Friday, December 17, 2010

How Time Flies! The 4 Ds in 1977...

How time flies! These pictures of 1977 ( 33 years ago ) showed us as a young family when Singapore was still struggling to make itself known to the world.
D2 and Unk Dicko were then happy parents of 2 daughters, aged 6 and 1+. Wifey D2 had resigned from her job a few years earlier to devote herself fully to the childrens' upbringing. It was a HUGE decision on both our part that ultimately paid HUGE dividends.
She may have lost 5 solid years in government service. By any kind of reckoning that was a major sacrifice of her working track record.
But our 2 girls and the family as a whole gained a lifetime for that foundational investment in their early years.
We had Yin and Yang running in the family, with much love and laughter and fun during their growing up years.

This was to continue to adulthood.
And we see the same Yin and Yang balance running in their own families and children today.

[ McRitchie Reservoir 1977 ]
The little girl next to me is a niece of my close buddy who captured this pic.
[ Dawn and Dora - 1977 ]
They both love singing very much! I had so much fun playing the guitar and the ukulele to accompany their
singing. Mummy joined in too.
Ps: Unk Dicko will be away spreading the joy of Christmas, music and fun with his faithful Ukulele.
Until then, CHEERS!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unk Dicko meets Marilyn M at Universal Studios

In my travels either alone or with my wife or daughter and friends, I have visited some of the very best theme park studios in America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. Almost all the parks seemed to be very crowded, no matter which day or time I visited them. Some are really huge when compared to Singapore's Universal Studios at Resorts World in Sentosa. Because of their size, they have many times more attractions, rides and shows than ours. This is not to say ours is no, Unk Dicko can confirm that the standard and quality is there. No doubt about that. But the time taken up waiting for your turn in the LONG, LONG queue is quite unbearable...some as long as 45 minutes to an hour just for a ride that is over in 2-3 minutes !

D2 and I brought our grandkids and their keeper there last Friday ( 10 Dec 2010 ). Our tickets were bought during the initial official LAUNCH of Universal Studios many months ago. We wanted to see for ourselves just how it really is and to give a holiday treat to the kids. Going to such a place requires some advance planning when kids are involved.
You need to check out the kind of rides they can or cannot do dependent on age or height.
To save some valuable time, you need to obtain a resort map, preferably with all the latest details of showtimes, performances and routes to the the various rides.
Study it, mark out your own preferences allowing time for meals ( it's a nightmare inside ! ).
That way, you'll suffer less heartache.

The main problem as I saw it is the sheer volume of the crowd and the limited attractions for the rides. It was most unbalanced resulting in a "Hobson's choice" kind of scenario.
You arrived at a popular ride station. The queue looks like a coiled-up snake. The notice says "Waiting time is about 50 minutes " ( The time can change ). What do you do? If you join in, you'll be stuck for close to 1 solid hour with nothing to do...STANDING UP all the time, moving at a snail's pace forward. Imagine the little kids with you!
If you give it a miss, well you might not get the chance again to try that least for that day.
Thousands of us were faced with Hobson's choice, several times that day. ( No Choice ! )

I am allergic to long queues. So went to explore 5th Avenue to see who I would meet. Suddenly from out of a building, a lady stepped forward..she's blonde. I remember her from a long time ago.
I approached her and said, " Hi there. I seem to know you. Your name must be Marilyn right? "
" Certainly, I'm Marilyn "...she said. We shook hands and someone captured this scene for me.

When we arrived at the entrance, we saw many people still hoping to get tickets to go in.
Tickets were all sold out. They had a quota for maximum capacity daily.

Children love this "no need to queue " performance. The characters are from the popular movie Madagascar.

Hobson's Choice taking place, very few smiling faces as everyone seemed resigned to their fate.

Another of the "no need to queue" show...Water World.
But this is one show you must not miss. It's spectacular with superb effects, dare-devil stunts and lots of explosions and fireworks.

