Saturday, July 31, 2010

What really happened on 21 July 1964 ? Part 1

Before I begin to describe some of the incidents that occured during the huge procession exactly 46 years ago, it is important to note that this attempt to briefly summarise the initial sparks that led to widespread outbreak of rioting and violence done for the sole purpose of getting at the Truth or near Truth. Some would term it aiming for "historical accuracy". I have no other reason other than what I've just stated as my rai'son d'e'tre.

Unk Dicko was also once a passionate History teacher and is still very much a History buff today. In any case, most of what had happened, what had been said by the parties involved( plenty! ), the research and investigation, the oral and recorded interviews, the reports that resulted etc...have all been pretty well documented. Many of the papers and reports, both of the Racial Riots and those tumultuous years ( 1963-1965 ), have been declassified and can be accessed through proper application.

Personally, I have read most of the exhaustive press reports, news analysis, commentories and many books over the last 4 and half decades on this subject alone.

For me, the book that clearly stands out as possibly the best and most well-researched book if one needs to understand, comprehend and get a fuller perspective a sort of " total overview or picture" of the 1964 Racial Riots....its cause, the root problems before and after etc... MUST READ the book I've highlighted below.

Title: A Moment of Anguish
Author: Albert Lau
Pages: 312 pages, 8 solid chapters.
Dated: 1998
Publisher: Times Academic Press

[This is the Front Cover of the book. ]

[ The Back Cover of the book. ]

The book author, Albert Lau, was a Senior Lecturer at the Department of History, National University of Singapore ( 1998 ).
What I find so different from many other books is that this author had access to many official sources and archives records, both local and overseas, that provided him with a wealth of information and material that were not seen previously in other works.
To get at the Truth or as I've said "near Truth" need such a book! The references and quotes are fully mentioned and well-documented.

This is clearly a serious study to capture and present an accurate historical account of what transpired between 1963 and 1965...and in the process, come out with the most detailed report of the 1964 Racial Riots.
I have yet to see a better report on what caused the riots than the full story as recorded in Chapter 6 of the book, page 161 to page 210.

In part 2 of this continuing post, I shall highlight some of the TRUTHs I discovered within the pages of the book.
There were many things that were going on at that time that were hidden from our eyes.
But TRUTH must prevail.

[ The Procession on 21 July 1964 as it moved towards Kallang Gasworks ]

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 1964 Racial Riots in pictures...part 2

The photos on this blogpost are courtesy from the National Archives website and are meant for online viewing only.
When racial riots broke out on the evening of Tuesday 21 July 1964 as a result of a huge Muslim procession that went out of hand, it essentially caught most people off guard. The general populace and the police had no inkling such a thing would happen on such an important day as the Prophet's birthday. But not to those who were behind it...the planners and the instigators who were out to do Singapore in. Our own Singapore leaders such as PM Lee Kuan Yew had quietly asked John Le Cain the Commisioner of Police and George Bogaars, Head of Special Branch for their assessment on whether anything would happen on 21 July 1964. The police replied in the negative while Special Branch had received unconfirmed reports that the Malays in the southern and city areas were expecting TROUBLE on that day and they were told to wait FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.
What were the major causes of these racial rioting?
The question is easy but the answer is not.
To fully comprehend the scale and complexity of the situation, one would have to go back to the period before 16 September 1963...that was when we formally "joined" the Federation of Malaysia. And from that date, the ultra racial politics of UMNO in Singapore vs the Malaysian Malaysia approach of the PAP.

Many books have devoted chapters to the Racial Riots and their probable causes. There are also official reports from neutral people...ambassadors, high commisioners, journalists, writers, researchers all giving their honest assessment of the situation.
It is not my intention here to find or provide probable cause.
It will take up far too much time and space.
But I may point out certain things to....separate fact from fiction so that our own Singaporeans of whatever background will understand better and not suffer from gossips and hearsays of the other side. And when I do so, I will quote from official reputable books or journals by reputable persons with full details.

Acting M'sian PM Abdul Razak and S'pore Dy PM Dr Goh
Keng Swee visiting the Malay Kampongs in Geylang Serai,
July 1964.

This was the Joo Chiat open market area when curfew was lifted
in the morning.
July 1964

Houses that were affected by arson and destruction in Kg
Melayu area.

Many cars, lorries, buses and taxis were overturned and burnt.

The Geylang Police Station at the junction of Geylang Road, Guillemard
Road and Paya Lebar Road.
July 1964.

Curfew was lifted for about 3 hours so people can go out to buy
whatever they needed. That was also the time when many people
got whacked and some killed.

Rubbish and refuse removal was suspended. So they just piled
up everywhere.

