Saturday, October 30, 2010

TYPHOON at Serangoon North...part 3.

Here are 3 photos among the hundreds taken by members of the Serangoon North
Business Community. Those photos and more have been uploaded onto the "Us at Serangoon"
Link page on Facebook.
Those interested can check them out.

Several vehicles were damaged

This car did not escape the Typhoon's power

Police, CC, RCs,Town Council and other agencies
were present to help the community

TYPHOON at Serangoon North ...part 2.

Early this morning, while my grandkids were all sound asleep, I drove to all the various locations that were affected by the Typhoon. The time was 1.30 am when we arrived at Serangoon North Avenue I neighbourhood. We walked around to survey the damage. There were still residents, here and there, doing the same. Some had cameras with them, same as I did too. We spoke to a couple of them. All expressed the same thing...they had never before experienced such a ferocious typhoon in all their years here in Singapore.

So, it definitely should not be downplayed as something akin to a normal, everyday occurence.
That would be a mistake and perhaps even foolhardy for the future to assume so.
Readers would recall the most tragic case of that young man crushed by a fallen tree while he was driving along Yio Chu Kang road during a rainstorm, recently. And that storm was mild compared to what occured yesterday at Sg North.
It truly was only good fortune that no one was seriously hurt while trees and branches were toppling all over.
Much was done to clear the debris obstructing traffic.
Much more is needed to be done even today from our assessment.

D2 beside a tree that was split in half!
Sg North Village - 1.35am, 30 Oct 2010

D2 and I surveying the damage at Sg North

At Blk 127, Sg North many trees were affected.

We met other residents of the area between 1.30 -2.00 am

Most of the trees and branches were still around.

It was widespread in some locations

These were healthy looking trees before
The destruction was a sight to behold for unbelieving eyes

Unk Dicko checking a solid tree branch

Blk 151, Sg North was badly hit by falling tree branches

Several vehicles were badly damaged here, Blk 151.
Near Blk 151 was one of the most affected areas

TYPHOON at Serangoon North Village !

It was truly unexpected. It came quite suddenly to the tranquil township of Serangoon North Village, Yio Chu Kang Road, Poh Huat Road and other nearby areas.
It was around 5.30 pm yesterday, Friday 29 October 2010 when a very heavy rainstorm swept through these areas, accompanied by typhoon force winds which wreaked destruction on a scale never seen before in this kampong.

Huge branches from sturdy trees broke off and fell like nine pins. Some trees also toppled. Around my home, we witnessed swirlings winds that shook everything outside. We were fortunate, the trees and other plants near us swayed from side to side but did not break. It was a completely different story especially at Sg North Village. Many blocks were affected. Worst hit was probably Blk 151 where a row of vehicles was badly damaged by the huge tree branches felling right over them.
Along Poh Huat Road and Yio Chu Kang Road the scene was similar...the road was blocked by many fallen branches, causing chaos to traffic flow.
The residents of Sg North Village led by many of the GRLs ( Grassroot Leaders ) sprang into action as soon as the storm abated. They had help from the Town Council, Sg CC, the Police and other Govt agencies.

All chipped in to help clear the huge mass of fallen trees and branches which caused widespread
obstruction in quite a big area over there.
It was truly excellent 'gotong-royong' teamwork and community spirit that got the problem cleared up rather quickly...allowing traffic to resume.
Looking back, it was fortunate that no one was hurt or injured in this freak typhoon burst.
[ Below is the breaking news report from AsiaOne online ]

[ Photo: AsiaOne news online ]

[ Photo: ]
Fri, Oct 29, 2010AsiaOne
Fallen trees cause traffic jam, broken roofs in Serangoon North

HEAVY rain and strong winds on Friday afternoon caused several trees at Serangoon North Avenue 1 to snap and break-off, causing traffic disruptions and damage to rooftops.
According to eyewitness accounts on citizen journalism website Stomp, some 15 to 20 trees fell during a bout of gusty winds and showers at around 5pm. The entire stretch of Serangoon North service road was inaccessible for an extended period, with police deployed on site to redirect vehicles. The Straits Times also reported that a public bus no. 147 was hit by a falling branch during the storm, with a female passenger taken to hospital.
Photographs sent in by readers to Stomp also showed a van in a public carpark hit by a fallen
tree and broken tiles of a housing block walkway.

[ Photo: AsiaOne news online ]

[ Photo: AsiaOne news online ]

[ Photo: AsiaOne news online ]

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Legend of Octopus Paul has sadly ended...!

It was sometime last night, after I had returned home from a super-yummy dinner at a local Thai restaurant that I saw the online news about the death of this celebrated octopus. Initially, I was hoping that the news could be wrong. But in this age of the internet, at just the click of a finger, my worst fears were confirmed when I checked online reports...there were thousands all over the globe, and many were headline news too!

