Friday, September 21, 2007

Interesting English in China

Hi to one and all visiting this site. This is my first personal Blog site I'm trying out.
On this site I intend to capture in pictorial format my journeys and travel around the world amongst other things....over the last 4 decades.
I am no expert in the technical aspects of working the formattings of a blog.
So do pardon me if the page arrangements looks untidy. I hope to improve as I progress along this sharp learning curve.

On a trip to China in June 1996 my wife and I stayed at the Qian Mien hotel in Beijing.
After checking in we went for a stroll to get to know our surroundings. That was when we came upon some of these interesting English used on signboards.
The "otice to tourists " was embedded in the wall at the entrance to the Summer Palace.

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