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WW2..genuine front page of 9 Feb 1942 Oregon Newspaper

This are scanned images from one of my oldest complete 4 page spread of a foreign newspaper. The "Oregonian" was a daily paper that existed back in the 1940's in the USA west coast.
The date of this news spread... 9 February 1942.

What is so significant about that date or rather the day before that...the 8 of February 1942 in Singapore's history?

I'm certain many Singaporeans would not know or, if they had lived through the War may not have remembered. More about the details of that date later in this post.

But the question would be how I came to be in possession of this original newspaper, a genuine collectors' item?
My late father in law was a shipping clerk before the war. When hostilities began, he donned his uniform to defend Singapore. Yes, he was in one of the civilian volunteers unit involved in defending our city against the Japanese attacks. The aerial bombardment started in December 1941 and continued to early 1942. Until 8 February 1942, not a single invader had landed on our shores. He managed to keep copies of the old newspapers and other stuff hidden when the Japanese troops entered Singapore. By the time of the Surrender of British forces on 15 February 1942, those serving in volunteers' units had discarded their uniforms and melted away as ordinary civilians...for to be caught would mean certain death.
During our courting days when I visited D2's home in Ban Guan Park, I enjoyed the conversations and discussions that I had with her father, the late Mr Tan W S. Besides his love for music, his favourite subject was WW2, especially the Japanese invasion of Singapore, life under captivity and the War in the Pacific theatre. He could go on for hours regaling me with tales of the war and he made it more interesting by showing me the stuff he had carefully kept all those years...such as this "Oregon" newspaper, other news clippings, war books and magazines and finally his proudest possession of all...the MEDAL that he was bestowed with for assisting in the defence of Singapore.
Long before he passed away, he proudly gave me all the things mentioned, including his precious Defence MEDAL saying, he somehow knew I would treasure them always.
And as you can see, unk Dicko has not disappointed. He must be smiling peacefully, somewhere.

Initial land attack of Singapore
The Imperial Japanese army had taken Malaya in a little over 2 months. On arriving in Johore, they made their HQrs at the Sultan's Istana in JB. On the night of 7 February 1942, they landed at Pulau Ubin where the British did not defend strongly and by early the next morning the invaders had captured it.They installed their big artillery guns and began firing at the Changi bases and aerodrome.
So...the first landing of Japanese troops on our soil was at Pulau Ubin.

The main attack began on the 8 February 1942 all along the north and western part of our island. That attack on Pulau Ubin, unknown to the British, was a diversionary one to draw resources and manpower away from the main assault.
The successful capture of Malaya and the so-called impenetrable fortress of Singapore took only 70 days...a feat unsurpassed in military history of warfare.
It was Japan's greatest victory.
It was Britain's worst defeat.
Yes...70 days was all it took. Over the years since, untold number of war historians, generals and war correspondents have written insightful accounts of how Malaya was lost, the ignomy of defeat, the shameful capitulation and surrender of Singapore.
Unk Dicko has read many of these.
But there is only one book written in Japanese and translated into English that tells the story of not how Malaya was lost but how it was won.
It tells the whole story of how the campaign was planned in great detail a year before the invasion. No speculation, no theories ...pure facts.
The title of the book, written in 1951, a decade after the invasion....? SINGAPORE - The Japanese Version.
The author?
None other than the Chief of Operations and Planning Staff, 25th Japanese Army, Malaya.
His name.... Colonel Masanobu Tsuji who was working directly under General Yamashita.

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The Wise Old 2 Years old!

Earlier, I was sitting at my computer station in a rather pensive mood when my wife D2 came home. From her bag, she fished out a Complimentary invitation pass to the F1 Formula One Preview Race 2009 scheduled for tonight. Admit one only. Non-transferable.
She was kind enough to wish I could go in her place...but it is unfortunately not possible.
She knew I was an early fan of the early days of Singapore Grand prix at the Old Thomson Road circuit. A few former VS classmates and I used to enjoy all the "Live" action, seated on the slopes at the fringe of Peirce Reservoir. For "live" commentary and to follow the various twists and turns during the actual race, we had our dependable transitor radio [ today's generation won't know what it is!]. We could see near and far as we also brought along our own binoculars. There were no food or refreshments stalls near where we were. But it was no big deal as we brought along our own supply of snacks, food and drinks. What if it rained..which happened once in a while?
We had our ponchos in addition to our umbrellas.
Because the races were over many laps, at times the rain came pouring down in the midst of a race resulting in many thrills and spills, at least from the spectators' perspective. I had some b & w snapshots of those days but have not located them yet. Will put them here once I can find those missing pictures.
Last year, the F1 Night Grand Prix was held on Sunday 28 Sept. It was an historic occasion for the world of motor-racing and particularly for Singapore, chosen as the venue for the world's 1st night Formula One Grand Prix.
Our Yippie people watched the Finals from the comfort of my home on the medium-big screen.
Using my digital camera, I captured many dramatic moments of the event and later that same night blogged about it.
You can read my "Live" account about
that 2008 F1 Formula One Night Grand Prix

Time passes very quickly when we are enjoying the life we live.
Time passes too slowly for those in the opposite direction.
A few days ago was the 2nd Anniversary of this "Wise Old Owl" Blogsite. I started this site on 21 Sept 2007... at that time, still a blogging novice, a newbie! The title of the blog was given to me by my daughter D4. She thought it encapsulates everything about me. " It fits you!" she said.
I'm not too sure. Daughters have been known to be bias! Haha.

Anyway, it has been one super roller-coaster ride for me personally since that day I made a decision to start on the blogging journey. There were many ups and downs.
But I NEVER gave up!
Over these past two years, I have extended the friends I have made directly as a result of my blogging activity. So who are they?
Fellow bloggers like Chun See, Philip Chew, YG, Victor Koo, Peter, James Seah, Eleanor, Laokokkok, etc, listed on my Blog links ( see above ) and some not linked yet., my blogging disciples whom I coached at Contact 123 Sg North, those who attended my public talks on Active Ageing, on the Internet and about Blogging for seniors and those who visited my blog and contacted or connected with me Luke from ASUS Technology, Eddie from Hong Kong, Shigeto Takahashi, a top Ukulele player from Japan, ...and more.

The essence of good blogging is expressing what's in our minds tempered with what we feel in our hearts. There is no pandering to any bosses or any particular group of people.

Read my very first post on this blog by clicking here.

Note that at that time, I did not even know how to "crop" a scanned photo!
I have left my original, early blogposts untouched and unedited.
It will serve as markers on my personal learning journey.
And to all my Bloggo and other friends, regular visitors and readers out there....a BIG
Thank You for keeping me company all this while !
Your presence is deeply appreciated.

