Monday, February 28, 2011

Orangutan and the Hound

Orangutan and the Hound

I received this clip today from a close friend. It's such an incredible love of sharing and bonding between a stray hound dog and an orangutan.
It must be shared here.

How we poor humans can learn so much from just these 2 animals !

Click on the red link above and watch.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Shaw Theatre at Nex experience.

On Tuesday 15 February 2011 unk Dicko was invited to the private and exclusive pre-opening sampling of what the latest in cinematic luxury.. theatres can offer. It comes as no surprise that Shaw Theatres Pte Ltd, a household name for enjoying movies, has taken things to a higher level.

The invitation I had received came with a request...that I would hopefully blog about the experience of watching a movie at the Shaw Theatre Premier Hall which seats only 48 patrons plus 2 handicapped seats. They have 2 such luxury halls named simply Premier Hall 1 and Hall 2...both similar in structure.

This is my response to that request from which invited me.

That night, my wifey D2 came along for the experience. Nex at Serangoon is conveniently situated right where Serangoon MRT station is. So, we decided to park our car and take the MRT down. The trains were as usual fully packed around 6.35 pm. This was my first ever visit to Nex. D2 had been there before and reminded me not to drive there if possible as parking lots are very limited. We had hoped to have some dinner within the gigantic new mall. But the crowds here were just like those at Vivo City.
Many eating places were packed.

There is a certain hugeness about this mall and the escalators are strung further apart...making sure you have to navigate and walk pass all the shops. Maybe it's intentional huh !
We decided to skip dinner and headed straight for the Theatre on Level 4. There, Alvin from OMY met me and handed me 2 premium tickets. There were some other invitees too...mostly fellow bloggers much, much younger than Unk Dicko.

We presented our tickets and were led into the exclusive Lounge where Premium patrons can have their wine, drinks and dine in comfort before a show. The set up is sleek and really classy with a bevy of smart-looking uniformed staff waiting to serve you well. I had my camera with me and asked if I could snap some pictures. " Certainly sir", one staff said. They were all polite to a perfect "T".

The Premier Lounge is the place where you could have some pre-screening drinks or meals, have a chat or just prepare for the movie. It is not open to patrons of the other halls. There is a substantial Food and Beverage list and comes with some discounts for patrons. D2 and I decided to head straight in to check out the interior of the Premier Hall.
As soon as we stepped inside and looked around, the first thing that impressed is the spaciousness...lots of space between each row and aisle, unlike the usual cinemas. No wonder, it will accomodate only about 50 people in all.

There is plenty of legroom for everyone. The super deluxe seats are made of the softest leather which adds to the comfort. Each pair of seat comes with a small oval mini table on which a F and B menu list is placed. A tiny table-lamp is attached for your convenience of reading in the dark.

This is Shaw's news release which I got when doing some checks.

[ Above: The interior of Premier Hall and the yummy F and B list food ]

The seats come with full adjustable reclining button. Press the button fully and it almost becomes a bed. A high quality blanket is provided for each seat. It is a sheer class act I must say.
Many cinemas are too cold for comfort and patrons without a jacket suffer.
New, fresh blankets will be used for each showtime.
What's our verdict about the seats?
Absolutely worth the money for the ticket price.
It's taking luxury to another level.

These are our 2 ticket foils. They are actually silver in background.

We were there for the new movie Rabbit Hole starring Nicole Kidman.

At the entrance of the Premier Lounge.

The bar of the Lounge.

We decided to try out their Lounge menu. Even though it was dark, the service was still excellent with the waiters even kneeling down on one knee to attend to your needs.
The food?
No complaints....very well done !

The movie we watched was not one we would normally have gone to. It is not "my kind" of movie and is the same for my wifey.
But it was an enjoyable and memorable outing for us. We had never eaten a meal like we did in a cinema before.
So, that was a 1st !
And we won't forget in a long while yet.
All in all, this was a memorable experience for me and D2.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Must listen..Hokkien local food song !

All food lovers whether from Singapore, Malaysia or even Indonesia will love this video-clip.
It is almost like a running commentary of all the top local hawker food we have come to love.
And singing it in Hokkien dialect somehow makes it seems tastier !
Don't believe me?
Play the video, watch and listen.
Me...I'm going for my 'prata' or 'char kway teow' break right now !