Just look at the size of the crowd in this one place. Imagine how many visitors are inside daily.

The Ancient Egypt section

Watching the world go by at 5th Avenue, Broadway.

There are not many rides that little kids can do..but this Caroussel is perfect for them.
With our Madagascar friends.

These were some Indian tourists who befriended the little ones.
There were more tourists than S'poreans that day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

More info on DTE Murder latest arrests.

Straits Times online news

Dec 10, 2010
Youths brought to court
By Elena Chong

[ Photo: Straits Times online news ]

Puay De Feng (left), 20, and Stilwell Ong Keat Pin, 19, were brought to court on Friday over the Downtown East murder of a polytechnic student Darren Ng Wei Jie. -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

TWO more youths were brought to court on Friday over the Downtown East murder of a polytechnic student, bringing the number of people charged to 11.
Stilwell Ong Keat Pin, 19, and Puay De Feng, 20, were each accused of being part of an unlawful assembly, one or more of whom caused the death of Darren Ng Wei Jie, 19, at the main foyer of Downtown east at Pasir Ris Close on Oct 30.
Darren died in hospital hours after the apparent gang-related attack, during which he was hacked with choppers.

Ong, represented by Mr Sunil Sudheesan, was arrested in Johor Baru with the help of the Royal Malaysian Police Force while Puay was nabbed here on Wednesday.
Both were remanded for a week for investigation.
If convicted, they face the mandatory death penalty.

Unk Dicko's Comment:
Almost all those who joined gangs have admitted to having feelings of inadequacy or powerlessness mixed with low self-esteem....that was felt BEFORE they joined. Usually their story takes on a dramatic turn AFTER they had been actively involved in gang activities...especially for those who had BULLIED, INTIMIDATED, HARASSED, THREATENED AND ASSAULTED others. If they had been involved in a gang clash's like a feather in their cap, a 'badge of honour' of they were all led to believe.

If they dared to carry and conceal a deadly weapon like a parang, a chopper or such...they were praised for being 'brave'...that is if they remain uncaught.
All these ideas have been tossed around between gang members and foolishly accepted as gospel truth or 'fait accompli'...without questions in typical gang culture.

Youths in gangs should use their brains and ask themselves some questions such as:-

1. How can we call ourselves "brave" when we have 25 people all armed attacking 3 persons
armed or unarmed ?
The most appropriate word in such a case? No, not brave but COWARDS !

2. AFTER we attack or ambush our rivals, surely the SSB, CID, POLICE, GOVT and even good citizens will want to identify us and arrest us. HOW can we avoid this? How can we feel powerful when after such an attack we run and hide like rats? How can we ever enjoy our life and FREEDOM again after such an attack?
Over to 'so-called' gang headman. You will be held responsible whether you like it or not as these 'hot air balloons' are under your orders.

3. If there is no way to avoid being tracked and arrested and face potential Death Penalty or a long prison term, plus CANING...then WHY are we still going to do this ???
Better ask your gang leader or Headman first to answer before you continue.
Did your gang leader or Headman inform your parents of the planned attack?
Asking yourself such simple questions may save you from a hanging in future.
It may be a little too late for all those involved in the DTE killing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Slashing case in Yishun..3 nabbed.

Man slashed in Yishun, three suspects arrested
By Patwant Singh Posted: 09 December 2010 0027 hrs

[ Photo: ]
A 23-year-old man was slashed at Yishun Ring Road on Wednesday evening.
Police said three suspects - aged 13, 15 and 18 - have been arrested in connection with the incident.
The incident occurred at the void deck of Block 362, Yishun Ring Road.
Police said the slashing resulted when the victim accused the suspects of allegedly stealing his mobile phone.
The victim was apparently attacked by two youths who, according to witnesses, were on a motorcycle.
The victim fled the scene, leaving a trail of blood along the way till the nearby Block 343 at Yishun Ave 11.