If there is any particular subject, topic or incident that you will like me to explore or expand on, do let me know. I will try my best to accomodate.
Ah...yes Peter, I've not forgotten your requests like the Big Shootout at Siang Lim Park. Reason..I have not been able to locate my news clips on the subject yet. But you will get it sooner or later!

Unk Dicko

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Man United's Top 10 "last-gasp" goals.

Below is an interesting article from Mirror Football which culled the 10 Best "last-gasp" goals which helped United win crucial matches over the years.
Unk Dicko has been fortunate to have seen all those matches and can recall those exciting moments. Btw, I agree with the match picked and ranked as # 1...the European Cup win over Bayern Munich in 1999. It was sheer supernatural magic for United in the final 3 minutes of injury time but sheer unbelievable hell for the Germans. Nothing can come as close to that performance except perhaps, if you are a Liverpool fan...then you will never forget that great comeback in Instanbul against mighty AC Milan when Pool were 0-3 down and almost going out. That will be another blog story.

Photo: BBC sports...showing Ferguson dancing around and Gary Neville screaming after Owen's goal and end of match.

Michael Owen's breathtaking 96th-minute winner for United in the Manchester derby on Sunday has resurrected all those faithful old lines about "Fergie time" and "dodgy stopwatches".
But the fact remains that Manchester United do have a supernatural ability to score the most important goals when the clock is against them.

The question is, where does Owen's amazing winner rank in the Old Trafford hall of fame of last-gasp goals? MirrorFootball presents the definitive top 10…

10) Nemanja Vidic v Sunderland (December 2008)The Serbian defender rescued United from an embarrassing draw against 18th-placed Sunderland with a 91st-minute winner at Old Trafford. Michael Carrick's deflected shot had hit the woodwork, and Vidic was the first to react.

9) Cristiano Ronaldo v Sporting Lisbon (November 2007)Sir Alex Ferguson likened Ronaldo to Eric Cantona after he scored a breathtaking free-kick in the 92nd minute of this Champions League clash. The Portuguese showpony netted from 30 yards out against his old club to seal top spot in the group.

8) Eric Cantona v QPR (March 1996)The enfant terrible of Old Trafford netted in the third minute of injury time to send Fergie's men to the top of the Premier League. United had been trailing to a Denis Irwin OG, until Cantona headed home a cross from Ryan Giggs.

7) Ryan Giggs v Juventus (April 1999)United's dreams of Champions League glory looked to be fading away, with United trailing 1-0 at home to Juve in the first leg of the quarter-finals. But in injury time, Ryan Giggs lashed home a close-range effort to give them a lifeline

6) Rio Ferdinand v Liverpool (January 2006)It looked as if Liverpool had earned a precious point at Old Trafford, and might have had three if Djibril Cisse hadn't missed an open goal. But in the 90th minute, up popped Rio to power a header past Pepe Reina to steal it for United.

5) Mark Hughes v Oldham (April 1994)Now he's on the receiving end, but once upon a time it was Sparky who broke hearts with last-gasp goals for United. Like this spectacular volley to equalise against Oldham in the last minute of extra time of the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley.

4) Federico Macheda v Aston Villa (April 2009)Few had heard of Federico Macheda outside of Old Trafford before this afternoon, but the 17-year-old Italian made his name when he came off the bench to score a brilliant winner in the second minute of injury time and breathe new life into United's title bid.

3) Michael Owen v Manchester City (September 2009)Owen had scored more than his share of memorable goals in the red shirt of Liverpool, but few quite as dramatic as his winner for United against bitter rivals City in the sixth minute of stoppage time, after City had thought they'd pulled off an unlikely draw with a 90th-minute equaliser.

2) Steve Bruce v Sheffield Wednesday (April 1993)It was the goal that had Brian Kidd dancing on the Old Trafford turf. United had been trailing to a John Sheridan penalty, before Bruce netted an equaliser on 86 minutes. Then, deep into injury time, it was Bruce again who sealed all three points with a priceless header.

1) Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer v Bayern Munich (May 1999)United claimed the Champions League in unbelievable fashion, scoring twice in injury time to cancel out Mario Basler's sixth-minute strike for the Germans. Sheringham lashed home an equaliser in the 91st minute, before the Norwegian poked the ball into the roof of the net to seal victory in the third minute of stoppage time. you have others you recall?

Old news clippings.. post 9-11 babies

This photo appeared on the cover of the Feb 25 edition of PEOPLE Magazine, in 2002.
This S Times news clip is dated Feb 16 2002.
There are 31 women each carrying her own baby born after the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the USA.
They were all pregnant at the time of that terrible tragedy and all their husbands died on that dark and fateful day.
These cute and innocent babies will grow up without knowing the love of their daddies and without being able to talk to their daddies. Most poignant and touching!
The terrorists responsible for the WTC attacks think they have won or are winning.
But I say look closely at the faces of these mothers who were all victims too.
Sadness maybe, Disappointment maybe...but not a shred of FEAR can I detect.
As MM LKY had previously assessed, in the long run "they [ the terrorists] simply cannot win."

Old news clippings...HITLER's relatives in USA.

In several interviews that I gave sometime ago at my home, I was asked this question..." Unk Dicko, we understand you collect and keep lots of old news clippings spanning many decades in your storeroom and cabinets. Can you tell us more about your "old newspapers"? What kind of topics or subjects do you go for?"
So, rather than just answer the question with so many words, I pulled out some of my thick files, mostly yellowed by age, and flipped through the contents within and spoke about them.
My paper and magazine clippings cover practically all the major news and stories both local and foreign...on almost all subjects. I was then asked if I had any particular favourites when picking out stories to archive.
Certainly, I told them...history, geography, sports, human behaviour, language, crime and injustice, music, travel, big stories...are some of them.
Take this news clipping about Hitler which appeared in the Straits Times of 9 Feb 2002. I would classify it under History.
It caught my attention back then as I was not aware that Hitler had real blood relatives still around, let alone in the USA until I came across this report.
Were any of you aware?
The late William Patrick Hitler was the nephew of infamous Hitler. He emigrated to USA, married and had 3 sons who lived with their mother in Long Island, New York.
( Click on the report to read ).
In coming posts, I have more interesting clips to share...some from the 60's, some startling and all are original.

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Victor Borge...A Mozart Opera, Youtube

Old news clippings...Victor Borge, Brisbane 1993

Among my tons of old newspaper clippings are some from foreign places. Mostly, I kept copies of the newspaper from countries I visited with my wife. This particular clipping was from the Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Australia dated 18 December 1993...publicising a one day only
Performance by that unbelievable and increditably gifted pianist and commedienne, VICTOR BORGE.
I remember D2 and I felt very disappointed that we could not attend the performance as by that date we would have returned to Singapore.
All of us, including my daughters, love the talent and comedy of this very special person. We used to have VCDs of his many performances.
Today, you can check them out on Youtube.