Police and military soldiers were on active duty. The internal security
of S'pore was handed by KL ( we were in M'sia then). They had full control.
But again like the time of the Maria Hertogh riots, there were serious allegations
of biased policing and abuses. Many of these FRU ( Federal Reserve Unit) were
recruited from across the causeway.

No one was safe and definitely no vehicle too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 1964 Racial Riots in 1.

During the racial riots of July and Sept 1964, I did not have any private snapshots of the incidents. Unk Dicko was only a 16 year old schoolboy and had no camera to call my own.
I only have one thing to call my own ... my first UKULELE sold to me by my classmate for
the big sum of $20. That ukulele is still with me today! Check out my earlier ukulele posts.
The bicycle that I had used so often was shared by the family. I used it more than any of my siblings combined together.

Photo Credits:

These pictures are from the National Archives of Singapore. They are mainly for online viewing
only. Pictures of the riots were not easy to come by as only certain members of the press and media had approved curfew passes to cover the disturbances during those days. In some cases, they followed behind the police vehicles.
At other times, they were told " enter at your own risk"...especially in the "hot" spots of Joo Chiat, Geylang Serai and the "No Man's Land" area around Kallang, Bencoolen St and Crawford.

This was Geylang Road looking towards the Kallang Gasworks.

July 1964.

An victim of the rioting in July 1964.

Injured people at the General Hospital, July 1964.

Who can identify this location? I'm sure some of you can.

The reserve unit ( riot squad ) police made its presence felt
by blocking the road...telling everyone to remain indoors for their
own safety. July 1964.

This was actually during curfew period. The road had no moving vehicles. But look carefully and you can still see some people along the 5 foot way ( they thought it was ok to be there..when they should be inside their homes).

When the daily curfew was lifted for a few hours people rushed out mainly to
see to their survival, provisions, clothes, business etc.
This was somewhere in town. July 1964.

Our then Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew went to the riot-torn areas to appeal
to all the races to stay calm and not to make matters worse.
Here he was speaking from a simple loudspeaker from a jeep at Geylang Serai.
July 1964.

Downtown Singapore when the curfew was lifted. You had a couple of hours to
go about your business before everyone rushed home...and the streets became deserted
again. July 1964.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Actual pages of Unk Dicko's diary..18 to 21JULY 1964 ( uncensored )

Reproduced in 3 full scanned images are 6 pages of my 1964 personal Diary covering the period
from Saturday 18 July to Tuesday 21 July 1964.
As my previous blog entries have shown, these were the few normal days before all hell broke loose on that fateful day of horror, fear and tragedy.
Looking back at my lifestyle back then, I thought it was rather fortunate that I was at home when rioting broke out openly.
I travelled around alot in a bicycle on a SINGLE DAY, sometimes going to VS , then to the old National Library at Stamford Road, then to friend's homes , then back to my home in Siang Lim Park, Geylang and again to town in the late evening, to school again ( where I might sleep over in the scout den) or return to my kampong. On other days, especially weekends, we often head for the beach... Katong Park, Marine Parade, Bedok, Telok Paku, Changi Beach, Loyang or Pasir Ris. If not the beach, it would be anywhere else in Singapore.
My buddies and I truly enjoyed those carefree days even though some of us were in Sec 4 and facing our Cambridge Exams at year's end.
We knew when to play and when to study.
Often we combined the two activities together especially a group of us Sec 3, 4 and Pre U 1 and 2 who turned the scout den into our second home!
Normally, since it was a public holiday and with no lessons in school, I would have most likely spent my time with my scout buddies in or around the Kallang area where our school was located( next to Jalan Besar Stadium).
Or moved around Geylang or Joo Chiat or Katong area.

More eye-opening and revealing excerpts from my diary to come!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unk Dicko talked about the Racial Riots at Gongshang Pri School

