Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Will Never Grow Old...lyrics & Chords.

In two months time, I will be headed for Hokkaido, Japan with my dear wife D2 for a short one week break. The last time unk Dicko was there was a long, long time be precise 37 heart-breaking years ago! WHY so painful? No, nothing of the romantic sort definitely. Because of dear FRIENDS I left behind in 1972 after my official 2nd Asian Youth Voyage homestay visit and programme ended. It was very emotional to say SAYONARA to some of the finest Japanese friends I had made while on board the Cruise Coral Princess. We were all in our 20's mostly back then. Some should still be living in Hokkaido...though I know not where now or anything about their present life. Will I be able to trace anyone and meet up again in the short one week span?
Most unlikely...but again, who knows.
Meanwhile my heart is a-fluttering again. The Cherry Blossoms should be in full bloom. A sight to behold for anyone who has seen them.
And if I should meet my 1972 friends again, I will sing them this song on my Ukulele!


D A D D7
You will never grow old
While there's love in your heart.
G D Bm
Time may silver your golden hair
E E7 A A7
As you dream in an old rocking-chair,
D A D D7
So keep my love in your heart,
G D D7
Remember the love-tales we told
G D Bm
For with my love in your heart, my darling,
Em A D
You will never grow old.
Don't be fretful, or regretful
That you will grow old much too soon.
A7 D
With a love, dear, to dream of, dear,
You'll stay like a rosebud in June.

You will never...
never grow old.
1st 2 lines instrumental....
You will never...
never grow old.
For with my love in your heart, my darling,
You will never grow old.

For all those of you who have been looking high and low for the Free complete Mp3
of this song as sung by Nat King Cole....just click on the link highlighted. It will open up
to my senior Blogger HK friend Eddie's very good music site...and directly to the Mp3 of the song.

Click HERE.


savirra said...

Hi there......I'm so much in love with this will never grow old by Nat King Cole....but have tried to find it in,different download sites....but with no,would really be grateful if you could somehow show me a way to do dat...jus wanna listen to the song....Thanks!! love listening to your Juke Box too!!

unk Dicko said...

Hi Savirra,
There is quite a healthy following among seniors and oldies for this Nat King Cole song. I myself went through a similar experience to yours...searching all over in vain.
Then, out of the blue, a total stranger from Hong Kong by name of Eddie happened on my blogpost describing my ordeal. Truly, he answered my prayers! He has the mp3 of the full original song as sung by NKC...and sent to me by email.
As soon as I can figure out your email address I shall send to you too.
Glad you like the juke box.
unk Dicko

unk Dicko said...

Forgot to, Eddie from H K is a close online friend. He's a senior blogger too.

Joseph said...

Hey! I've been looking for info on this song for years,goggling the lyrics my dad could remember and scouring ebay. On this day, I was doing it again and found this page. Now I knew for sure who had sung the song. I went straight to ebay....and there one was! I've been checking with this title, similar titles, similar singers, but on this day there it was in 78 LP form!! Having it made into mp3 cds, a few spares in case he wears it out :) Thanks!

unk Dicko said...

Glad that you found it. Btw, there is a FREE Mp3 of the original song by NKC at my HK friend's music site.
Just click on the link " Here" and it will lead you to the webvsite.
My regards,

Unk Dicko

Dr. Andy Woo said...

For those who want to just listen to this song, you can find it in YouTube:

I heard this song when I was a kid and was never able to find it, until now.

Enjoy, you'll never grow old!


unk Dicko said...

Thanks Dr Andy Woo. Actually, I had put the same Youtube video up on this Blogsite, 2 days ago. Check Sept 2010 archives.
Thanks for dropping by and sharing,

Clarence Lim said...

Uncle Dick
Can you provide guitar chords for Rose Rose I love you.


unk Dicko said...

Hi Clarence,
All you need to do is type in Google search.." Rose Rose I Love You guitar chords ", and there will be many links to many websites to that song. In case you want ukulele chords or tabs, do the same ( sub ukulele for guitar ).
Obviously I have chords for close to a 1000 songs, both uke and guitar..most obtained free fro the internet and songbooks with me.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thanks for your informative and entertaining site! Can you help me get the music notes for this song (You will never grow old)? I'd like to play it on my alto sax for my dad. Thanks in advance.


Unk Dicko said...

Hi Anon, thanks for dropping by and enjoying the site. I and many others have searched the internet for the musical score for this song and have not succeeded. But chords those I have put up. can try some of the many music-sheet online sites that offer these for sale.
Failing that, try listening to the youtube video and practise ! Wishing you good luck and all the best to you father.