There, he sought help from a resident on the second floor.
Goh Gerard Kelvin said: "So he came up all the way here...I controlled his blood pressure...I (asked him what happened), and he said 'somebody chopped my hand'."
Other residents said the victim was not alone.

Iskandar Zulqarnain said: "When I come down, I saw a lot of teenagers and one guy (was covered with) blood. I was shocked."
Police said they received a call about the incident at 5.50pm.
The victim had injuries to his head and arms, and was taken to the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.
The case has been classified under Section 324 of the Penal Code, that is voluntarily causing hurt by a dangerous weapon or means.

- CNA/ms/fa

Unk Dicko's Comments:
Another slashing with deadly weapons case. It can happen anywhere at any time so long as you have such 'macho-bravo hot air balloons' usually with gang links, out to cause trouble. There are still many of such out there, with little education ( not that education was not available to them..they prefer to be educated on the streets), no proper family or parental control, no motivation, low self-esteem etc.. .

DTE Killing...latest,2 more caught. Total 11.

Two more youths to be charged with Downtown East murder
Posted: 09 December 2010 2056 hrs


Police have arrested two more youths in connection with the Downtown East murder.
One of the suspects, a 19-year-old, was arrested with the assistance of the Malaysian police in Johore Bahru.
A warrant of arrest was issued in Malaysia and he was brought back to Singapore on Wednesday. The other suspect, a 20-year-old, was arrested in Singapore on the same day.
Both will be charged with murder in court on Friday.
If found guilty, they will face the death penalty.

So far, the police have rounded up a total of 11 youths for the murder of 19-year-old Darren Ng.
He was killed during a gang fight at the entertainment complex on October 30.
- CNA /ls

Unk Dicko's Comments:
The relentless hunt for the remaining suspected killers have resulted in another 2 more being arrested. With the number now totalling 11 who may have been directly involved and responsible for the the brutal killing of Darren Ng and all facing the DEATH PENALTY if found guilty...this case has overtaken the infamous "GOLD BAR TRIPLE MURDER CASE" of December 1971.

In that unforgettable crime, 10 persons were charged with Murder of 3 gold merchants that took place in Chepstow Close, Serangoon Gardens. When the case ended all were found jointly guilty of murder whether they did or did not deliver the killing they had carefully planned the brutal killing for profit. After final appeals were heard, 7 of the killers age 18 and above were sentenced to death. They were hanged on the same day !
2 of the killers were below 18 at time of offence and were detained in prison under President's pleasure. The main prosecution witness for the state was Augustine Ang, also found guilty but in a kind of plea bargain, was not hanged.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

IS IT WORTH IT ??? Think Hard and Carefully !

Gang chief jailed 42 months, caned 18 strokes
By Shaffiq Alkhatib

Posted: 02 December 2010 1715 hrs

The headman of a secret society was sentenced to 42 months' jail and given 18 strokes of the cane for offences including being part of an unlawful assembly that attacked a 16-year-old boy.
Twenty-eight-year-old Mohammed Hussein Mohammed Kassim and five other men attacked Rashvin Ravindran with a knife at a playground near Block 511, Jurong West Street 51 at around 4.20pm on 14 August.

Hussein, who is the headman of the 18 Sio Ghi Ho secret society, directed the assault.
The fight broke out after a member of his group accused Rashvin of calling his friend a "dog".
They then attacked the boy before he even had the chance to answer.
As a result, Rashvin suffered injuries to his neck and head, and was sent to hospital for treatment.
Just about two hours before the assault, Hussein and at least 13 of his associates were at Jurong West Street 52 waiting to ambush another group of men.
Members of Hussein's group were armed with knives and a knuckle duster.

The headman had personally planned the attack to take place at a street soccer court.
However, he aborted it as he found that there were too many passers-by in the area.
The 13 youths, aged between 14 and 21, were charged with the crime.
Three of them have already been dealt with in court.
A 14-year-old boy was sent to the Singapore Boys' Home for rehabilitation while his 15-year-old accomplice was put on probation.
They cannot be named due to their age.