It was sometime last week when I received an email from Mdm Sharifa from Gongshang Primary School, in Tampines, expressing her excitement and surprise when she saw the feature article in MIX Magazine and asking me whether I had seen it yet. No, I had not received it yet. She then arranged for it to be delivered to me personally!
On behalf of her school and principal, she invited me to be the guest speaker at their Racial Harmony Week talk about the 1964 Racial Riots based on my story in MIX Magazine as well as my diary.
So on Monday 19 July 2010, for about 4o minutes, the staff and students of this school got to hear first hand about what transpired on that fateful day that is now officially observed as RACIAL HARMONY DAY annually. That fateful day was 21 JULY 1964...a day that changed our outlook and history forever.
Since my main audience are primary school kids, I chose the story-telling approach with the article and my blog flashed on the large screen as backdrop.
Before I started, I was curious as to how many pupils actually subscribed to the Magazine. So asking for a show of hands, I was pleasantly surprised that the majority thrust their hands sky high. Justin Zhuang and his editorial team from MIX should be pleased!
My story also touched on the 2nd incidence of rioting in early September 1964 and what life was like under police and military curfew.
The kids were superbly well-behaved and attentive throughout the talk, responding well when I asked some questions in humour. Like what?
" Since there was rioting and big trouble what happened to school days, well anyone? "
" No school. Holidays lah! "...they chorused.
" Is that good? "
" Very Good lah!" They rang out with much laughter. The staff and unk Dicko laughed with them. Haha!
However, when I described a little of what I saw during the rioting and the fear, anxiety and helplessness of those dark and terrible days...I could sense by their stillness and quietness that I had achieved the effect.
The talk may be about the Racial Riots but the reality today and over the last 46 years is about how to build on Racial and Religious Harmony through a culture of respect for one another, better understanding and tolerance between all stakeholders in Singapore.
And on that note, I ended my talk to these wonderful kids from Gongshang.
I would like to thank Mdm Sharifa, the Principal, VP, staff and pupils of the school for allowing me to share the historical importance of that July 21 day and its aftermath, with them and helping to raise everyone's level of awareness.

The pupils of Gongshang Primary on 19 July 2010 in the School
hall facing me on stage.
The lively kids of Gongshang

They were very appreciative and knew how to show it!

An eyewitness and survivor of the riots with Mdm Sharifa.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Racial Riots or Racial Harmony...Your Choice! Part 2

This is the double page spread of the story and interview which appears on Page 10 and 11 of MIX Magazine July 2010 issue.
Titled " Different Races, Same Kampong ".
It was written by Justin Zhuang the Deputy Editor of the same Magazine.
Photos were also done by him.

To read, simply click on the picture and it will enlarge automatically.

This is the first portion of the article on page 10

This is the 2nd portion of the article on page 11.
Next blog...a close up look at the inside pages of my diary.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Racial Riots or Racial Harmony...your choice! Part 1

This year happens to be the 60th Anniversary of the Maria Hertogh Riots. Unk Dicko has blogged quite extensively about what led to the riots and what happened in the aftermath of those terrible days. There are 8 separate blogposts with lots of detailed information and photos including a special photo of Mansor Adabi and yours truly, plus others taken in 1988 the same year our dear Mansor passed away. You can read part 1 by clicking...HERE.
In early June, I did an interesting special blogpost about " My Personal Diaries". I mentioned that no one had been permitted to read my diaries except my dear wifey and I added that only one other person who is a writer/researcher/editor has seen them. He interviewed me for the special article and report which appears in the latest MIX Magazine.
The only exception I have made so far is to the Deputy Editor of the MIX Magazine...Mr Justin Zhuang who came over by appointment and had an in-depth "live" interview with me.
He is the only outside person who has seen the inside of my diaries...especially the pages of my first hand account of the 2 periods of racial rioting in July and September 1964.
Initially we talked about my Maria Hertogh and Mansor Adabi blogs. Then when Justin discovered that I had actually kept hand written diaries which had almost daily entries since the early 1960's...he was extremely thrilled and excited. He was practically over the moon when he saw my actual writings about the RACIAL RIOTS of 1964...especially that unforgettable day when trouble broke out. It was a Tuesday, JULY 21, 1964....Prophet's Mohammed Birthday celebrations and was therefore a Public Holiday.
The full article covering the main story is in a double page spread on page 10 and 11 of MIX Magazine.
In the next few days, I shall expand on the rioting and the curfews and what life was like as seen from the eyes of a 16 year old schoolboy ( Unk Dicko's age then ) helped in this modern time and age by his precious personal diaries.

MIX Magazine is published by WHAT's UP...Singapore's Newspaper for Students.
The Editors and Publishers are the husband and wife team of Cherian George and Mary Cherian.
The Magazine is well supported and subcribed by most schools, educational institutions and students in general. It has the full support of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

The Inside page of Mix magazine (above)
The cover of MIX Magazine

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How I added some fun and excitement watching this W Cup

In one of my previous blogpost I posed this question," Is there something extra that Paul and Mani are telling us? " I repeatedly said not to rule out the possibility of the Final game between Holland and Spain ending in a DRAW...and Spain winning it in Extra Time. That scenario was inspired by the headline photo featuring the octopus and bird side by side...each with a flag.
And the catchy headline" but there can only be one winner". thing for me to do was to plonk a couple of $ $ on "Draw" shown below.
The result of the match confirms both as winners.

