more... "
She: " After this 1st Practice session ends, the F1 drivers will have about an hour's break before the 2nd session resumes. The door to the Pits will be opened at about 8.30 pm. But it'll be wise to be in the queue by 8.10 pm as it will be really crowded. The walk will be for half hour only and everyone will have to leave the Pit. You will have a chance to see, talk and mix with the Racing crew and other support staff of each team. "

We thanked her and kept the advice in mind. Just before 8 pm, after we had dined while still inside, we were chatting with Minister Mah Bow Tan at a corner, when we excused ourselves and told him why. He urged us not to miss the Pit walk and to go there quickly.
We waited for about 20 minutes before we were all escorted into the Pit area.
Below are some snapshots...there are more!

D2 won't scold me...she's the one taking this picture!
These F1 girls add colour and glamour to the occasion. They were very popular with all those with cameras.

MP Cynthia Phua and family

This was the actual race track I was standing on

Then they shooed everyone behind a rope barrier

We managed to get inside this Race garage

It was fabulous to see all these up close

We were looking at them, they too were observing us

Senna's Garage
The mind-Boggling screen controls

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