Below is a credible source in full from the LOCAL English online news of Germany itself.
That's the adopted home of the late sotong Paul.
This year's World Cup would have been just like any past Football W Cup had it not been for the high intensity drama provided by of all things, not a person, but an ordinary octopus living in an aquarium.
Unk Dicko had watched all the previous W Cups since the 60's but nothing was as gripping as the video images of Octopus Paul slowly and delberately keeping the whole world audience on tenterhooks, as he swam to one and then to the other of the boxes, before prying it open to take the mussel within. And in that instant, for the followers of the unopened box, millions of hearts literally SANK...while the same millions of fans of the other opened box screamed and screamed! If Paul was there they would have kissed him to death!
Such was the confidence of those who had been following his Perfect Predictions. Had punters and gamblers simply closed their eyes and placed bets following Paul's unbelieving TIPS, they would have won a small or big fortune.
But I know how humans behave and think. They think they are not only superior in genes and DNA compared to humble octopus but their "rational minds" tell them they should not, cannot trust or depend on, of all things octopus.
Well, those that bet huge sums against Paul's clear message ended up the Biggest losers.
And there were many! I've checked some reports including a patriotic German chap who lost more than a million pounds..when he went against the TIP offered so juicily by Paul.
Unk Dicko followed all the drama at close quarters and had several blogs about Paul's outstanding service and record.
I did not go against such a phenomenon...even if my equally rational mind did not understand neither comprehend how it works.
There are things in this world of ours that we cannot fully comprehend nor understand.
We just go by the facts and accept the status as "fait accompli".
No investigation or study is needed.
Just accept.
And I did not get my fingers burnt as I placed some bets here and there.
My family and others will always remember that the fantastic durians we enjoyed during the W Cup period were all contributed by Paul's revealations!
R. I. P dear sotong friend.
Un Dicko is hoping he has left behind some next of kin to continue his amazing talent...for 2014 W Cup.

Paul the octopus oracle found dead
Published: 26 Oct 10 13:02 CETOnline:

Paul the octopus has picked his last winner.
The eight-legged German oracle who gained worldwide fame by consistently predicting the victors of the 2010 World Cup football matches has died, aquarium officials announced Tuesday. Paul the octopus picks England to host 2018 World Cup - Sport (20 Aug 10)
Paul the octopus gets suspicious citizenship offer from Spain - Society (13 Jul 10)
Paul the prophetic octopus retires with perfect record - Society (12 Jul 10)

Paul was found dead in his tank Tuesday morning by “devastated” staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium, a statement read. He died peacefully overnight, the statement added.He was two years and 10 months old.“Paul predicted his way into the hearts of audiences during the football World Cup 2010 and earned world fame as an octopus oracle,” the aquarium statement read.

Quick to head off any suspicions of foul play or neglect, general manager Stefan Porwoll, said: “He died peacefully in the night of a natural death. It is a comforting thought that he had a good life with us, with the best possible care by a dedicated team."


Porwoll added: “Paul inspired people on all continents, as he correctly predicted, one after another, seven matches for the German national team as well as the final. He was dear to all our hearts and we will miss him painfully.
Paul’s body is now in a refrigerator and is expected to be cremated in the next few days.The aquarium will now erect a memorial “to honour Paul and on the basis of worldwide interest.”The memorial will show the “most beautiful and moving moments.”
The urn containing Paul’s ashes will be put on display, as will the Perspex boxes in which the national flags of football teams were lowered into Paul’s tank for him to make his famous predictions.

Paul’s correct prediction of eight straight matches had one chance in 256.
After the World Cup 2010, the aquarium was besieged by media and corporate requests for Paul to take a crack at everything from stock price movements to national elections.More ominously, the Spanish town of CarballiƱo asked to borrow Paul for a few days during a major food festival.
The Local/dw

Monday, October 25, 2010

Courage, Intelligent & Decisive Action STOP crimes.

This post is a sequel to the previous one about the child molester we nabbed in the late 70's.
A brief recapitulation:
A child was set upon by a predator who ran off after that. No one knew who the culprit was. Unk Dicko, despite being seriously incapacitated with right leg in a cast and on crutches and resting at home, reacted most speedily and decisively when he got wind of the crime.
After calling my very close RC friends and neighbours to meet me at the ground floor of my block, I briefed them...these citizen vigilantes...and they sprang into action, fanning out in the neighbourhood to hopefully locate and apprehend the culprit.
No policemen were involved in that immediate search attempt for 2 very good reasons:

1) It was only minutes after the crime and the culprit may still not be very far away. He may be overconfident thinking that the victim, being so young and already in a frightened state, could not possibly recall his looks or profile. Thus he might still be lurking around the estate...perhaps even looking for other potential victims.
2) I myself could have called 999....but decided not to. The presence of uniformed policemen would have frightened off the predator and he would have escaped..for CERTAINTY.
And with no evidence, no photo image of the culprit, chances of finding out who he was is like looking for a needle in a haystack., what more catching him.
And herein lies a lesson for all of us applicable even today.
Immediately, or as soon as a crime has been committed such as this, if someone nearby can step forward, uses his initiative, take charge and get others to react speedily and smartly as a team...and yes, do not wait for the 1 or 2 policemen to arrive and ask lots of questions, write them down etc...., you have a higher chance of apprehending the culprit.
Since my fellow RC members and other neighbours were all in ordinary civilian clothes, that did not arouse the suspicions of the predator when they spotted him, quietly moved in and caught hold of him tightly. He was several blocks away. My initial assumption re: the 2 points above , was proved 100% correct.

