Monday, February 7, 2011

Must listen..Hokkien local food song !

All food lovers whether from Singapore, Malaysia or even Indonesia will love this video-clip.
It is almost like a running commentary of all the top local hawker food we have come to love.
And singing it in Hokkien dialect somehow makes it seems tastier !
Don't believe me?
Play the video, watch and listen.
Me...I'm going for my 'prata' or 'char kway teow' break right now !


Andy Young* said...

Tune is 'Shanghai Bund', well-known song by Francis Yip (1980).

unk Dicko said...

Thanks for the info Andy. A few years ago there was also another
mp3 version of "Shanghai Tang " which also sang about local food in Hokkien. But that came with no video.

jan said...

Wah lau buay tahan! Lau nuah

unk Dicko said...

Since then, have been eating kway chup, hokkien mee, mee soto, mee rebus, prata, char kway teow, etc..etc..
yes, b'cos buay tahan !

Jenell said...

All my favourite foods are in the songs. Very hungry :)

Anonymous said... peh yiow liao
hokkian mee,kari mee,lawbak,laksa,lor mee,char kway teow,popiah ...veri ho liao !!!

Ferrari71 said...

It's seem that everyone like this well known 上海滩song & in Spore we need not to worry nothing to eat as long your pocket have$$$ what we worry is no vitamin M(money)

Snoopy71 said...

It's seem that everyone love this oldies 上海滩& in Spore we dont need to worry have nothing to eat as long our pocket have $$$ what we worry is not enough vitamin M(money) bcoz everything here is expensive rite?

Soon Lee Ling said...

It's so hilarious dangerous health warning, makan dulu, before you watch this video. I got so hungry until pug toh tien!!! Dat boleh dahan lah