I have included two of his most entertaining and memorable clips.
Do remember to click the "pause"button on my Jango jukebox before you start the clip.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Probably the Greatest derby of all time!...Alex Ferguson

This match was shown "live" on Sunday two nights ago. It was a much-anticipated, much -awaited clash between the richest club in the world and the club with one of the largest fan base on the planet...yes, Manchester United at home to their noisy and arrogant ( Alex Ferguson calls them ) neighbours, Manchester City.
What a whopper of a match it turned out to be!
Photo: From BBC sport ...showing the packed stadium at Old Trafford before kick off.

Man Utd won the match 4 -3 in the very last minute of injury time through a Michael Owens' goal.
Photo: From Daily Mirror.Rooney mobbed by his team after scoring the 1st goal in the 2nd minute.

Ferguson said at the end," it's probably the greatest derby of all time but if you ask me to choose between having the greatest derby and winning by a scoreline of 6-0, I'll choose 6-0 anytime".
I suspect many United supporters out there would agree with him especially those who have got weak hearts. It was that kind of match. Rooney gave them the perfect start inside 2 minutes through an Evra pass. He dribbled past 2 defenders and slotted home. But when an innocuous long ball was rolling towards Man Utd keeper Ben Foster, all the defenders left it to him to deal with it. He took his own sweet time sensing no danger around. But Carlos Tevez ( former M U striker) stormed towards him. Instead of kicking the ball away, anywhere would do..Foster chose the wrong option and tried to sidefoot away from Tevez, then dived to grab the ball which he soon lost. Tevez fed Gareth Barry who scored unchallenged.
Horrendous schoolboy error! I have been watching Foster and comparing him to many other of United's former Gks. I think he will not last long as he commits too many rudimentary goalkeeping
errors. He appears indecisive at times and his positioning was way off when Bellamy scored the 3rd MC goal ( that goal would have been saved by Van Der Sar, who is sitting out with an injury ).
If he continues in this fashion at this rate, I doubt he'll be around for the next season.
Fortunately, it was unlikely hero Fletcher who outjumped everyone to head United into a 2-1 lead...from a Gigg's cross.

Photo: BBC Sports.
Fletcher with a stylish header.

But MC responded in grand style when Bellamy sent a rocket that dipped into the corner... 2-2.
From another exquisite Giggs' cross, Fletcher repeated his specialty for the day...a beautiful header for Man U to lead 3-2.

United were only a minute or so from winning the match when Rio Ferdinand had the ball. He pushed it up a little, stopped and then tried to chip over Petrov but failed. Petrov sent a through ball for Bellamy to chase, with an out of breath Rio dying to catch up to no avail. Bellamy cooly slotted home... 3-3!

Mark Hughes was dancing while Ferguson looked like he was about to collapse with a heart attack.
Photo: BBC Sports...Owens in jubilation.
The sign showed added time was 5 minutes but MC took their own sweet time to slow the game down.
Michael Owen had been sent on as the final substitute about 15 minutes. The clock ticking away the precious seconds with the referee looking at his watch. Ryan Giggs had the ball in his own half. He looked up once, spotted Owens to the far left and sent a precise long ball for him to control, dribble and shoot ....GOAL ! GOAL! GOAL! The stadium erupted.
Mark Hughes was livid.
Ferguson was dancing and prancing around.
Shay Given in MC's goal was shell-shocked.
Ben Foster was leaping as he had been given a new lease of life.
As for me...I am mighty glad I saw this unbelievable game which Ferguson aptly described as
" the Greatest derby of all time".

A 1956 Time Capsule discovered..newsclip.

In 1990, this report appeared in the Straits Times on 16 November. It was written by reporter Mathew Pereira.
Time Capsules of the past are so different from the ones we bury today. Just look at that blackened and oxidised canister in the photo. Yet, it had served its purpose well as the contents reveal.
This time capsule was most probably buried on April 26 1956, as among the artifacts within, were 2 newspapers of the day....The Singapore Standard and the Nanyang Siang Pau. The date on the front page of the newspapers can be clearly seen.
David Marshall, who was then the Chief Minister of Singapore, is featured on the front page with his trademark tobacco pipe. The heading of that report ...
" The First Jolt!".
Between the heading Singapore Standard is an image of a tiger. So, sometimes people refer to the paper as the Singapore Tiger Standard.
Another point of interest is the old photo of the AIA Building as it was back in 1956 in Robinson Road.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is this TRUE? Hope so !

It was only a few days ago that I had blogged about this wanted terrorist who carried a huge bounty price on his head. My purpose was to highlight to one and all that as long as he remains tourists can feel safe in SE Asia, especially in Indonesia.

The latest reports, including this from S Times Online Breaking news citing Indonesia's Police Chief..."appears "to confirm Nordin Top is dead.
I use "appear" base on previous flip-flop versions of the last shooting incident in Central Java.
We shall have to wait and see if really Nordin Top was consigned to the dustbin of history.

Sept 17, 2009
Terror mastermind killed

National Police Chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri holds up finger print samples of wanted terror mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top during a press conference in Jakarta. --

KEPUH SARI (Indonesia) - ARMED Indonesian police stormed an Islamic militant hideout early Thursday in a raid that killed wanted terror mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top and three other militants, police said.
Indonesian police: Top is dead(1:35)
INDONESIAN police raided a house in Central Java on Wednesday in their hunt for most-wanted militant Noordin Mohammad Top, and said they had killed four people and captured another three.
Malaysian-born Top is believed to be the mastermind behind the suicide attacks on two luxury Jakarta hotels on July 17.

Noordin narrowly missed in an Aug raid.
NOORDIN allegedly also masterminded a 2003 attack on the Marriott that killed 12 people, as well as the 2004 bombing of the Australian embassy and 2005 attacks on tourist restaurants on the holiday island of Bali.
Police believe they narrowly missed Noordin in a dramatic televised raid in August on a safehouse in Temanggung, Central Java.
Noordin's body was among four recovered after the early morning raid on a village house in Central Java, national police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri told reporters, bringing to an end an exhaustive six-year manhunt.
'From national police doctors' examinations... and finger prints sent by Malaysian police, thank God on this holy month of Ramadan - it's Noordin M Top,' Mr Bambang said to applause.
Loud explosions and gunfire were heard as police raided the rented house at around sunrise after a nine-hour siege on the outskirts of Solo city, a stronghold of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) radical network. The raid left the simple house in the lush, densely populated region a burnt-out shell.
Mr Bambang said police from Special Detachment 88 launched the raid after interrogating two Noordin acolytes arrested nearby on Wednesday afternoon.
'Despite repeated warnings to surrender there was a firefight. A motorcycle was hit, caught fire and they took refuge by huddling in the bathroom,' Mr Bambang said. 'But our men breached the wall as morning prayers came, at around 5 or 6 am we carried out a quick operation in three hours and we managed to disable them.'
He said those killed along with Noordin were 'expert bomb-maker' Bagus Budi Pranoto, alias Urwah, close Noordin associate Ario Sudarso, alias Aji, and the renter of the house, Susilo. He said two men were also arrested and Susilo's wife, who was wounded in the raid, was also in custody.
Police spokesman Nanan Soekarna said: '(At the house) we found weapons, grenades and eight sacks of explosive material.'
Lawmaker Sidarto, a member of the national parliament's security committee, said he and other lawmakers had been allowed to see the bodies of the four slain militants.
'Today, God willing, the radical movement has been disabled. One of the biggest terrorist masterminds, Noordin M Top has been shot,' he said. 'There were signs that pointed to it being Noordin M Top, such as a big mole on the left side of his nose,' he said. -- AFP