What happened to the predator we caught?
My RC Com members led by the late Mr TC Lee and Mr H K Chia ( see photo below ) physically escorted the culprit, a youth age about 17+, to his home in a nearby Block.

The late Mr T C Lee - my close friend, neighbour and
RC Com member, T Payoh in the late 70's.

The home of the predator was also a 3 Room flat much like ours. He lived with his parents and other family members. He was unemployed and a school dropout awaiting for NS.
The parents, seeing the party at his front door, asked Mr Lee and the others what the problem was. In a gentle and civilised manner, they advised the parents to sit down while Mr Lee asked the culprit to confess what he had done to his parents. The youth blurted out that he had done something very wrong but with no details.

The late Mr Chia Hung Kee - a dear friend, close neighbour
and RC Com member of T Payoh, late 70's.

The father yelled at the son and asked him to speak up. He did not do so, already embarassed and now quite fearful.
So, the details of his cowardly act were related to the parents and family in his presence. Predator no longer had that tough, samseng look about him fact cowering in a corner.
The father inquired whether the police had been called yet. When told, " not yet, but the victim's family may report". He pleaded with the party for just this one single chance to let his son go and that he will "inflict his own punishment" on his son for bringing GREAT SHAME to his family, his ancestors and even to his RACE. The father was raging mad.
According to the party who related everything to me at my home later ( I did not follow them as it was too tiresome for me on crutches )... they were present when the enraged father caught hold of his samseng son and hammered him with solid chops, punches and kicks. They tried to stop the terrible beating that predator was receiving. But the father pushed him into the bathroom and locked him inside.
Father came out and apologised to the party assuring everyone that he will SHAME his son. And that he wanted them to convey his apologies to the victim's family...but he needed to deal with his son first.
When my friends came to relate what had happened to Predator and mentioned the father's request not to call the police... I did not have to think hard what to do. I knew what HAD to be done. I called the police myself giving them the details of crime committed and the alleged attacker and his address.
WHY did I call the police? WHY not give him a chance and let him off?
The reasons were:
1. I had no clues nor info whether this Predator had committed only this particular crime.
He could have had a string of crimes and offences but was lucky and had not been caught yet.
He could be wanted for other offences and crimes.
2. If he's reported, his particulars will go into files for further action, reference or investigation.
Even if eventually, the family does not want to press charges, Predator and what he had done would be known to the police. His full particulars and other details will remain in files...and if he should re-offend again, these earlier details will help nail him for good.

The police went to Predator's home to interview him and take him away for questioning.
The parents again pleaded with " my party" who were forgive his now not so tough scumbag of a son.
My friends told me on this 2nd visit on the same day...that Predator had been shaved bald by his angry father and looked like a "meatball that had been kicked out of shape". He suffered severely at the hands of his father.
On hearing all this, and I trusted my friends fully, I advised victim's mother and family not to press charges against Predator...thus sparing their family and especially the young victim a great deal of endless wasted time, tooing and froing, questioning and PAIN. I felt a sense of great compassion for Predator's family especially his father. If only fathers today can act in similar ways...our samseng population will drop overnight!
Over those years, Unk Dicko had never seen that Predator again. I would like to believe that no news is good news and he must have kept himself on the straight and narrow.
Much good has come out from all our combined actions in this instance.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Day Unk Dicko nabbed A Child Molester

General Background Information
In early 1972, my family and I moved into our new 3 Room flat in Lorong 1, Toa Payoh Housing estate. Everywhere my wife and I looked we saw new faces, complete strangers but all fellow Singaporeans who were also looking forward to making a new life and building a stable home. In our side of Lorong 1, near Siong Hoe Biscuit factory there were Blocks of flats with numbers 168, 169, 170, 171 -174. Further away were Blocks with numbers 167, 166, decreasing order.
Some of these blocks already had 'void' decks on the ground level. Not all though.
Two Blocks had shops on the ground floor...Blk 168 and 169 including a corner coffee shop.
We had provision shops, barber and hair saloon, radio, Tv, electrical repair shops, doctor, fruits, etc...
In no time at all, as the years passed, the small community grew. From knowing no one to knowing many fellow residents from various blocks and most of the shopkeepers and those in the coffeeshop..whether they were working there, doing a business or just having a drink, I got to know many people and vice-versa...just like living in a kampong of old.
Before too long, the 1st Residents Committee for our area was formed and I was persuaded by then MP, Mr P Selvadurai, to serve as a key member.
This went on for several years and our Committee members were a wonderful bunch of people all out to serve and improve the security, harmony and pleasant living environment of our "kampong". We were a really close-knit group. We had nothing to gain, ZERO privileges being in the RCs but we all knew its importance as an instrument of community-building...and served heartily.