Another member of the group, 20-year-old Maria Dass Pandi Rasan, was sentenced to 24 months' jail and given six strokes of the cane.
Besides these, Hussein was also caught with a sickle and a flick knife in his flat at around 12.15pm on 16 August.
Police seized the weapons after officers raided his home at Block 118, Corporation Drive, in Taman Jurong that day.

The plump, heavily inked Hussein - who sports several tattoos on his face - was seen smiling to his family members in the gallery as the authorities led him away.
For the rioting charge, he could have been jailed up to ten years on top of the caning.
- CNA/ir

Unk Dicko's Comments:
More and more of these "secret societies " gangs have opened their doors to non-Chinese to boost their strength in numbers and to counter what the 369 group have been doing for over 2 decades. I have put the term " secret societies" in quotation marks because unlike half a century ago, today's samseng gangs are not that secretive any more. They do try to make some attempts to hide their links from the police and our authorities. But do so only superficially. Many openly tattoo themselves with their gang insignia or gang emblems in the hope of frightening ordinary people. Even skinny looking weakling kids tattoo themselves, dye their hair in weird colours, keep unkempt or spiky hair and add all sorts of stuff in the hope of looking more macho-bravo..the more sinister the better.
In actual fact, many of these samseng kias are openly declaring themselves "fair game" for their ss enemies and the police.

The situation in and outside the school is somewhat similar.
The teenage gang member in school DOES NOT SHY AWAY FROM STATING HIS SECRET SOCIETY to others they want to intimidate, harass or confront.
All the gangs operating inside a school, if they are on opposing sides, want to outdo one another.
These "hot air balloons' are simply that ...full of hot air led by so called leaders such as the so-called "headman" in above report.
From his actions as described in the can see what a mess he has made of his life for himself, his family and those whom he has led astray ( total of 13 charged ).

This was pretty much the same kind of rubbish leadership that I encountered during my years of dealing with them. It was actually no leadership at all. I prefer to use the term "conmanship".The young, impressionable kids lured into such gangs were all basically older adults into thinking they are joining not just a gang but "an army" of thousands of fellow gang members., with numerous branches NSEW, all on call at a moment's notice. They fall for this big brotherhood thing.

Many of my charges learnt the hard way that when they were really in help came.They were abandoned and left to fend for themselves for creating their own mess.

Some parents have asked me this question seriously: " if my son or daughter is already in a gang,how can he/she come out completely, without his life being in danger?"
As a matter of fact, during my appearance on CNA BLOG TV reently, the "Flying Dutchman" who was hosting the programme on Gangs and youth violence, had asked the very same question...with differing answers from the others on the panel. No one there actually had the kind of experience Unk Dicko had...of securing a gang member's unmolested, free release from his own S S gang without any payment or retribution by gang members.
Many parents have also asked me this, " how can we tell if our son/daughter is in a gang?"
Anyone out there interested in the ANSWERS ?

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Minstrels Public Performance at Zoo...part 2.

This is a continuation of the previous blogpost on our Public Performance at the Singapore zoo on Sunday 28 November 2010 in celebration of Grandparents Day. The venue of this performance was at the Event stage set up at the fringe of the lakeside. Free seating was available around the stage area while many others simply watched from where they stood all around.
My Minstrels and I were the only "Live'' music entertainers for that day. We had 2 performing slots from 10.15 - 10.30 am and again from 12.45 - that were scheduled. However we had much more time than that especially in the 2nd segment where we heard the announcement inviting us onto the stage again at about 12-25 pm.
Fortunately, I was well-prepared for any such requests for extended performance.
And later, we invited families to come along and sing with us on the stage. Prizes were given to these families for their spirit of participation.