Times of my Life...wins Top Blog Award

Straits Times Breaking News online 16 Sept 2009

47 year-old wins best blog

By Serene Luo

Mr Chris Yew Weng Heng's (left) blog at won him the accolade of Singapore's best individual blog at the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 last night

(wed sep16). -- ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN

THIS nostalgia-themed blog is a favourite read of heritage buffs.
Writing under the online moniker of Laokokkok (informal Hokkien phrase for old and crusty), Mr Chris Yew Weng Heng delves into the history of old buildings and streets of Singapore, records practices of yesteryear, or puts up pictures of items most people would have long thrown out on his blog.
His blog at won the 47-year-old the accolade of Singapore's best individual blog at the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 on Wednesday night.
He was the oldest blogger to win as well, out of more than 1,500 entries in 10 categories received.
The awards, in its second year, were handed out by Singapore Press Holdings' bilingual youth portal
When he went on stage to receive his trophy, he received the loudest applause from the crowd, including a standing ovation from people of his generation, such as SPH's chief executive Alan Chan and Cultural Medallion winner artist Tan Swie Hian.
Foreign Minister George Yeo was the guest-of-honour at the event.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
I first learnt about it very early this morning on Straits Times Breaking news online.
My heartiest Congratulations to Chris and to all the other winners and nominees as well.
Keep it up!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adebayor versus ARSENAL!

The other weekend EPL game which I would rate as 8/10 for end to end, non-stop action and sheer excitement was between home team Manchester City ( some now cheekily call it Dubai City) and Arsenal.
MC and Chelsea are the only 2 unbeaten teams at this stage in the competition. Arsenal came visiting after losing out to the Red Devils the previous weekend. So, they simply cannot aford to lose 2 in a row...that would be castastrophic and would seriously affect their ambition for silverware.
This match drew much attention and spotlight because Adebayor will be playing for the 1st time against his old club...Arsenal. He was sold to MC, a move that initially made him very unhappy as he put all the blame for the Gunners' fans hating him squarely on Arsene Wenger the coach. So, in a way this was like Gary Cooper's shootout in the classic old western movie" High Noon" except that it was between Adebayor versus Arsenal as a whole and Van Persie in particular.

Coming with such a highly charged atmosphere, both sides went at each other's throats right from kick off. Action was end to end stuff. There was flow and there was ebb.
No quarter expected, no quarter given.
It took some luck and fate for the 1st goal to up the tempo of the game even more.
In the 20th minute, Defender Micah Richards headed powerfully of a corner which actually hit the upright...the ball rebounded out, hitting GK's Almunia's head and went back into goal.

How unlucky for Arsenal!

MC 1, Arsenal 0.
But the gunners pressed on for the equaliser which came in the 60th minute of the 2nd half when Van Persie slotted home to make it 1-1.
Both sides had great chances but it was Craig Bellamy, who played his best game to date for MC, who scored with a powerful drive ...2 -1 to MC.
Adebayor had several good attempts at goal but his efforts were saved or he was physically checked by his former teammates who seemed to go harder on him than on any other MC players. He and Van Persie got entangled a couple of times. A slow motion replay showed Adebayor stamping on the face of Van Persie...whether it was intentional or not, only Adebayor knows.
But his moment of revenge and glory was to the 80th minute.
From a cross sent high and while surrounded by a sea of Arsenal defenders, he managed to outjump everyone and headed a "bullet" that bulged the net!
3-1 to MC. What he did next to celebrate this "special goal against his old club" will never be forgotten. He ran the whole length of the pitch to where the Arsenal fans were seated and in that posture as seen in the photo above taunted the visitors. Infuriated, the visiting fans began to throw all kinds of objects, including bottled water, towards him. An unlucky steward was knocked unconscious and police as well as security stewards rushed to contain the fury. Adebayor was given the yellow card for this act of madness ( Cantona's kungfu kick at a fan was more serious ). Latest reports suggested he may get a 4 match ban.
To add further insult to injury, Bellamy dribbled the ball from his own half and cut in for Shaun W Philips to score through the GK's legs.
MC 4, Arsenal 1.
In the 88th minute, Tomas Rosicky scored a consolation goal to make the final scoreline 4 -2.
So, "High Noon" was clearly won by Mark Hughes' gunslingers. Arsene Wenger and his Gunners
will now lick their wounds and can only hope to prepare well for the next chapter of the shootout...."Gunfight at the Emirate's Corral".
Unk Dicko for one, will not want to miss this hotly anticipated revenge mission.
Many questions come to mind.
Will the home fans prepare a "special" welcome for bad man Adebayor?

Photo credits: BBC sports and Daily Mirror

Monday, September 14, 2009

10 men Man United beat Spurs..away!

Many of the pre-match soccer previews by well-known football pundits predicted a win for Tottenham. Well, why not? Spurs and Chelsea were the only 2 teams with maximum points going into the weekend matches. All wins and no loss.
The general belief is that with Ronaldo and Tevez gone, Manchester United will find themselves struggling this new season of the EPL.
The opening day match when newly -promoted Burnley shocked the football world with a 1-0 win over United seems to confirm that feeling.
Moreover many of the Red Devils key players are still sidelined with injuries.

Photos credit: BBC Sports
Goalkeeper Van der Sar, midfielder Owen Hargreaves, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand are just some of them.

