Saturday, December 4, 2010

Matthew & the Mandarins, Edmond & Unk Dicko entertaining..

A few nights ago, my wifey and I were invited to a private function to honour our Kampong Serangoon 2010 National Day Awards PBM recipients. The event was held at the Ballroom of Sg Gardens Country Club. The 2 PBM winners John Leow and HS Chew hosted the function. Many of the key GRLs were in attendance and included Minister Lim Hwee Hua who is MP of the area and her hubby too.

[ Photo source: Unk Dicko - Matthew & the Mandarins ]

The main entertainment for the evening came from Matthew and The Mandarins...a group that does not require any introduction. There's no other group like Matthew and his members who have been synonymous with Country and Western music for over 4 decades. They command top draw wherever they perform.
And so it wasn't surprising that they were engaged for this function.
One thing I noticed about this group is they always appear very relaxed and unfazed on stage. That comes with being together for a very long time and knowing their music and songs inside out. It helps if you have the legend himself as the leader and catalyst...Matthew Tan ! He is ever so easy-going when he sings, strum and perform. Truly a gifted country star.
[ Singapore cowboy and his group still wowing everyone ]

[Edmond and Unk Dicko providing accompaniment]
After the Mandarins had provided the soothing sounds for close to an hour, they took that much
needed break. It was the turn for Edmond Tan and Unk Dicko to keep the celebrations going with a guitar and ukulele duet.
We started off with a rousing number...Corinna, Corinna.
Then a rather unfamiliar number to many...Enjoy Yourself, It's later than you Think!
That was followed by Mac Davis...Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble which got everyone going.
I managed to "con" the 2 PBM awardees to come on stage to do a song together.
They leafed through the file and chose...Let It Be by the BeeGees. We provided the accompaniment with me on ukulele.
Edmond and I rounded it off with that old time favourite...DIANA.
Soon as we came off the stage, Matthew shook my hands and added, " Great sounds! "
I thanked him warmly. Coming from Singapore Cowboy is more than just a compliment.

[ The 2 PBM winners with Edmond and Unk Dicko ]

[Edmond Tan and Unk Dicko entertained at event]
[ in a guitar and ukulele duet ]
[With the legend himself..Matthew Tan ( Mandarins]

[ Edmond, Matthew Tan (Mandarins), Daisie, Unk Dicko ]


Andy Young* said...

Keep it going Dick. You are everywhere. Cool.

unk Dicko said...

Thanks Andy. These old bones can't keep still!

Thimbuktu said...

A great memorable photo for the Legend and the family album and great entertainment and enjoyment for all.

Keep on active aging to inspire.


unk Dicko said...

Thanks James. Any event especially lunches and dinners would be incomplete, even bland, without the magic of music involved.
Need to keep active. We must never stop!

Thimbuktu said...

Sure, Unk Dicko.

As Shakespeare said: If music be the food of love, play on...

Happy blogging, keep us active!