[ The 1st poster I crafted to attract interested members ]

This was a few months ago when I held my very 1st Sing-a-long session at the Serangoon.
We had 2 ukulele players present..R Chee and myself to provide the music. As the weeks went by, 1 more ukulele was added( Chong ) and better still 2 guitar players joined in Edmond Tan and Steven Goh. The others took care of the percussion instruments.
Almost all the songs were prepared by me in 2 thick songfiles. I am now preparing the 3rd File.
They cover music from everywhere and every type. Quite a number of the songs I had chosen to perform in public are actually "new" to my Minstrels. Yet, in only a short while, I was able to teach them the songs and how to play and sing them properly.
Truly, Unk Dicko is very proud of his fellow Minstrels most of whom had no music background at all.

[ The stage at the Performing venue - zoo]
Many of the visitors came in organised groups from different parts of Singapore. The photo above show many of the audience leaving the stage area after we had ended our 1st performance segment. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves singing or clapping along as we belted out old time favourites.

[ Alice and Nancy taking a break after 1st performance ]

[ Chong, Richard and Unk Dicko doin the same..relaxing ]

[ Our 2nd performance - Unk Dicko and Chong ]

[ R Chee - looking very focus and serious in his role! ]

[ Our back-up Minstrels doing a great job ! ]

[ The Minstrels wowing the crowd ]

[ Families gathered round to sing on stage with us ]
[ The Minstrels with C3A CEO - Henry Quake ]
Mr Henry Quake, the CEO of Council of Third Age was personally present to lend support to the event. He thanked me profusely for agreeing to do this gig with my Minstrels as it helped to enliven the occasion...and made it all the more memorable.
Believe it or not, all the 6 Minstrels featured here are also GRANDPARENTS themselves!
Grandparents Day..indeed!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Matthew & the Mandarins, Edmond & Unk Dicko entertaining..

A few nights ago, my wifey and I were invited to a private function to honour our Kampong Serangoon 2010 National Day Awards PBM recipients. The event was held at the Ballroom of Sg Gardens Country Club. The 2 PBM winners John Leow and HS Chew hosted the function. Many of the key GRLs were in attendance and included Minister Lim Hwee Hua who is MP of the area and her hubby too.

[ Photo source: Unk Dicko - Matthew & the Mandarins ]

The main entertainment for the evening came from Matthew and The Mandarins...a group that does not require any introduction. There's no other group like Matthew and his members who have been synonymous with Country and Western music for over 4 decades. They command top draw wherever they perform.
And so it wasn't surprising that they were engaged for this function.
One thing I noticed about this group is they always appear very relaxed and unfazed on stage. That comes with being together for a very long time and knowing their music and songs inside out. It helps if you have the legend himself as the leader and catalyst...Matthew Tan ! He is ever so easy-going when he sings, strum and perform. Truly a gifted country star.
[ Singapore cowboy and his group still wowing everyone ]

[Edmond and Unk Dicko providing accompaniment]
After the Mandarins had provided the soothing sounds for close to an hour, they took that much
needed break. It was the turn for Edmond Tan and Unk Dicko to keep the celebrations going with a guitar and ukulele duet.
We started off with a rousing number...Corinna, Corinna.
Then a rather unfamiliar number to many...Enjoy Yourself, It's later than you Think!
That was followed by Mac Davis...Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble which got everyone going.
I managed to "con" the 2 PBM awardees to come on stage to do a song together.
They leafed through the file and chose...Let It Be by the BeeGees. We provided the accompaniment with me on ukulele.
Edmond and I rounded it off with that old time favourite...DIANA.
Soon as we came off the stage, Matthew shook my hands and added, " Great sounds! "
I thanked him warmly. Coming from Singapore Cowboy is more than just a compliment.