But in sports and in a match such as this, the historical data between the 2 teams cannot be overlooked. In the last 20 previous meetings between Man U and Spurs, the latter has not won yet! Only 1 draw and 19 wins for the Devils!
I think Spore Pools have people who know their job too well. On the day of the match, I checked the odds for the 2 teams. It was about $3.50 for a Spurs win on the 1x2 and if you had plonked money on Man U it paid a very attractive $2.50.
This was one of the 2 best games over the weekend that I had watched.
No one could have guessed the final outcome after the referee started the match. Why?
Spurs had possession and a speculative cross was sent towards Peter Crouch in Man U's box. A nervous Vidic could only partially head away towards where Jermain Defoe was lurking. And with his back towards goal, Defoe showed why he is so hot for England as a striker presently. His " reverse bicycle kick" sent the ball powerfully into goal. Spurs 1, United 0....all in only 38 seconds on the clock! Not even a minute had elapsed.
Sometime ago, I recall reading some reports that quoted some opposing team managers saying "it is more dangerous to score early against Man United as they have a habit of rising to the challenge!"
United have shown time and time again that they can get the job done even when chasing a game.
This was what happened again. Classy Man United did not collapse or lose heart. They had more of the ball and with Giggs, who was making his 700th appearance for his team and Paul Scholes who was inch-perfect in his long through balls, Man U attacked relentlessly. The breakthrough came in the 24th minute from a freekick after Berbatov was fouled.
Giggs sent in a beauty that sailed and curved over the Spurs defensive wall...into the top corner.
Spurs 1, United 1.
Five minutes before the break, the visitors took the lead when Anderson pounced on a rebound and sent a powerful low shot through a sea of legs for his 1st ever EPL goal. He celebrated as though he has won the world cup! Don't blame him, this was his only goal after 76 starts for United.
Spurs 1, United 2 was the score at halftime.
The home team could have and should have overwhelmed Man U after Scholes was red-carded for a mistimed sliding tackle, soon after the 2nd half begun. Instead, it was the Devils who were more relentless in attack and steadfast in defence. Darren Fletcher was superb...closing down everything, so was looney Rooney.
In the 77th minute, Fletcher sent a long ball for Rooney to chase. Using his speed, Rooney easily rounded the last defender Hutton and shot through the legs of the GK for a final 3-1 scoreline for United.
I would rate this match an 8/10 for excitement and entertainment!
The importance of history receives a 10/10 for this case.

Rasa Sentosa Resort ...beautiful views.

From our balcony, 8th storey up. It was quite early on that cold, drizzilng morning when I captured this shot of D3 and son waving to me.
No one else were at the pool probably because it was drizzling.


Another view of the pool. Much later,
when the sun was out, the entire surrounding was filled with lots of people.


The right wing of the resort facing the sea front.


A pretty sight for sore eyes!
All the pics were captured from the 8th storey balcony of our room.

Beautiful Sentosa!

Singaporeans are great travellers. Even during the one week September school holidays like this week that just went by, many would go for short trips.
However this time round,with H1N1 still swirling around the ASEAN and Asian regions, many families have decided not to venture abroad...especially those with young children. They faced a dilemma......
how to occupy the kids and allow one and all to have a fabulous time in lieu of not travelling ?
That problem also confronted us Yippie people. We wanted all our 4 grandkids and their parents to spend time together, have fun and develop further bonding. A suggestion was made ( Let's go to a resort ! ) and we acted on it immediately.

If ever you find yourself in the same situation as might want to consider this.
We Yippie people booked three adjoining rooms at the Rasa Sentosa Resort located at Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, for a three day stay. Our rooms were located on the 8th storey and had a beautiful and panoramic view of the sea front.
The 3 day package for room accomodation plus American breakfast costs about $700 +(Singapore ) per room...which is money well-spent indeed. Sentosa is today a world-class attraction on practically every tourist "must see, visit or stay" list, once they are in Singapore.
And there's no better place to relax and occupy oneself with the never -ending things to do, see, try and taste!

For unk Dicko, who has seen the island, formerly named Pulau Blakang Mati, transformed from what it was before in the 50's and 60's to what it is truly breathtaking and a blessing. The whole island has changed so much ...for the better. It is almost like a gigantic paradise isle, a magical playground by day or night. There is so much that visitors can do, see, try out, taste or simply relax. The ambience of Sentosa as day turns into night must be seen to be appreciated fully. I have been to many resorts around the world and I think Sentosa is truly world-class. With the Integrated Casino resorts presently under construction and other newly added attractions like "Thrill and Spill" will be one awesome place !

Rasa Sentosa Resort, where we stayed for 3 days, is truly good value for money. The rooms have breath-taking views each with a private balcony.

Photo: Unk Dicko enjoying the ambience at "our" private balcony.
Nothing beats reading the Sunday Times on a cool morning with such a view!
The food was excellent and so was the service standard. We have nothing but compliments for the whole setup.

Packing for such a stay is practically hassle-free since we drove our cars there. No such thing as luggage limit, no fear of over-packing too. The amenities at the resort are more than sufficient to cater to one and all. The most popular attraction is the Swimming pool and the water slides for kids.
When we were there, my estimate is about 50% of the guests are fellow Singaporeans...with the same purpose in mind.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wanted terrorist...Mohd Nordin Top

Mohd Nordin Top
( Both photos )
has a bounty of 1 Billion rupiah
on his head.
He is one of the most wanted persons on the FBI and Interpol list for terrorism.

The reputed head of a new splinter group of the J I, he was responsible as the mastermind of the Bali Bombings and the recent Marriot Hotel suicide bombings in Jakarta. Initially thought to have been killed in last month's shoot-out in Central Java, he remains in hiding, rumored to be in Java.

The terrorist attack in September 2001 New York city has been an eye-opener for everyone...especially for the Intelligence Services of America.
There was an abysmal failure of the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies for being unable to prevent 9/11.
They have some of the best officers and state of the art equipment and the means to have prevented this.
Yet, it happened.
The Congressional hearings and findings pointed out one of the main problems... a lack of trust and co-operation among the federal agencies.
There was no genuine desire to share information gathered.
Tips that were surfaced and passed on were never acted upon properly ot even at all.
Reminds me of the 7 Dec 1941 tragedy of Pearl Harbour all over again.
They have since rectified this somewhat with a co-ordinated Homeland Security agency.
Singapore too came up with our own version. It is not only necessary but critical to have a National co-ordinating body for the fight against global terrorism.
The Mumbai attack last year could perhaps have been thwarted if only the various government
intelligence services and military agencies had an enforced system of co-operation.
They didn't...with different agencies distrusting each other, keeping information only for themselves.
Sounds similar to the USA syndrome prior to 9/11.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/11...part 3, mystery of the Number 11

Youtube video of the 9/11 attack of 2001

Below is an interesting report about the mystery and significance of the Number 11...
connected to 9/11. For the full and detailed reports you can visit the source stated.
[ Source credit: September 11 ]
The Number 11 mysteriously dominates the events of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks in the US

The number 11 has been linked to mystery and power since ancient times. All forms of number research andstudy, including Numerology, the ancient science of Gematria, and the secret wisdom of Kabbalah, all give significant importance to 11, and 11 derivatives - 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.The number 11 is considered a master number.
The first Great War, World War 1, ended on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.
To this day,victims and veterans are remembered at that specific time.
In Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings, the number 11 is described as a curious number, and reaching your 111th birthday is an event.
The USA skipped sequence numbers on the Apollo moon missions to ensure it was Apollo 11 that landed on the moon.
In ancient Egypt, King Tutankhamen's tomb had combinations of 11 in the jewelry he wore, and he had 11 oars placed on thefloor surrounding his tomb.
The number 11, and particularly the number 33, have significance to Freemasons, and other secretive groups.
In addition, there have been thousands of people worldwide who have recently expressed a strong feeling towards 11. This has been widely reported for the last 5-10 years, and is now commonly referred to asthe 11:11 experience, referring to the time of 11:11.
The overwhelming quantity of elevens, surfacing from the events, people, and places related to the 9-11-2001attacks, is remarkable.
It is as if someone planned the events to occur around the number eleven.
If it was not planned, then the coincidence of the numbers, seems even more mysterious and improbable.
We have also found an 11-year cycle in Osama bin Laden's life. The life changing events occur every 11 years, when bin Laden is 11, 22, 33, and 44.
We have uncovered several patterns of elevens that have occurred before, during, and after the attacks.

