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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's Sing Another Song !

When I was still a Primary school kid in Geylang English School back in the 1950's ...I remember a song I love very much. It was not from the radio that I learnt it from. It was a song I picked up during my very early scouting days by chance. It was not normally sung at campfires so that's why nobody knows it today. However, we used to sing it when we went camping...especially by the sea.
The reason I am recalling this song is the feeling I felt that day when Suhaimi came to sing with us. It was such a lovely feeling similar to the lyrics of this long-forgotten song called,
" Let's Sing Another Song ".
The full lyrics as I remember it....

Let's sing another song
Before you leave me

We are having so much fun
Parting grieves me
There goes our voice again
Everything is fun
Singing is so much fun
Let's have another one
Before we say goodbye.
Down by the seaside
That's the place we meet
Lot's of sailing and rowing
Everyone is happy
Only good fellows there
And when we're bound to say goodbye
We're sure to say goodnight!
So, let's sing another song...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Celebrity Suhaimi Yusof..dropped in!

At our "Living Pavillion" performing area, while the 2nd segment of the Indian Dance was about to begin...we were visited by local celebrity actor, artist and comedienne....SUHAIMI YUSOF.

He was one of the stars of the local TV Sitcom " Police and Thief " and has appeared in many other serials and movies.

He is a regular favourite in the malay "SURIA" programme.

Suhaimi's presence pulled in the crowd quite suddenly.

Another one who was truly enjoying herself was an overseas visitor/participant of the preceding Ageing Conference a day before that.
She was dressed in a white shirt.

D2 enjoyed his antics very much!