This was the for the match between Uruguay vs Germany.
Bought a straight " Germany " 1 x 2 win option which paid a winner.

The amount I placed on a bet was small. No danger to my financial health whichever way it goes. My message here was and still is not to risk " safe sums of big money" in the hope of or as is usually the case.....greed to get big returns.
Winning a dollar is better than losing a dollar, what more thousands of dollars.
Be extra careful when it comes to sports betting.
Do check out some of my pointers and words of advice.
No more betting until 2014...Viva Brazil!!!
Then hopefully you might profit again from Unk Dicko's insights .

Monday, July 12, 2010

Salute SPAIN...World Cup 2010 CHAMPION !

Spain is the new 2010 WORLD CUP Champion after beating Holland 1 -0 in extra time.
The full time game ended in a 0 - 0 scoreless draw...that went into 30 minutes of extra time.

In the 2nd half of E T, Heitinga the Dutch defender was given the red card and not long after that Andre Iniesta showed sublime control on receiving a pass before half-volleying into goal.
Holland deserved to lose totally as they adopted the "thugs" approach to good football. There was very little that was positive in their play and within a short while, mainly Dutch players were accumulating yellow card one after another.

This team, in my opinion, is a total disgrace to the beautiful football that exuded from the Dutch master class of 1974 and 1978. I was mesmerised by the exquisite quality of Johann Cruff and company. They were better than all the teams that were playing back then...sheer class!
Not this group of thuggish players this morning...Van Bommel, Heitinga, Van Persie, Bronkhurst etc.. . They were simply awful.

It was probably the worst game of the entire W Cup as a model for young people watching.
That Iniesta scored and ended the night of misery for the Dutch was totally deserving.
Howard Webb showed too much patience. I think he was reluctant to produce the Red card in normal regulation time even though at least 2 or 3 players deserved to be sent off.
Heitinga's sending off was inevitable...something had to give.
It was the nail in the final coffin.
The Dutch had shot themselves in the foot and even with about 10 minutes left, I knew it was more than sufficient time for Octopus Paul to work some magic in the minds of the Spanish players.

Was it psychic fate at work?

Paul the Octopus will now enter the book of living legends. I won't be surprised if he and his team of caretakers at Sealife Aquarium, Oberhausen would be invited ( all expenses paid) to the Spanish capital and publicly recognised and celebrated.
He needs to be extra protected by Dutch football assasins. The Germans will exonerate him as he helped them to 3rd place.

As for Mani the bird and his owner...I'm certain that many of those who have paid Mr M for his " fortune telling" services will have much to say in coming days ( if they are not too embarassed to say it ).

Here are some superb pictures from the Final.
[ Credit source: Huffington Post ]

The World Cup Final hero...Andre Iniesta

Iniesta scoring the only winning goal for Spain

He got a yellow card for this but he will remember this day forever!
And millions of Spanish too!

The winning goal!

Joy everywhere in Spain

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! are our hero! The team too!
But unk Dicko say don't forget to thank Octopus Paul, huh.

W Cup FINAL predictions by...experts!

[ Picture and main predictions from the Daily Mirror ]
Who's going to win Sunday's World Cup final?
Assorted Daily Mirror experts have their say below:

Oliver Holt
Spain 2 Holland 0
Spanish midfield and attack too good for the Dutch defenc.
Xavi, Iniesta and Villa will make the difference.

Martin Lipton
Spain 3 Holland 1
Spain have too much class and will own the ball.
Sneijder and Robben are dangerous but Xavi and Iniesta will boss the game.

John Cross
Spain 2 Holland 0
The Spanish team is as near to perfection as possible.
Xavi, Iniesta and Villa are beautiful to watch and will be too much for Holland.
If Torres was fully fit it probably would be perfection.

Mark Lawrenson
Spain 2 Holland 1
Spain have evolved and are stronger and more dangerous
than when they won Euro 2008 and will have too much in the locker.

Brian Reade
Spain 2 Holland 0
Because I tipped Spain to win it, and David Villa to be top scorer,
and haven’t seen anything at this World Cup, Holland included, to change my mind.

Derek McGovern
Spain 1 Holland 0
It has to be Spain - Paul the octopus said so and he’s cost bookies eight arms and a leg.
They won’t let Holland have the ball, which is very mean-spirited.

John Shaw
Spain 1-0 Holland (aet) .
In keeping with the tone of the competition I expect an extra cautious, extra cagey affair that goes to extra time.

Fabulous Betting Boys
Holland 1 Spain 0
We tipped Holland at 12/1 before the tournament started - so the future is right, the future is orange.