The Actual Incident
This happened on a leisurely Saturday morning in the later 70's.
On that particular morning, a sweet and innocent girl age 7, was making her way back to her unit
after buying a loaf of bread from the shop below my Block. It was only a few floors up to her home as she climbed the staircase. She was alone and unaccompanied. But it wasn't the first time she had helped her family on simple errands like this. Usually it was not a problem, never had been, or else I or my RC would have known about such happenings.
But the events on that day shattered the idyllic peace of mind we had been enjoying for so long.
Unknown to that little girl, lurking in the shadows, a predator was watching her. He was a male.
No one was around when she became the victim of this child molester.

Where was Unk Dicko when this was happening?
I was then recuperating from a major knee operation and was on extended medical, full-paid leave from my work.
I stayed home mostly, after going for physio-therapy treatment at T Payoh Hospital. My entire right leg was wrapped in plaster of paris cast. I had no wheelchair so used a pair of crutches to move around somewhat.
As soon as I became aware of a commotion, soon after the incident happened, within minutes,I took charge immediately, knowing full well that the perpetrator of this dastardly crime could still be in the vicinity of our neighbourhood and MUST be caught! Accurate description of the culprit must be obtained speedily and acted upon even more so.

With calmness and gentleness, I managed to get a good enough, brief description of the culprit and what took place. Approximate age, race, body-build, face, hairstyle, attire, footwear, etc...
I asked the mother to bring the traumatised child home first and look after her well.
Immediately, I contacted my key RC Committee members to meet up with me below my Block at the Radio Repair shop...where I was seated on a rattan chair most kindly provided by the boss
" Ah Hai". He knew I was on crutches and could not stand for too long.
My very close RC friends rushed from their nearby homes without any hesitation and I briefed them very briskly on what had happened. Some of the ground floor neighbours and others also gathered at the point where I sat.
I could see that everyone was most outraged that someone had been stupid enough to want to do such a thing right in the heart of our "kampong".
Not knowing who this predator was, with no photo..nothing, except for the excellent description provided by the young victim through my skillful guidance-questions, I asked this party of citizen vigilantes to fan out and conduct a thorough search in our own neighbourhood first. I asked the late Mr Lee Thieng Chye to take charge and report back to me. I waited at the radio shop.

Apprehended in less than 30 minutes after crime!
We were looking for a youth about 17-18 years old.
Less than 20 minutes later, Mr TC Lee and the others were holding on tightly to a youth who fit
the general description. He was found about 3 blocks away.
When he was brought to me, I looked him all over and knew we had the scumbag...just by his body's quaking and the guilt in his eyes. I can see through all these smokescreens.
He was not tied up or anything like that. Just standing there as I asked him his name, address, NRIC ascertain who he was before asking him that critical first question....
WHY did you DO such a THING on such a young child????
He denied several times that he was the one doing any such thing. Told us we got the wrong guy!
Some of my fellow kampong folks wanted to wallop this screwball. I stopped them.
Unknown to this scumbag, I had arranged for the mother and victim to confirm if he was the one by quietly signalling to me.
Soon as I confirmed we caught the right criminal, he received one tight stop him from further remonstrating and to appease the others who really wanted to kick and punch him, beat him up badly.
He turned out to be a real shock for us. His address showed he lived in a nearby block! I instructed my fellow RC friends to escort him back to his home and inform the family about what he had done...and get back to me.
I did not follow this party who proceeded to his home...and met with predator's parents.
After more than an hour, the party returned to my home and related everything that happened in Predator's house
It was a fearful thing as I listened to what they had witnessed inside!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update & further analysis on The Heartbeat Molester

From various online sources, here are more background info and details of the latest crimes committed by this 'garang' monster.

[ Internet free source image ]

Apparently he was first noticed in 1999. This does not mean that he only started on his predatory spree that very year. It could very well be much earlier. I do not have the statistics for percentage of molest cases reported to the police in Singapore ..versus those who didn't. But in the USA, it is generally accepted that only 1 - 10 % of child molest incidents are reported.
That means the vast majority ( 90% or more ) are never reported.

The reason for this is obvious.
The young victim is traumatised and possibly cannot recall much about the culprit...especially if it is someone who is a complete stranger.
Fear overwhelms the young victims and their memory suffers.
Family members also do not want them to be further questioned by all kinds of law officers.
The fear of great distress, helplessness and embarassment, if they were to report the incident, often outweighs the almost impossible faint hope of catching the culprit.
The most critical factor is the young age of the victims.