The Dates
The date of the attack: 9/11 - 9 + 1 + 1 = 11.
September 11 has 9 letters and 2 numbers: 9+2=11.
The number 911 is the telephone number for emergencies in North America.
September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4 = 11.

After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.
March 11, 2002, marked 6 months since the attack, and fell in the 11th week of 2002. On March 11, 2002, New York City lit the sky with 88 (8 x 11 = 88) powerful GE bulbs that sent light beamsinto the sky from the World Trade Center site. The next morning, on March 12, 2002, 11 FDNY firemenwere recovered from Ground Zero.

New York City - 11 Letters
Flight AA11 & The Target
New York City - 11 Letters
The first plane to hit the towers was American Airlines Flight 11.
The Flight 11 call letters were AA11: A=1, A=1, AA=11.
Four of the hijackers on flight AA11 have the initials A. A. for their names: AA=11.
The fifth AA11 hijacker
was the pilot, Mohamed Atta, 11 letters, and AA in last name.
Flight AA11 had 92 people on board - 9 + 2 = 11.
Flight AA11 had 11 crew members - 2 pilots and 9 flight attendants.
The target of Flight AA11 was in New York City -11 letters.
The State of New York was the 11th State added to the Union.
Manhattan Island was discovered on Sept. 11, 1609 by Henry Hudson -11 letters.
Trade Center is 11 letters, and Skyscrapers is 11 letters.
World Trade Center Towers is 22 letters - 2 x 11 =22.
The WTC Twin Towers - standing side by side, look like the number 11.
The WTC Towers are each 110-storeys high.
The first WTC tower hit (North Tower) collapses at 10:28 A.M. -1+2+8=11.
The 1st Fire Unit to arrive to the WTC towers was FDNY Unit 1. Unit 1 lost 11 firemen.
The WTC towers collapsed to a height of 11 stories.
After 99 days of burning, NYC declares the WTC fires are extinguished - 9 x 11 = 99.The World Trade Center fires burn continuously for 99 days, between September 11, 2001 andDecember 19, 2001. The World Trade Center fire is the longest burning commercial fire in U.S. history.
On September 7, 2002, NYC Medical Examiners announced the revised official death toll from the World Trade Center attacks was 2,801 - (2+8+0+1 = 11).On the morning of September 11, 2002 the names of 2,801 victims were read at a Ground ZeroCeremony. It took 2 ½ hours to read all the names.

The Pentagon - 11 letters
Flight UA77 & The Target
The Pentagon - 11 letters
The plane that hit the Pentagon was United Airlines Flight 77 -11 x 7 =77.
Flight 77 - 65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11.
The target of Flight 77 was The Pentagon - 11 Letters.
One of the walls of The Pentagon collapses at 10:10 A.M.
Colin Powell - 11 letters
People & Places
George W. Bush - 11 letters

According to the FBI, earlier terrorists originally planned to hijack 11 planes.
Thirty days after the attack, the FBI releases a Most Wanted Terrorist List with 22 names.
Mohammed, the prophet of the Muslim faith, died in 632 A.D. - 6+3+2=11.
The Taliban's Manual of Afghan Jihad (Holy War) is 11 volumes.
is the area code to Iraq/Iran - 1 + 1 + 9 = 11.
The League of Arab States is comprised of 22 Arab nations - 2 x 11 = 22.
The suspected base of the terrorists is Afghanistan - 11 Letters.
Osama bin Laden's birthplace is Saudi Arabia - 11 letters.
Ramzi Yousef - convicted of orchestrating the 1993 WTC attack - 11 Letters.
The Prime Minister of Israel - Ariel Sharon - 11 Letters.
Deputy PM, & Minister of Foreign Affairs for Israel - Shimon Peres - 11 Lette

9/11...part 2, mystery of the evil and other images

One of the most detailed websites about anything connected to the 9/11 attack in 2001 is the site Sept 11
These pictures and the brief reports are from the site. They have been reported widely in USA newspapers and USA News Service... such as CNN, WABC News.
Below is a description by one of the writers.

"As I watched that morning, I noticed a series of eerie faces in the billowing smoke. These images appeared to morph in the seemingly never-ending pillars of ugly black smoke. I made a mental note of these surreal apparitions..... "

"In assembling the archives for this site, I viewed thousands of images and newspaper covers. Again, I noticed the eerie faces in the still images of the smoke of the burning towers. They seemed to be present in not just one, but several of the burning tower images."
"Further research provided additional information and seemed to confirm what I was seeing.I was not alone in noticing these awful faces.
Mark D. Phillips, a professional AP photographer in New York, captured an incredibly real image of an evil, devil-like face that is distinguishable on the side of the tower's exterior structure. The authenticity of this image has caused a bit of a stir. Our research has concluded that his image is original and not doctored.The Associated Press and Mark Phillips have unequivocally denied any tampering or enhancement of the image. In fact, neither AP or Phillips were aware of what the photograph appeared to reveal until the image was noticed by readers of US newspapers. When the photo appeared on an early Wednesday (Sept. 12)edition of the Saginaw (Michigan) Press, the phone calls began."

"Further reports indicate that both CNN and ABC have also captured additional devilish images on their television videotape coverage. Additional faces and images have also been identified by several others. The images on this page are not intended to frighten. They are what they are: mostly evil images from an evil act."

"In a speech to the USA on September 11th, President Bush said, "Today, our nation saw evil." He may have been literally correct. Later in that same speech he also said, "Tonight, I ask for your prayers for all those who grieve, for the children whose worlds have been shattered, for all whose sense of safety and security has been threatened. And I pray they will be comforted by a power greater than any of us spoken through the ages in Psalm 23: "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for you are with me."

Not all images below depict evil faces. Some images depict angel-like images, objects, and flying creatures.

This was a genuine photo taken by J Reyes.
You can clearly see a face in the circled spot.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11...2001,..a day that shook the world and my kitchen!

