Saturday, November 21, 2009

What happened to Adrian Lim's flat?

Adrian Lim, Tan and Hoe were arrested and detained for the purpose of investigation into the Toa Payoh cult murder in 1981. Subsequently, the "unholy trinity" were tried in open court in 1983, found guilty and sentenced to death. They remained on death row until their eventual execution on 25 November 1988 when all legal appeals failed.
What happened to Adrian Lim's 3 room flat in T Payoh?
It was vacant for 5 years after his arrest.
Then a Catholic family bought over the flat. They were interviewed by the Straits Times in this
report of 26 November 1988.
I truly admire their stand. They showed no fear, no qualms, no queasiness about making it their peaceful home despite knowing the nightmarish history and background of what occured there.
That as I said, was in 1988 when this news report appeared.
More than 2 decades have since flown by and I have no idea and no updates about the place.
I presume no news is good news.
As a matter of fact, many buyers of properties never really check the history of their intended
purchase. It was only when reporters or other interested parties approached them long after the crime for permission to film, photograph, interview etc...that they discovered the truth.
Quite a few homes which were scenes of brutal crime and murder have been sold to new buyers
who apparently were unaware of their dark history.
The agents may have known but chose not to divulge.


Icemoon said...

I think the block is still around. I wonder who lives there now.

unk Dicko said...

I am wondering too.
Anyone knows what the market price would be today?

The Oriental Express said...

I would not worry at all about the past history of the place. It is the "now" that is more important.

Eg. I bought a flat where the owner died for 7 days without anyone realising! After that the neighbours dared not even walk past the flat. Someone had even been praying as I would find remnants of joss-sticks on the remaining pot of adenium plants left by the owner. Neighbours looked at me with strangeness. Soon the flat was livened up with piano, violin playing and music. My immediate neighbour told me she was the one who alerted the police. Now if she does not see me for a few days, she would surely sms me to find my whereabouts! Told her that as a Christian I am not afraid of death!
If heaven is such a wonderful place, why do we have to be afraid to go there!

I have great and wonderful neighbours who look out for each other and you can read more about them in my blog!

Enjoy life and always look on the bright side of things!


Gan Chau

unk Dicko said...

Hi Gan Chau,
Thanks for your insight and views. Agree with you absolutely..your 1st sentence.
Just came back from Europe and revisited Louvre,Paris. Managed to explore the underground foundations of that famous museum of the Mona Lisa art piece. The building has such a long and varied history..used previously as a castle with moat, torture dungeon(killings and death), prison, king's official residence and court, palace and today as one of the top 3 museums in the world. It is always packed with visitors.
In S'pore, many of the sites where the 'Sook Ching'massacres of WW2 took place are now beautiful homes of terrace and semi-Ds.
So, yes the 'now' is more important.

meandme said...

This happened when I was a small kid...just like when the Mcdonalds kids went missing....