What about in Singapore?
If we extrapolate from this scenario and apply it to our case of the Heartbeat may mean that he may not have 20 victims as reported but the number could be more than a hundred easily! Some of his unreported victims may even hold some important clues to tracing his identity. For example, does he not carry a handphone? If he did and if he had used it to film his young victims...and the victims told their parents..some parents will rather just hushed up and not pursue any further.
But if he did , such info given to the police is certainly valuable.

The latest incidents as reported:
1. On 26 August 2010, he molested a 11 year old girl at Punggol.
Time: 2.15 pm

2. On 30 September 2010, he molested another 11 year old girl at Hougang.
Time: 2 pm

3. On 8 October 2010, he molested a 9 year old girl at Anchorvale, Sengkang.
Time: 3 pm

Unk Dicko's Analysis of the Info:

Notice the timespan between attacks. It may be less if there are unreported
cases as can be assumed from statistics. Anyway, that's still conjecture at this stage. Let's look at the hard facts.
August 26 is a Thursday
September 30 is a Thursday
October 8 is a Friday

So two Thursdays and one Friday...all between 2 pm - 3 pm.
Could this mean he is not as free on the other days? Why?
Why is he so free on these 2 days and at those times? Off duty, assuming he's working?
If he's working and has colleagues someone will sooner or later recognise him and put 2 and 2
But if he's working for no one like driving his own cab...that's different.
According to the reports, this monster was featured in Crimewatch programme in 2003 which exposed his M O. He has been lying low for nearly 7 years before resuming his attacks recently.
What happened in that 7 years? Assuming he did not attack anyone, we need to ask WHY?
Fear? For 7 long years? And now very "garang" and brave again?
Maybe he went overseas to work?
If he did it would explain his so-called "lying low" for 7 years.
If that be the case, could he be a ship's crew? The police report says he is "very tanned" and fit -looking.
I think it's an angle worth looking into.

Let's Help Catch This Monster!

Wed, Oct 20, 2010AsiaOne
Serial molester on the loose in Singapore

SINGAPORE - The police are on the hunt for a Chinese male in his thirties related to a series of outrage of modesty cases, with cases linked as far back as 1999.
Dubbed the "Heartbeat Molester", the suspect's signature move is to request his victims to feel his heartbeat as a pretext or prelude to molesting them.
He approaches his victims, usually girls between eight and 12 years old, at the void deck or lift lobbies when they are alone. He would pretend to be lost and ask for directions, before leading his victims to a staircase, where he would then strike.The 'Heartbeat Molester'Click on thumbnail to view.

The cases have so far occurred in the northeastern part of Singapore, generally between 12:30 to 4:30 pm. He usually wears dark sunglasses when committing the crime, and speaks in English or Mandarin.
The police are looking for this man, captured on CCTV, described as a male Chinese in his 30s, about 1.7m tall, with short black hair, slim to medium build, and wearing dark-coloured sunglasses.
Anyone with information on this man is requested to call the Police Hotline at 1800-2550000. All information will be kept strictly confidential.
Meanwhile, parents are advised to ensure that their young children are accompanied at all times.

Crime Prevention Tips -- Outrage of Modesty
Always be alert and attentive to the surroundings. If you suspect that you are being followed, remain calm and proceed to the nearest crowded area or call the Police to seek help.
Carry a shrill alarm to call for help in times of emergencies.
Do not enter a lift with a stranger. Let the stranger take the lift and wait for the next one.
If alone in the lift, stand near to the lift buttons. Press “Door Open” and exit if a stranger rushes in as the door is closing.