Paul the Octopus
Spain 8 Holland 0
I am putting all my arms and legs on Spain.
Get it wrong and I fear I’m cooked.
Read more:

What about other predictions?
Mani the Parrot
Holland win, Spain lose ( ps: don't ask me about possible Draw boss did not give me such a card to pick ).

Q...Very important question: why did you pick Spain earlier, twice witnessed by TNP team of reporters and published in the press and days later completely picked Holland...without any explanation?
Ans....Sorry lah, I'm only a bird. You better ask my boss why....and to ask must pay money to him first!

Unk Dicko's Prediction (Non-expert, non-psychic )
Holland is led by Mani the psychic bird ( one major mistake, one unexplained about turn ).
Spain will be led by their mascot Octopus Paul ( with 100% record, no mistake ).
Spain is the only W Cup finalist who has made it to the Final after losing their opening game
against Switzerland 0-1. No World Cup champion has ever lost their 1st game and went on to win it.
But this W Cup in S Africa has been the perfect setting for breaking all kinds of known record.
I think this record will also be broken and Spain will be holding the Champions's Trophy in a few hours time.
Outright win after 90 minutes...or draw and win in ET.
So 2-1 for Spain or 1-1 draw ( maybe 2-2 ).
Whatever will be the outcome...I won't get a heart attack! Instead I've had such a good rollicking time this last 5 weeks...that comes around only when W Cup fever hots up.
I'll be going over to meet my community friends in the Club and watch the spectacle
on big screen a short while from now.
If you are big time punters, you better pray that Referee Howard Webb does not try to become "Bigger in his own head" than Mani or Paul.
Win or lose...never a problem for the purist. No one knows what's really in the heart of the man in the middle.
A referee or linesman can single -handedly UNFAIRLY alter HISTORY.
It has happened before.
Let's just hope it won't happen tonight.
Good Luck to all!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Germany led by Paul +Mani beat Uruguay...3-2!

Last night's play off for the 3rd placing between Uruguay and Germany was the kind of match that was missing from most of the games that I have seen since 5 weeks ago. It was end to end stuff. No one side really dominated. Both had equally good chances to win the game outright.
It was a credit to both teams that they took this game seriously despite missing out on the big one tonight. Perhaps because of that both sides played without the kind of pressure experienced in the semi final games.
They were adventurous in attack and made mistakes that proved costly.

Germany started out minus a few of their regular stars...Klose, Lahm, Poldoski, Neurr. But Thomas Mueller was back...and he was a big factor in the attacking option.
Before the match, I checked out the latest reports on the web and read an interesting pre-match interview given by Oscar Taberez, Uruguay's coach.
When asked what his views were on the coming game he said:
" Uruguay not only have to play against Germany and win, we have to play against that (damned)
octopus! " Not funny as the results proved on hindsight!

[ Frankly, I'll nominate this as one of the unforgettable quotes of this 2010 World Cup ].

Germany scored first in the 18th minute through Mueller. But Uruguay equalised through Cavani. 1 -1 it remained at half time.
6 minutes after the restart Forland scored and Uruguay led 2-1.
Everyone must be will be kaput for Mani the bird and Paul the octopus if the score remained. They'd both picked a germany win.
But you simply can't change fate can you?
Uruguay GK made a silly mistake and allowed Jensen to equalised for Germany with a header.
Score was 2-2.
For Mani's and Paul's reputation to be upheld...Germany have to score again.
And that inevitable moment came in the 82 minute, from a corner kick...Sami Khedira rose highest to head in unchallenged.
Germany 3, Uruguay 2. And all those who have placed bets on Germany winning heaved sighs of relief.

But the story almost did not end there ( almost!). With the very last second, Forlan took a freekick so beautifully, it beat the GK completely..and heading for the top left corner but something made it hit the cross bar at the last milli-second!
As they say a miss is as good as a mile.
Perhaps that Jabulani ball should have been seized and sent for forensic dissection.
Who knows what you may find inside...perhaps a baby octopus?

So with this 63 game of this W Cup over, Germany has won the 3rd placing while Uruguay achieved 4th place. A great achievement for both teams!
As for Paul...he's headed for super stardom. He has not missed at all!
Mani the bird actually had picked Spain as the W Cup Winner a week earlier. Please check my earlier posts ..." Mani has made 3 predictions ". That report was widely circulated in the press and media. He "suddenly changed " to pick Holland only when a group of AP journalists came to do a story for their paper with his owner Mr M. No explanation was given. No one made any serious follow up as to what has been going on with this "about turn" by Mani the bird.

A video that appeared on Stompers was accompanied by some very searching observations and remarks made regarding M's handling of the bird.
I have no wish to add anything. Readers should see and judge for themselves.