[ The 2 PBM winners with Edmond and Unk Dicko ]

[Edmond Tan and Unk Dicko entertained at event]
[ in a guitar and ukulele duet ]
[With the legend himself..Matthew Tan ( Mandarins]

[ Edmond, Matthew Tan (Mandarins), Daisie, Unk Dicko ]

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Ukulele Performance for VIPs

The Council for Third Age sent me a CD recently.It has pictures of our Ukulele performance before our distinguished guests headed by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.
Our performance was featured in the evening's Prime Time News and I managed to capture a few screen shots with my digital camera.
The picture below is from my cameara.
The rest of these photos were sent to me by the C3A ( Thank You C3A dear darlings! ).

[Photo: From my TV screen, Mediacorps primetime news]

Soon after our introduction, and just before we began our first song item.
I engaged our VIPs and guests giving a brief background of our selections and setting the "mood" in readiness.

Darren was a surprise. He was steady and quite relaxed considering this was only the 2nd time that he had appeared on the large stage with me for a public performance. The 1st time was last year at the launch of the Active Ageing Carnival at Suntec City. During my ukulele performance with R Chee a friend of mine, I saw Darren and his parents among the crowd and invited him on stage. I had extra ukuleles and giving him one asked if he would like to join us impromptu. He was game and daring enough to accept despite not knowing what songs we were doing. But I had taught him a little more than the other kids I've coached as he showed a keener interest back then.
Click Here to read about that including some pictures of Darren and us at that event at Suntec City in 2009.

Someone asked me there, " How long have you been playing the Ukulele? "
When I said, " I started a long time ago...before Singapore became fully independent in 1965 ..",
the response was , "Wow! before I was even born !"
Well, Darren if he keeps playing would be a step ahead of me. He started when I taught him and his schoolmates in Primary 5 ( 10 years old then).
He was also a member of the scout troop to whom I've specially taught long-forgotten scout and campfire songs as mentioned in my previous post.
I went out of my way to do this voluntarily for a couple of years as that's simply the best way to impart heritage, knowledge, history about the legacy of the past to young and eager minds.
So, Darren is not the only beneficiary. There are many others including their most appreciative parents.

For this performance, Darren was using his simple Mahalo soprano Ukulele.
I had just bought my latest Ukulele...a handmade Maestro Concert Ukulele ( UC 20) made entirely from solid Mahogany wood. The listed price is $ 399 at City Music at Peace Centre.
Unk Dicko got a discount as a card member of Maestro Ukulele Singapore.
The sound quality from this particular ukulele is superb with a rich and well-balanced tone. It comes with superior Aquila Nylgut Strings..model 14.
It is excellent for playing songs or tunes that require a little more plucking mixed with intricate some of the 'keroncong' type melodies or even some advanced Christmas numbers.
I'm very happy with my buy. I expect the tone to be even better in a few short years.
Listeners told me they simply "love" the sounds of this ukulele.
"Would you like to have it?" I asked someone.
His classic reply, " I prefer to have your fingers ! "

This was where we were seated at during Lunch..Table 4.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unk Dicko Entertaining SM Goh and MPs..part 2.

When we arrived at the Qian Xi Restaurant at Tanjong Pagar Complex amidst a very tight security cordon, we were met by the organisers who showed us to our seats at Table 4. Both 13 year old Darren Goh and I were special invited guests. We had our names pasted on the tables. SM Goh was at Table 1, the VIP table nearby us with some of the other MPs of his GRC.
Lunch was a yummy Chinese style dishes served by individual tables. I observed that most of the other performers in the 2 hour plus programme were there just as performers. They were not involved in the lunch. So, I must thank the organisers for being invited as guests for Lunch too!