Photo: Scanned picture of my original ST newspaper front page
Wednesday 12 Sept 2001.
It was a Tuesday, that unforgettable day in September 2001. Everything was normal in Singapore, then under Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. My wife D2 and I had gone to work that day and had returned to a hopefully peaceful night of relaxing before the Goggle box, post dinner. Our eldest daughter D3 and hubby Les were new parents of a baby eldest grandson , only 3 month plus back then. They were living separately from us in their own home.
There was only D2, me and my faithful dog D.
We settled down comfortably before the TV set to catch the evening's late news.
Unknown to us or anyone around the world, right about that time, 2 planes have been hijacked in USA and were heading directly for the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in New York city. The planes were about 15 minutes apart.
Then it happened.
And from that moment the world changed forever and has never been the same again.
The first plane hit the WTC just after 9 am ( New York time )when the buildings were filled with people at work.
The next followed soon after.
Suddenly....on our TV, CNN and later the BBC, were bringing us "LIVE" coverage of the dastardly and most evil attack one can ever imagine. We were glued to the TV as we watched the 2nd plane slammed into the Twin Towers. This was happening in real time. Everything from that moment was shown in "real time"...including the people jumping out from the windows of the burning 110 storey Twin Towers, the attack on the Pentagon by a third plane and the eventual collapse of the Towers.
My wife and I sat transfixed, overcome by the sheer horror that was before our very eyes.
I remember she was very, very agitated and angry that the terrorists could carry out such attacks without remorse and conscience.
We were at a loss of words to describe the carnage we were witnessing.
We had visited New York and lower Manhattan in Dec 1992 with our daughter D4. Went all the way up to the Empire State Building and from there had a good panoramic view of New York skyline,
the WTC included.
New York was a memorable visit. We made a few side trips to some 'must see' places...Statue of Liberty, Sing Sing prison, Macy Dept Store, New York underground.
We then heard a fourth plane had crashed near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This plane was heading for either the White House or Capitol Hill.
Our eyes continued to be glued to the unnerving images of the burning Twin Towers. It was even scarier to actually be able to see desperate people waving frantically for help in the upper floors while the fire was below them. Then many started jumping out to certain death. It was better than being burnt alive.
I gritted my teeth and kept opening and closing my fists and knuckles, wishing there was something I could do to alter the scenario. Of course, there was nothing anyone of us could do that day. It was Osama's day. It was Saddam Hussein's day. It was the Taleban and Al Queda's day. But all their nightmares would come slightly later.
My post is aptly titled "the day that shook the world and my kitchen".
What happened at my kitchen?
I have a nice and large dining room cum kitchen.
In my kitchen are 2 separate sets of L -shaped kitchen cabinets, one on the floor afixed to the wall and the other is mounted about 1.5 metres above the floor, secured strongly as is the usual case for such suspended cabinets.
We never had any problem with the, not for even a second.
Then this really strange, eerie and inexplicable thing happened....SUDDENLY.
At the precise moment when the the 1st of the TWIN TOWERs came crashing down as we watched on TV.....there was such a thunderous sound and vibration that shook my whole house!
For a moment, both me and D2 thought that a plane had crashed into our home!
The LOUD crashing sound was followed by sounds of breaking glass and other things.
My dog ran away in terror.
Horror of horrors...we had our own unimaginable nightmare which confronted us. Shocked beyond words, we saw our entire kitchen looking like a " war zone".
Our entire mounted kitchen cabinet had crashed onto the dining room floor spilling everything
inside, in a big mess of utensils, broken glass and crockery everywhere, splintered wood, twisted metal frames, etc... There was no rhyme or reason why our perfectly secure kitchen cabinet should have chosen to crash exactly at the same moment the WTC collapsed, thousands of kilometres away. It was unnerving! Neither D2 or I had any pre-warning this would happen.
Till this day, I am still puzzled and mystified by the 1 in a million chance of this coincidence.
Never in my life, our life, had we seen or experienced this before!
8 solid years have passed since that night for us and that day for 9/11 America.
America won't forget. Neither will unk Dicko and D2.
It was simply uncanny...the timing of the collapse of WTC and our kitchen cabinet.
Till this day, I have not stopped wondering about that incident.
Thinking back always give me the chills.
That was a very long night for me especially.
I did not sleep a wink...clearing up the broken mess and watching events continue to unfold
on TV.
[ More gripping things about several posts, with news clippings]

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Do you believe in the science of numbers?
Many people do. Even those who are not ardent believers may have sub-consciously allowed 'numbers' to have a say in their life. From our birth, our parents may have already consulted oracles and geomancers about what names to give us. And this giving of names is not taken lightly by the older generation and perhaps even by most in today's generation...whatever race or religious background.
To do a 'proper and serious' job, the geomancers consulted would have need of the day, date and time of birth of the infant... all important details pertaining to numbers.
What about me?
My late parents had their own Chinese almanac which they used as a reference for choosing my Chinese name. It was done with some serious thought, care and belief that the Chinese characters so chosen would portend goodness, wealth, prosperity and all the good fortune they had hoped for... not so much in a state of limbo hope but more in certain belief that it would surely happen as that life is lived out.
So, from young, I always understood what my name implies as it was explained to me by my parents. Much later, as I began my own reading and research into philosophy and life, the science of numbers caught my attention again.
The Bible has lots of examples and so have other religious books and sacred texts.
I will do some major posts on this very fascinating subject later.
Today, is the 9th day of September ..the 9th month in the year 2009.
Written in our present style: 090909
That is what you and I will write into the boxes when we fill in any official form
requiring the date to be filled.
Below is breaking news story from S Times online about the significance of this date...

to many wedding couples.

Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story
Sep 9, 2009
A Special
090909 - 366 couples wed 10 min
By Ng Xiao Yan and Ess Aubrey Gabrelyn

Simon Wong (above) and Jennifer Lim are one of the many couples getting married on Sept 9, 2009. -- ST PHOTO: AUBREY ESS AND NG XIAO YAN

09/09/09 -

THIS once-in-a-millenium date may seem super-auspicious, but unfortunately, it also falls smack in the misfortune-associated Hungry Ghost month.
Traditions in contemporary Chinese marriages
SCENES of loud gongs and veiled brides being carried on sedan chairs have long disappeared in Singapore.And along with such processions, much of the intricacies of traditional Chinese marriage etiquette have also been done away with.