Germany achieved 3rd placing

Sami Khedira scored to win it 3-2 for Germany

The scorer of the 3rd goal for Germany

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is there something extra that Paul and Mani are telling us?

Over the last week or so, the visitor rate to my blog has shot up sky high. Those making Google or Yahoo searches on anything connected to Paul and Mani will find me on page #1 of their searches and often right at the top.
I have no idea why this is so. Possibly because my blog title " The Wise Old Owl" shares something in common with Mani the parakeet. Both are birds! I know one is an acknowledged psychic bird while the other remains hopefully wise.
Or could it be that visitors are hoping that perhaps "the Owl" can throw some more light on all that is going on between the octopus and parrot.
Hmmm....maybe, just maybe.
It was the Front page headline news of today's Straits Times, Sat 10 July 2010, that really caught my full attention. The photo showing Paul "picking" Spain and Mani "picking" Holland must have caused greatly different reactions in the 2 camps of the finalists.
So both will probably feel "psychically" charged up for this last Final match of the W Cup. I think the reactions go much deeper than that...depending on who you are and what this" dilemma" means to you.
If you are a compulsive, serious punter, looking for the best tipsters can't be worse than this.
If you are a betting house, Football pools betting syndicate...etc...this must be the best scenario for the Final. The dilemma caused by the 2 leading stars of this W Cup is actually a bookie's dream come true.
No matter what...there will be large pools of money plonked on both sides for either a Spain or Holland win. They can sit back, hedge and relax...
AND IF THE GAME ENDS IN A DRAW AT FULL's curtains for all those who bought only the 1 x 2 option of either a win for Spain or Holland.
And there is absolutely NO LOGICAL REASON WHY this final match CANNOT end in a DRAW at FULL time ( including a few minutes injury time).
I'm not saying that it will....but you cannot rule out this possibility.
Recall the last 2006 W Cup?
The match between Italy and France ended in 1-1 draw. Italy only beat France on penalty kicks after extra time of 30 mins produced no goals.Many bettors on 1 x 2 , picked Italy to win. They were all so deplorably sad to find out that they LOST! Reason: the game ended in a draw....which they did not pick.
My observation on the predictions so far by Paul and Mani:
Both are given just 2 choices....pick this or that.
That is choose which country would triumph IN THE END, after the final whistle! Not at 90 minutes!
But what happens if the game ends in a draw at Full time ( 90 mins)?
That's what many punters and bettors wish to know.
We cannot put any blame on Paul or Mani as they have not been offered such an option for their picking.
Now that Mani has picked Holland and Paul has opted for raises some interesting questions besides causing a huge headache for bettors.
Q...Could both these beloved animals be co-operating in a psychic manner unknown to us to indicate that the game could end in a draw ( 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 etc ) ?
Obviously there will be an eventual winner...but people who pay $$$ to Mani's keeper would not really be so interested in all that. They all want to know what is the END RESULT at Full time..can the bird or Octopus tell? The ANSWER is NO ! Who will win...yes. As I've said they can only pick who will progress or truimph...but not a DRAW SCENARIO.
Any views out there?
Alas...Unk Dicko is not Paul or Mani with psychic powers.
This Owl is merely using his observations and reasoning powers to throw some light here.
I think I just might put a couple of durians on a possible draw for tomorrow.
Good Luck!

The W Cup Final...Octopus Paul has decided!!! Youtube.

The official news is out. Paul the famous octopus who has scored a perfect record of correct predictions at this 2010 World Cup has just made his final and MOST CRITICAL move...picking who will be holding the Cup that has meant so much blood, sweat and tears for all the more than 200 countries/teams involved.

After almost a solid month of pulsating action on the muddy fields of S Africa, it has come down to 2 of the most skilled football teams. There were so many other great teams who would have given an arm or a leg to troop out on Sunday night, a night which no soccer-loving person can be disturbed anywhere the match is telecast.

As in ancient Rome, the final 2 gladiators now face each other. Unlike in Rome, it was for glory or death...with no one to referee, there are no rules to the mortal combat. Here in S Africa, the 2 finalists Holland and Spain have never met in a W Cup Final before. For Spain, they already made history. Their best was a 1950 last 4 appearance. Holland were losing finalists in 1974 and 1978.

PAUL's pick:

From the video, it is very clear that he has opened the SPANISH box. In Paul's language, that is translated to a Spanish win.

A word of caution for those who are betting. In the last world cup, all kinds of predictions were also made for both sides...Italy and France. Those who placed money on an Italian WIN ( 1 x 2 )actually lost all their money. WHY? The game ended in a 1 - 1 DRAW...although Italy won in the penalty kick after ET.