[ All photos from Unk Dicko's Archives ]
Just after 1 pm or so, when most of the items were over and people had a full stomach, the emcee announced, " And now we have for you something special.... a guitar performance by Mr Dick Yip who was the Active Ager and Infocomm Champion Award Winner of 2008.! "
Darren and I walked to centre stage and as we adjusted the mic and music stand, I introduced ourselves properly to SM Goh Chok Tong, his fellow MPs and all guests.
The 1st thing I did was to quickly correct the mistake by the emcee...who said " guitar performance". Just goes to show that he the emcee ( a veteran ) does not know the difference between the 2 instruments...sigh!
Soon as we were about set and ready, I spoke directly to our honourable SM Goh saying,
" I have picked a selection of songs of which a few are campfire songs of long ago...maybe at least 50 odd years ago. I can guarantee that most of you present will hear it for the first time today. Hopefully, some of the songs we are playing and singing will rekindle some sweet scouting memories for SM who was also a scout. By the way sir, Darren is a scout and I have been scout and scoutmaster for a long time. Sit back and relax and do join in to sing or clap along. "
Keeping to my promise...the first number we did was a very old campfire song called
" Ah Chong Sok". As expected that song got everyone's attention immediately. The rather noisy din of moments ago made by the 800 strong crowd was now replaced by a very strange atmosphere...only our ukulele and singing!
Everyone was listening ! Unbelievable.
When we ended, I asked SM Goh if he could remember or recall that song. He smiled and shook his head. See what I meant...that song has not been sung for over 5 decades! Very few today know that song even exists.

"Would you like to hear it again?" I asked. And the response was "yes".
So we played it again. And more could catch the lyrics this time. Many left their tables to go closer to the stage with their cameras, video cams and Tv crew was there too to film. This did not happen for all the earlier items...!
In case you the readers want the lyrics, here they are:
Ah Chong Sok
Ah Chong Sok is a cut-throat hawker,
Chee cheong fun hey chee cheong fun
He says his goods are not very costly
Chee cheong fun heh chee cheong fun
He marries a wife who's a sor lo kwai
Whose father's name is Tai Tow Kwai
And they all live together in Yap Poon Kai
Chee cheong fun heh chee cheong fun.

That song went down very well with the crowd.

Our 2nd number was that one time popular " Down By The Sea"..a campfire round, again almost half a century ago. I have been invited to many campfires over the last 40 odd years and in not a single one had I heard this song being sung. The scouts have "lost" it completely over the years.

Our 3rd song was that old funny song, "The 2nd Storey Window".
We played it in a rather more catchy, upbeat manner.
That got many people tickled by the lyrics.

To show we were capable of playing and singing different kinds of music, I included a calypso
number...that eternal evergreen "Yellowbird".
That got many people singing, humming, tapping including the VIP table! Well done Table 1!
For ukulele players, try to master the calypso strumming patterns ( there are a few ). It would add variety to your normal strumming style.
Our 5th song was a definite HIT ! I can judge by the way the crowd looked and reacted.
What was the song? No not the modern techno songs...none of that!
It was a beautiful, very traditional old English sea shanty...." Drunken Sailor".
My version..well is my version, with some foot stomping on the wooden floorboard of the stage.
The combined effect of the ukulele, our singing in "cockney" and feet stomping made this a top draw. Many were clapping away.

After that first 5 songs, I announced that we'd be doing our final 2 songs as a medley.
And that... these 2 songs have all the more special meaning and significance as we were right there that day....Gelang Si Paku Gelang and Di Tanjong Katong.

As both these songs have been incorporated into our Sing Singapore segments over the years, many of those present could sing along with us.
The VIP table were now singing away merrily to the sweet sounds coming from our 2 ukuleles!
I thanked one and all for listening to us and they applauded warmly and heartily. I think they all knew it was something very unusual they had witnessed that day.
For Darren my young ukulele student beside me, it would be a day he would treasure for a lifetime.

Table 4 - had 2 special guests, Unk Dicko and Darren Goh

SM Goh and his fellow MPs singing one last song

Unk Dicko was privileged to have helped Marine Parade GRC and 800 seniors make Grandparents Day celebrations an especially enjoyable and memorable one.
Thanks also to C3A whom I've always had a close association with.