Watch video:
i-Witness 9: Heartbeat molester wanted
Unk Dicko's Advice and Comments:
According to this report, this serial monster has been molesting young girls since 1999. That's already 10 long years ! I'm really, really surprised he has remained so free to commit his dastardly crimes for such a long time without being nabbed. This can only mean one thing. This criminal has left no evidence behind of who he actually is...other than the images captured by the blurry CCTV cameras. Police likely have no clue as to his personal particulars of NRIC, Name, Address etc.. That's why they have released this sketchy report to the media in the hope that someone out there can RECOGNISE this monster and after that do the right thing by contacting them.
I would like to help by analysing the situation based on this report. If you are reading this, do take a moment to consider how you can help too...perhaps by making others aware especially if they live, work or move about in the NE Singapore.
1. Where's NE Singapore? Why has he remained uncaught?
It's quite a large area. If you use the MRT North-East Line as a rough guide it would stretch from Potong Pasir, Serangoon, Kovan, Hougang, Sengkang and all the way to Punggol. That is using the MRT line as a guide. But other areas like Pasir Ris, Elias Road etc. can also be considered as being in the NE.
According to the report, all the cases are within this NE this same criminal.
It is therefore highly likely that he lives or make his living somewhere within too. He knows
his "hunting ground" and more importantly his "escape routes" and where he is hiding out..have all been pre-planned. In another word, he knows just where to strike without being caught easily. But the 'prey'..his innocent victims and their parents, maybe the police too, probably think he is an opportunistic molester...with little planning.
I do not think so.
The fact he has not been caught says a lot. This man has spent much time moving about and checking out possible quieter or secluded spots to commit his crimes. He may have been even watching his potential victims ( days before) prior to the attacks. I won't be surprised.
2. Time of attacks:
Between 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm. Weekdays or weekends mostly? Not stated.
Not surprising that he is most active at this time period. Fewer adults outside while young children return from school or play at the void deck.
3. Description about the Molester:
Chinese man, about 30+, slim built, black hair, "prominent" nose, hair parted on left side, wears a watch on his RIGHT hand, wears short sleeve T-shirt with collar, long pants with belt and wears shoes, top-centre of his scalp has a slight bald patch. He uses his left hand to press on his heart area.
When he is about to strike he WILL PUT ON HIS SUNGLASSES so that no one can recognise him. After his crime, or if he flees...I think he WILL REMOVE HIS SUNGLASSES so that those looking out for a such a man in the vicinity will have no inkling since they are all intent on looking for a man in dark "Sunglasses". He will act casual just like an ordinary person, a pedestrain or a salesman.
4. Best way to catch this chap?
a) See point 1 above for his possible MO ( modus operandi ). If everyone of the adults or even older teenagers are alert and remain a little suspicious of a LONE man ( who may not be wearing dark glasses ) walking casually near void decks, pathways leading to staircases, playground...or he may be seated at the void deck or a park bench alone but surveying with his eyes the surroundings and esp looking at little girl/girls nearby.... HE IS A PRIME SUSPECT ! Look closely and see if his general face and built FIT INTO the profile of this criminal...even if he's not wearing sunglasses!
Then imagine he has a pair of sunglasses on his face. Jackpot ! Don't arouse his suspicions.
Keep him under watch while quietly calling the police and give proper directions.
b) The victims and other residents at the crime scene CAN HELP a great deal recalling more precise details of this monster. Every additional tip can be of immense help to nab him.
Just ask yourself this... how does the molester get to the scene of his crime? Walk, run, jog or cycle? By bus or Taxi? By MRT? Or does he ride a motorbike, drive a van, car or lorry? See...he did not fly there. Someone, somewhere must have seen this guy in all these TEN long years!!!
He will strike again if not caught.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mas Selamat...latest Parliament Report !

Below is the latest Straits Times online news dated 18 October 2010.
Mas Selamat's escape route
The Feb 27 escape.

Excerpts from Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng's reply in Parliament on how Mas Selamat Kastari escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre during his family visit on Feb 27, 2008.

'On that day, when he was brought out of his cell to a changing room to change into civilian clothes in preparation for his weekly family visit, he did not take off his WRDC uniform but instead put on another two layers of civilian clothing over the uniform . He first put on a dark green baju kurung and dark blue pants, and then a light green baju kurung and grey pants. He claimed that he had put on three layers of clothing.

Mas Selamat was then brought by two Gurkha guards to the Family Visitation Block. He was first taken to the toilet before seeing his family. He went into the specific toilet cubicle which he knew had the unsecured ventilation window.
One guard went into the toilet with him and waited outside the cubicle. Another guard waited outside the toilet. Mas Selamat then went through his routine of closing the cubicle door, hanging a pair of pants over the top of the cubicle door, and turning on the tap. He then pushed open the unsecured window and climbed out of the toilet cubicle window.

He said that he threw two packets of toilet rolls that were in the cubicle out of the window to cushion his landing. When he was standing outside the toilet, he observed that the fences to the left and in front of him were too high to scale. He made his way to the right hand side and came to a slope where two fences met.
One of the fences had a roof next to it; he climbed the fence and threw one of the packets of toilet rolls onto the roof, before climbing onto the roof. He made his way to the edge of the roof and threw the bag of toilet rolls onto the grass on the external side of the fence, to cushion his landing, then jumped off the roof over the fence and landed on the grass outside of the WRDC.
Having escaped from the WRDC, he headed into the forested area. Mas Selamat said that while he was in the forested area, he took off the light green baju kurung and threw it on the ground, as the guards had seen him in that garb and he did not want to be recognised or detected. These disclosures were generally consistent with the findings of the COI which enquired into how Mas Selamat escaped from the WRDC. As to how he eventually escaped from Singapore to Malaysia, this is something which the current investigations are looking into.

In this connection, Mas Selamat has not given a completely reliable account of how he evaded detection while a manhunt was launched to find him and how he made his way to Malaysia. As this is the part of his escape which is still under active investigation, I am not able to share any details at this stage other than to say that the investigators are not closing any option.
'The CID and ISD investigators are not taking anything for granted in this case. They will keep an open mind and persist'.

Mas Selamat, leader of the Singapore Jemaah Islamiah (JI) terrorist network, revealed about his jailbreak on Feb. 2008.