99cents for a 09/09/09 wedding
AROUND the world, couples will enjoy the 09/09/09 date in interesting ways, while businesses are cashing in on the believed auspicious significance of the day.As 364 couples say 'I do' on Sept 9 at the Singapore's Registry of Marriage, (ROM), nine couples in California will get married for US99 cents (S$1.40), the Business Wire reported.
But it did not deter 366 couples from tying the nuptial knot at the Registry of Marriages at Fort Canning on Wednesday. Among them is Ms Jennifer Lim, 28, a human relations executive and Mr Simon Wong, 29, a technician, who chose 09/09/09 to say 'I do' because the date is 'easy to remember.'
According to Chinese belief, 'jiu jiu jiu' in Mandarin triples the 'longevity' of a marriage, as the number nine represents an everlasting quality. But as this is also the Hungry Ghost Month, is Triple Nine still considered an auspicious day to wed? Apparently, 366 couples were undeterred.
Registry of Marriages (ROM) records show that 366 couples registered to marry on Wednesday, compared to the daily average of 64 couples on a normal day. The record high in recent years was 766 marriages on July 7, 2007 (7/7/07).

But not all couples are doing it because of the date - auspicious or not. For 27-year-old Ms Madeleine Chong, a digital media journalist, and Mr Lai Han-wei, 25, a scriptwriter, Sept 9 is simply 'just a date'. But even if younger Singaporeans aren't superstitious, they have to contend with traditional parents.
'We're not very traditional people... although Han-wei's mother, being a traditional sort of person, insisted on choosing the date,' said Mrs Lai. Mr Lai's mother consulted a temple medium, who chose a date for the couple based on their birthdays, using a traditional method in Chinese geomancy known as 'Ba Zi'. Also called 'eight figures', this determines how a couple's marriage turns out.

'At first, the medium chose December 24th for us. However we decided against that day, since it's Christmas Eve', the couple said. Mr Lai's mother then 'went back and received another 'suitable' day for us.' Officially, Mr and Mrs Lai have been married since last year, although the couple will be having their wedding banquet only in December.
'The married friends that we know mostly seem to have chosen days based on geomancer advice' Mr Lai, 25, added. 'They would be mindful of auspicious days - although we suspect that it has more to do with pleasing the parents and relatives.'

Another couple, Mr Tony Ho and Ms Michelle Lim, chose to marry in January, and did not consider Triple Nine, surprisingly, also because of superstition. They consulted a geomancer and the traditional almanac to help them pick their wedding day based on their 'Ba Zi'. The geomancer reported that their eight figures weren't compatible on Triple Nine for a wedding and was, hence, an inauspicious a day for them.
'We don't really look at 'special dates' like 999,' said Mr Ho, 28, a technician. 'What matters to us most is that we choose a day where our 'eight figures' match. That day would be the most auspicious day for us to get married.'
But if Mr Ho's and his fiance's figures were compatible with Triple Nine, would he want to get married on that day? The answer is still no, they said. 'I wouldn't want to marry during ghost month, as it brings a bad sense of foreboding to a marriage! And I'm sure that many more of my family and friends would disapprove,' adds the technician, who firmly believes that being wedded on an auspicious day is tantamount to a good marriage life'.

Which perhaps explains why Triple Nine wedding banquets are not so hot despite an 84 per cent jump in the number of couples saying 'I do' on Wednesday at the ROM.
Checks by the with 10 hotels show that just six have 09/09/09 banquet bookings. Only the Raffles Hotel reported higher than normal bookings, with four out of its five function rooms booked for 09/09/09 wedding dinners.
Still - auspicious date or not, at least 366 couples have jumped on the 09/09/09 bandwagon. For many of them, it's 'let's get married first on this special day and celebrate later.'
Read also
:Vegas weddings soar on 9/9/09101010- another hot date

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Celine Dion & Elvis together...unbelievable? Believe it!

For those of you that didn't see the show, Celine Dion appeared to walk out and stand next to Elvis as the two sang a duet of the classic "If I can Dream." It was like he was raised from the dead. Everyone has been asking how it was done. ET said tonight it was a hologram. Totally amazing what they can do now.
Estimated cost of this was said to have cost between $50,000 to $100,000 and it is said it took months and months to create.

Prior to the performance, Celine practiced with an Elvis impersonator. However it was done, it was totally amazing. She sounded great singing with Elvis. The duet was fantastic.

Celine Dion in front of a LIVE studio audience. This is absolutely unbelievable how they have done this. It really - really does look for all the world that Elvis is actually standing there live on stage singing along side Celine Dion in front of the live American Idol audience. Watch and listen to the audience going berserk, as they themselves think they are actually seeing Elvis right there in front of them.

A truly amazing use of modern day technology brings Elvis Presley back to life in front of your own eye's.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Singapore bashing again!

Did any of you read this report which was published a few days ago in the Straits Times edition of 2 September 2009?

This former Malaysian minister is BLAMING our MM Lee Kuan Yew for having sown " the poison" 40 years ago for the recent spate of incidents involving the Hindus and Malays across the causeway.
He even had the audacity to blame our highly respected MM for the outbreak of the May 13 1969 racial riots in Malaysia.
What a moron this fella is!
Generally, I do not comment on Malaysian politics.
But this is an exception.
I hope Singaporeans will stand up and rebut this spurious nonsense.
Nothing is further from the truth in what he has reportedly said.

The causes for the May 13 riots of 1969 have been researched and the facts and findings published in scholarly books.
You can read much of the material on the internet. I have read many accounts from different authors and some have suggested that the racial riots were pre-planned by the Abdul Razak faction in UMNO for the purpose of getting rid of the Tunku from his PM post. The hatchet man chosen was Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato Harun.
It appeared the whole thing was very carefully orchestrated to create the maximum impact to show the Tunku was ineffective and to forever, once and for all, frighten off the non-Malays in Malaysia ...never to challenge or question or bring up sensitive UMNO Malay-Muslim issues...ever again. Generally, that has been so since 1969. But in recent times, owing to widespread increase in corruption, scandals, crime and the fact that UMNO has lost much ground in the last elections...the ultras in UMNO are playing up race and religion again.
But why the need to deliberately attack Singapore and LKY?
Why the need to twist and distort history?
For all Singaporeans who may not know what really happened, the chronology of events leading
to Singapore being bullied "blue-black" and LKY being "hammered" ( a gentle word I assure you, it was much worse than that, in those days) by the UMNO ultras, led openly by their appointed front man...the hatchet man, Syed Ja'ffar Albar.
I won't go into the exhaustive details in this short post.
However I urge all of you to read chapter 36, titled " Albar stokes up Malay passions" starting from page 551 of The Singapore Story...
Memoirs of LEE KUAN YEW, to get a full understanding of the background story and not be
fooled by this moronic ex-UMNO minister.

Btw, I have some original news clippings from foreign newspaper of May 1969 which reported that the so-called riots were in many instances not so...the poor, innocent victims were massacred, many in full view of the police and soldiers who did nothing to stop the killing.

Finally, look closely at the last paragraph.
I won't even want to waste my time to rebut this "hogwash" of a claim...." Malaysia has a developed world democracy"! Laughable!
In the same breath he openly criticised Singapore!
I wonder if he even understand what the term means ?