Sunday, November 13, 2011

Performance at The Esplanade - 14 Nov 2011

The Performing Stage at the Concourse
 How time flies again !  It was only last year in late August that I decided on something I had never seriously done before...forming a musical group mainly of seniors and retirees for musical singalongs and get togethers. To be sure of continuity and to attract more and new faces the happening must be regular, must provide a platform for others to come together to simply enjoy crooning together, play a musical instrument, share and learn. The main thing is that everyone must have FUN and enjoy what they are there for.

Audience area - front of Stage

That was how it began. Once a week on a Wednesday, we'll meet at the Serangoon North Community Club soundproofed music room for our regular gig. Unk Dicko had to do practically everything from planning the sessions, sourcing the song lyrics and musical tabs, chords and notes. Getting them printed out so that files of songs are made...with the help of cc staff etc. Lots of stuff needed to be done.
It took a lot of my time and effort. But it was always a labour of love to me especially when I see how happy and passionate some who first came turned out to be.

Concourse Performing Stage at Esplanade
Within a month or so, I had been approached to get my "group" to entertain and perform at a number of public functions and events.
Most of the regular members had never performed on stage before a live audience. So it was a challenge for me to prepare them for this next hurdle in their changing life.

Since then, my Minstrels have performed big time as you can read in my earlier blogposts.
Unk Dicko and Esplanade Programmes Officer Desmond C
 On Monday 14 November 2011, my performing group known as " Dick Yip &The Minstrels " have been specially invited to perform at the opening of " A Date with Friends" which is a music festival under the Esplanade auspices.
We will be the first to kick off the series with " Nostalgic Moods "- entertaining at the Concourse.
Time 7.15pm and 8.15 pm .
 Free for all public.

The Beautiful River scene by the Esplanade

The grounds beside the Esplanade is so scenic and relaxing. It's a good setting to enjoy an early dinner with many restaurants and cafes there and simply stroll into the Concourse for relaxing music!

If you do that on Monday 14 Nov, come and say hello to me and my Minstrels. I'll be most happy if you do that!
Dick Yip & The Minstrels

The Esplanade - picture source official website of the Esplanade