AN UNSECURED window in a toilet cubicle at the Whitley Road Detention Centre gave Mas Selamat Kastari, leader of the Singapore Jemaah Islamiah (JI) terrorist network, an opening to his jailbreak on Feb 27, 2008.
He started planning his escape after noting this 'critical security weakness 'when he was brought to use the toilet in a renovated and different block from the regular one used in the past for family visits. This happened while renovation work was being carried to upgrade old facilities at the detention centre.

Giving an update on Mas Selamat's escape in response to a question from Holland-Bukit Timah GRC MP Christopher De Douza in Parliament on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said the militant leader, who was recaptured on April 1 last year in Johor after a massive manhunt, and handed over to Singapore by Malaysian authorities on Sept 24, has not disclosed very much more than what he had revealed to the Malaysian authorities.

But Mr Wong said the version he had given was essentially consistent with the Committee of Inquiry which was made public.
On his second visit, the minister said Mas Selamat managed to open the window of this toilet cubicle by turning the lever even though the handle had been sawn off.
'Noting this critical security weakness, he then actively planned to escape. He began a routine to close the door of that toilet cubicle and turn on the tap in the cubicle on his next visits,' said Mr Wong.
'He was trying to get the guards used to this routine during his family visits. He also started hanging his pants over the top of the cubicle door, so as to deceive the guards into thinking that if his pants were still hanging over the top of the door, he was still inside the cubicle'.
Mr Wong then went on to detail how Mas Selamat plotted and made his escape.
He told the House that after Mas Selamat had bolted, officers from the Internal Security Department (ISD) never gave up and did not rest until they managed to track him down to where he was hiding in Malaysia.
Describing the investigation into the escape as 'difficult and challenging,' Mr Wong added: 'Underestimating Mas Selamat and the resilience of JI sympathisers and elements would be most dangerous folly.
'Indeed it is people like Mas Selamat who underscore how persistently real the threat of terrorism continues to be for Singapore and Singaporeans'.
Read also:
Mas Selamat poses 'real threat' Mas Selamat held at highest level

Comments by The Wise Old Owl:
Visitors to this Blog will certainly be interested to discover how accurate Unk Dicko was in his ANALYSIS of:

1) How Mas Selamat could have escaped detection and capture in February 2008.
That post was written while there was still HOPE of catching him as I believed, shortly after his escape from WRDC, he was almost certainly hiding deep in one of the many side culverts along the Bukit Timah canal.

2) How Mas Selamat will continue to attempt to fool and outwit our police and intelligence people.
The latest Parliament report by Minister Wong Kan Seng confirms exactly what I had envisaged much, much earlier.

You can check out the 'must read' blogposts HERE, and HERE and HERE.

However, since the JI terrorist leader is back in custody and is currently under the trained hands of our security people, we should let them do their professional jobs.
This does not mean that peace-loving patriots like us cannot suggest other alternate and more permanent solutions ( at far cheaper cost to our national funds than simply keeping Mas S perpetually shackled or until his next escape...!) to this JI and other terrorist threats...within the confines of Singapore.

The Minstrels touched the hearts at the Hari Raya event.

For the record, I had planned the Singalong performance with 11 roughly 3 parts. We started out with Dayung Sampan, Gelang sipaku gelang, Di Tanjong Katong and Rasa Sayang Eh.
In between, while my Minstrels got their songsheets ready, for part 2, I made some wisecracks to keep the crowd engaged. This went down well and gave us time to begin the next scene.
The 2nd part consisted of 3 songs in English...Singapura, Have I Told You Lately and that great Hawaiian number...Pearly Shells.

After we had done that lovely song...Singapura, I gently played the background notes to our next song and said this...."Now for our next song, all of you husbands make sure you sing it to your wife sitting with you. Wives, no need to sing...let your husband sing lah! "
The song was, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? .
That wisecrack nearly brought the house down...with many ladies 'disturbing' their hubbies!
One man said he could not sing and someone told him...then just say it out lah!
Another chap shouted out his wife wanted to sing it to him...boleh lah, he is a happy man.
Unk Dicko knew they all enjoyed that song very much!
The highlight of our performance was doing 3 specially picked "keroncong"type songs. I knew these 3 songs back in the late 50's and 60's. But surprisingly, most of my Minstrels do not know the songs well or even at all. No problem. It took me only a few sessions to teach them and before long, they were all singing it like true minstrels.
The songs are from different parts of Indonesia.
The 1st was "Buka Pintu". Next was " Ayo Mama". Finally, that well-known keroncong song....
"Keroncong Kemayoran."
By the time we reached this 3rd portion of our gig, the audience had already warmed up and their combined singing was much louder than ours! All sorts of singers out there...altos, moderatos, bassos and falsettos! But we didn't mind. The purpose of our being there was not to
show off our skills but to get everyone to join in the in the days of old...gotong-royong.
And that we succeeded beyond expectations!
We had another surprise for all of them after all the clapping was over. We sang "Selamat Hari Raya"...and now, truly everyone joined in, cheering and clapping.
On behalf of the Minstrels, I thanked the audience for their warm support. Somehow we had made this a Hari Raya celebration they'll all remember for a long while yet.

