Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Legend of Octopus Paul has sadly ended...!

It was sometime last night, after I had returned home from a super-yummy dinner at a local Thai restaurant that I saw the online news about the death of this celebrated octopus. Initially, I was hoping that the news could be wrong. But in this age of the internet, at just the click of a finger, my worst fears were confirmed when I checked online reports...there were thousands all over the globe, and many were headline news too!

Below is a credible source in full from the LOCAL English online news of Germany itself.
That's the adopted home of the late sotong Paul.
This year's World Cup would have been just like any past Football W Cup had it not been for the high intensity drama provided by of all things, not a person, but an ordinary octopus living in an aquarium.
Unk Dicko had watched all the previous W Cups since the 60's but nothing was as gripping as the video images of Octopus Paul slowly and delberately keeping the whole world audience on tenterhooks, as he swam to one and then to the other of the boxes, before prying it open to take the mussel within. And in that instant, for the followers of the unopened box, millions of hearts literally SANK...while the same millions of fans of the other opened box screamed and screamed! If Paul was there they would have kissed him to death!
Such was the confidence of those who had been following his Perfect Predictions. Had punters and gamblers simply closed their eyes and placed bets following Paul's unbelieving TIPS, they would have won a small or big fortune.
But I know how humans behave and think. They think they are not only superior in genes and DNA compared to humble octopus but their "rational minds" tell them they should not, cannot trust or depend on, of all things octopus.
Well, those that bet huge sums against Paul's clear message ended up the Biggest losers.
And there were many! I've checked some reports including a patriotic German chap who lost more than a million pounds..when he went against the TIP offered so juicily by Paul.
Unk Dicko followed all the drama at close quarters and had several blogs about Paul's outstanding service and record.
I did not go against such a phenomenon...even if my equally rational mind did not understand neither comprehend how it works.
There are things in this world of ours that we cannot fully comprehend nor understand.
We just go by the facts and accept the status as "fait accompli".
No investigation or study is needed.
Just accept.
And I did not get my fingers burnt as I placed some bets here and there.
My family and others will always remember that the fantastic durians we enjoyed during the W Cup period were all contributed by Paul's revealations!
R. I. P dear sotong friend.
Un Dicko is hoping he has left behind some next of kin to continue his amazing talent...for 2014 W Cup.

Paul the octopus oracle found dead
Published: 26 Oct 10 13:02 CETOnline:

Paul the octopus has picked his last winner.
The eight-legged German oracle who gained worldwide fame by consistently predicting the victors of the 2010 World Cup football matches has died, aquarium officials announced Tuesday. Paul the octopus picks England to host 2018 World Cup - Sport (20 Aug 10)
Paul the octopus gets suspicious citizenship offer from Spain - Society (13 Jul 10)
Paul the prophetic octopus retires with perfect record - Society (12 Jul 10)

Paul was found dead in his tank Tuesday morning by “devastated” staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium, a statement read. He died peacefully overnight, the statement added.He was two years and 10 months old.“Paul predicted his way into the hearts of audiences during the football World Cup 2010 and earned world fame as an octopus oracle,” the aquarium statement read.

Quick to head off any suspicions of foul play or neglect, general manager Stefan Porwoll, said: “He died peacefully in the night of a natural death. It is a comforting thought that he had a good life with us, with the best possible care by a dedicated team."


Porwoll added: “Paul inspired people on all continents, as he correctly predicted, one after another, seven matches for the German national team as well as the final. He was dear to all our hearts and we will miss him painfully.
Paul’s body is now in a refrigerator and is expected to be cremated in the next few days.The aquarium will now erect a memorial “to honour Paul and on the basis of worldwide interest.”The memorial will show the “most beautiful and moving moments.”
The urn containing Paul’s ashes will be put on display, as will the Perspex boxes in which the national flags of football teams were lowered into Paul’s tank for him to make his famous predictions.

Paul’s correct prediction of eight straight matches had one chance in 256.
After the World Cup 2010, the aquarium was besieged by media and corporate requests for Paul to take a crack at everything from stock price movements to national elections.More ominously, the Spanish town of CarballiƱo asked to borrow Paul for a few days during a major food festival.
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Andy Young* said...

HI Dick,
Because of this SOTONG, many punters UNTONG. Now pocket sudah KOSONG, they need another SOTONG.

unk Dicko said...

Agree with you fully, esp now that we know that BURONG is actually quite a 'sotong' ( Blur king).
No SOTONG also good in some ways...punters won't dare to bet BIG as they do not have the 100% endorsement of SIR PAUL of Oberhausen on their betting picks.