If you pick " who will be the champion?" category..then that's different. But the odds are usually not great.

Mani the parrot...has already picked Holland over Spain. It's their own World Cup Final...Mani versus Paul. I have some critical observations about the way both are kept and managed. That can explain the difference and the dilemma. But to put it here may do injustice to one side publicly. So, I'll think about it first. punters and bettors have a BIG HEADACHE... who should they follow? Well, if you have been following my advice not to bet BIG, just a tickle or won't have such a headache will you?

Youtube...Octopus Paul picks Germany over Uruguay for 3rd placing.

Well...see for yourself. It's true. No one could have imagined that the real STAR of this 2010 World Cup is not those household names like Kaka the Brazilian, Rooney the looney, Messi the Argentinian, Ronaldo the Portuguese, Honda the Japanese, Villa the Spaniard or Mueller the German. This world celebrated STAR is now the hottest search item on Google search or on Twitter. And he lives in his humble abode and is not paid the multi-million pounds annual pay of those mentioned. Paul the Octopus has just made his pick for the 3rd place playoff between Uruguay and Germany.

He has opted for can be clearly seen on this video.

Paul has also made his FINAL pick for the Grand Final between Holland and Spain.Who did he choose? Check the next blogpost for the video and writeup.

Goodluck to all if you are having a flutter on this game!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Who is the referee for the W Cup Final? It's out...

[ Photo and Special Report from Channelnews asia ]

World Cup 2010
England's Howard Webb will referee Sunday's World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain at Johannesburg's Soccer City, FIFA said on Thursday. The 39-year-old from Rotherham, in nothern England, has been a FIFA-listed referee since 2005 and the former policeman regularly keeps law and order amongst the top stars of England's Premier League. Webb is widely-regarded as one of Europe's top referees and took charge of May's Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich in Madrid. At the World Cup, he refereed Spain's 1-0 defeat to Switzerland in a group match and then oversaw Slovakia's stunning 3-2 victory over Italy which confirmed the first round exit of the defending champions. He was also the focus of film-makers when a Belgian documentary team recorded his movements at Euro 2008 for a film called "The Referees". Webb, the son of a referee, began officiating matches at the age of 18 and made his English Premier League debut in 2003 with match between Fulham and Wolverhampton Wanderers. In 2005, he presided over the FA Community Shield game between Arsenal and Chelsea, whilst in November that year he took charge of his first national team encounter, a friendly between Northern Ireland and Portugal in Belfast. In 2007, he was placed in charge of the League Cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea, refereed his first Champions League tie and took part in the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Canada, presiding over five matches including the semi-final between Austria and the Czech Republic. At Euro 2008, Webb covered two first-round matches and three matches at the Confederations Cup 2009 in South Africa. Webb is the fourth English referee in the Final, the first being George Reader in 1950 followed by William Ling four years later and John Taylor in 1974. Mexico's Benito Archundia will take charge of Saturday's third-place play-off between Germany and Uruguay in Port Elizabeth. - AFP/fa

Mani chooses HOLLAND over SPAIN for Final !

Singapore News
'Mani the parakeet' picks Netherlands as World Cup winner.
By Mogana Pillay
Posted: 08 July 2010 2342 hrs

Singapore's home-grown psychic parakeet has picked the Netherlands to win the World Cup. Mani, an astrologer's "assistant" in Singapore's "Little India" along Serangoon Road had also picked the right winners for all the quarter-final ties and the Spain-Germany semi-final. This has led people from all over Singapore to flock to the roadside astrologer's table to find out if they will get lucky too, especially in their World Cup bets. Mani and his owner, Mr Muniyappan, see about ten customers on an average day. Now, they entertain that many customers in just one hour! With the World Cup in its final stage, Mani is now literally the talk of the town - and many are going with its prediction of the Dutch team winning its first-ever World Cup title. - CNA/al .

Click below link for the official news report on

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Klose or Villa the TOP scorer? NO's PAUL !

It seems Octopus Paul will be in action again for the 2 remaining games according to both online news report from ASIAONE online news... reproduced below.

‘Psychic octopus’ to predict final - if not tired
We do not want to overburden him: spokesperson
BERLIN - Paul the "psychic" octopus, who has become a global star after correctly forecasting all six of Germany's World Cup games, will predict the final, but only if his hefty workload has not exhausted him.