The Minstrels during our regular Wed Singalong

A mother and son pair singing away..."gelang sipaku gelang".

The Minstrels right section with Judy and Chong on the steps.

Those who attended were dressed to the nines!

Judy Foo from the CC passed the wireless mic to many tables.

Members from the WEC enjoying themselves heartily.

Saleem and Kalimuthu from the CCC also had a good time.

In true spirit our Hari Raya friends and residents sang their hearts out.

" Ayo mama, jangan mama marah beta !"

" Buka pintu, buka pintu, beta mau, mau masuke!"

" Siola nona, nona beta, adalah di bakae "

"La la la la la la la laaa, laju laju perahu laju, Jiwa manis indung di sayang..."

The Minstrels played a "surprise" Happy Birthday song for Mr Rafi's daughter.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

DOLLAH KASSIM - In Memory and Tribute

Many visitors have been searching my blog for past and the latest news about the late Dollah Kassim. Yes, I have a number of stories about Dollah and our great Team of the 70's here...accompanied by original newsclips of the match reports. However, in my archived sports file kept at home, I have a large amount of newsclips and pages from the past.
Many of my news and material are still in their original full page size.
For scanning on my humble homescanner, that is always a BIG headache...without cutting it into
smaller portions. My scanner takes up to A 4 size. So anything that is bigger cannot be captured in one scan. It needs to be broken down into parts as I've done below for this Straits Times report of Friday 15 October 2010.
But that comes with some obvious disadvantages as the entire format of the story has been cut.
Still sharing it on the blog is better than just keeping things under wrap.
That's what I usually do when I do not want to cut the original newsprint into smaller portions.
Folding it into something "scannable" seems to be one way out.
That's the practical side of me taking over.
The report below is a glowing tribute to the late Dollah Kassim written by Jeffery Low, the
former veteran sports writer of the Straits Times and The New Paper.

To read the article, simply click on the image.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Minstrels Made Hari Raya at Serangoon a night to Remember!

On Sunday 3 October 2010, Kampong Serangoon celebrated Hari Raya big time at the SERANGOON. When I was approached, some 3 weeks earlier, by the Chairman of the Org Committee requesting if my newly formed group...The Garden Minstrels.. could contribute an item, my response went further than that.
"No, not just an item. Instead I'll give you an old-style gotong-royong Singalong where those attending the event can join in and make it a memorable night for all," was my reply.
Chairman Mr Rafi and a few others were incredulous!
Normally, at such short notice and with my minstrels being so new to most everything...the songs, music arrangement, public appearance, practice and rehearsals..etc, most in my shoes will never accept such an assignment. And rightly so too, if I may add.

But Unk Dicko relish such challenges, always have!
However, it required a lot of real, solid hard work and effort on my part to prepare the songs, teach my members from scratch for 3 of the 'keroncong' songs and getting a songsheet out with lyrics for all 11 songs. All done happily and voluntarily for the good of the community.

Getting ready for our performance
Earlier in the evening, our Minstrels had provided pre-Dinner music at the entrance to
the Hall. That set the mood for more and better things to come. Our resident MP, Minister Mrs Lim Hwee Hua was away in Brussels for a Conference. Guest of Honour was MP Yeo Guat Kwang seated at the VIP table. The Programme began with dance items while dinner was served.
More items followed. We were to make our appearance somewhere mid-way. But that was changed rather suddenly and we were told we would be the last performing group. Sometimes, these things do happen for whatever reasons...and the best option is to keep cool, see the brighter side of it, accept it. It turned out perfect without my doing anything at all. I had anticipated that what we will be doing would round off the night nicely if we came on last.
And now was told so. See, keep cool.
We arranged ourselves in an informal way on stage, with 2 guitars on the left, 2 ukuleles in the centre and 1 more ukulele to the right.

Our left section looking towards my direction for the cue to begin.

Richard and Unk Dicko was at the centre.
I had prepared a medley of 10 songs broken into 3 parts. Before we began, I introduced the Garden Minstrels as a group and mentioned that we were only formed 2 months ago and already this was our 2nd public performance. Striking a chord with a crowd or audience is always very important and that was my job as Leader. The best way to get a crowd loosened up is to make them smile and laugh. And that's what I did with a few choice crackers. It went down very well and I could hear much laughter. Made it short, sweet and infectious.
Then I gave the "intro"' and we began.........!

Presenting...Unk Dicko and The Garden Minstrels....

This old -style Singalong was the highlight of the evening

The Minstrels in full swing with their singing and music.

Solid Ukulele sounds from Richard and Unk Dicko

The crowd getting really warmed up as you'll see later....