Thursday, January 20, 2011

Serangoon Swing...part 9, The Countdown begins.

There were fans of various celebrities and MediaCorp artists. This group of exuberant and lively girls were obviously rooting for their # 1 star...Elvin who appeared with his arm in a cast owing to an injury.
Popular MP Zainal Abidin arriving with his wife.

PM Lee Hsien Loong arrived at 11 pm accompanied by his wife.

The excited crowd, many with cameras, waiting for him to pass by.

The VIP stand.

The residents of Kampong Serangoon gave him and the other MPs a very warm welcome and reception.
Acknowledging the crowd's welcome.

MP Cynthia Phua and her hubby.

D2 making the PM and his wife feel right at home in Kampong Serangoon.

Arrival of MP George Yeo. He was at another Countdown event and rushed over from there.

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