The mollusc medium, who stunned Germany by tipping Spain in the semi-final - spot on as it turned out, will on Friday make his prediction for the third-place Germany match with Uruguay, a spokesman for his aquarium told AFP.
Paul's handlers will follow the now familiar routine. Two boxes will be lowered into his tank, each containing a tasty morsel of food and the flags of the two opposing teams.
Whichever box Paul wrenches open is adjudged to be the winner.
Afterwards, Paul will be offered boxes with Spanish and Dutch flags, the two teams in Sunday's showcase final, but only if he is deemed not too tired and still hungry, the spokesman said.
"We do not want to overburden him," the spokesman said.

The eight-legged oracle forecast German wins over Australia, Argentina, England and Ghana. Proving he is not just attracted to the German flag, he also correctly predicted losses to Serbia and Spain, the latter live on national TV.
But as many World Cup stars have discovered in South Africa, the footballing gods can quickly snatch fame and favour away.
Bitterness at Germany's 1-0 defeat to Spain turned to anger with some sections of the 350,000-strong crowd in Berlin insulting both Paul and his mother.
Even crueller, some fans have begun posting recipes on the Internet, believing that Paul's reward for his clairvoyant powers should be a meeting with the barbecue or the paella pot.

Psychic octopus right yet again
'Octopus strikes again' is not a headline that most people would relish reading, but Spain fans are delighted
'Psychic' cephalopod Paul the Octopus has become a sensation in Germany after correctly predicting all of Joachim Loew's side's SA 2010 results.
The pre-match predictions have seen the eight-limbed oracle indentify the winning team with 100% hit-rate, including Germany's defeat to Serbia in Group D.
His keepers at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany, were playing down his latest tip, however, when plucky Paul plumped for a Spain win in Durban.
Yet, amazingly, the clairvoyant creature was proved right for a sixth time in succession, much to local fans annoyance.

Carles Puyol's 73rd minute header booked a World Cup final place for Vicente del Bosque's side, but may have condemned Paul to a local lunch menu, as German hopes were dashed.
Angry Germany fans have already begun blaming the mighty mollusc for their semi-final demise, and have even suggested that "Paul should be fried, barbecued or turned into a seafood salad or paella," according to newspaper reports.
For his part, Paul is refusing to keep a low profile and will swim into action once again to predict the results of both the third-place play-off and the final itself.
Bookmakers beware!

W Cup 2nd S-Final..Octopus Paul is sensational, Mani regains his reputation!

Unk Dicko just returned home from watching the Germany vs Spain Semi Final " live" at the club. There were a lot more people tonight forming a goodly night crowd. The first half ended in a scoreless draw with most of the play dominated entirely by the Spaniards. Strangely, Germany was not only subdued but playing in the same manner when they lost 1-0 to Serbia. They were practically overwhelmed by the sublime control, clinical passes and total possession of the Red shirts. If I were to give a ranking out of 10 for just possession and attacking movement.. then Germany will get 2/10 while Spain merits 8/10. So devastating was Spain's control and dominance of the game that Germany had hardly any proper strikes at goal while their GK had to make save after save.
If Spain produces the same sublime performance or take it 2 steps higher...Holland will be completely eclipsed in the coming Final.
They have so many players that you feel could produce a goal at any moment. That turned out to be true in the 73rd minute of the 2nd half when poor defending allowed Carlos Puyol ( Barcelona's captain ) to head in powerfully for the one and only goal.
Thomas Mueller who was suspended could have made a real difference.
On this performance Spain has to be the favourite to lift the trophy and the World Cup will have a new champion. But don't discount Wesley Sneider and company. They too are on the brink of making history for themselves.
Before that great Final will be the 3rd place playoff between Uruguay and now Germany.

[Photo credit: Reuters] - Spanish players celebrating at final whistle

[ photo credit: Reuters ] Schweinsteiger in tears at end

[Photo credit: Reuters] German players consoling each other
Paul the Octopus
He is now a phenomenon of huge proportions. He was spot on again for this match.
I think the sealife centre in Oberhausen has to immediately step up security to prevent his being assassinated by English, Argentinian, Aussie and German football terrorists. But the Spanish will volunteer their best bodyguards to protect and defend him.
Paul's picking of Spain over the Germans must have had the same psychological effect it had over the English and Argentinians....perhaps to a lesser degree.
But enough damage was done to their mentality as the world saw a different Germany that turned up. Coach Lowe noticed it too and confirmed it in his post match interview.
Mani the parakeet ( from Singapore's Serangoon Road )
After his mistake in picking Uruguay over Holland, his earlier pick on Spain beating Germany has now helped him regain his status and reputation.
Mani together with Octopus Paul has been sensational in their tips and both have made this World Cup much more exciting to watch and follow.
There are only 2 games left and if they pick both outcomes correctly...they will be living legends!
And probably star tourist attractions too!