Monday, November 29, 2010

Unk Dicko entertained at a huge event at Zoo.

5,000 people celebrate Grandparents Day at Singapore Zoo
By Tan Qiuyi
Posted: 28 November 2010 1946 hrs

Channel News Asia online news

[Photo: CNA online news - Unk Dicko & The Minstrels ]

Some 5,000 people celebrated Grandparents Day at the Singapore Zoo on Sunday. Part of a slew of active-ageing activities organised by the Council for Third Age (C3A) this month, the event had participants aged between 4-months and those in their 70s.

A scavenger hunt, games and live music provided ample opportunity for multi-generational fun at the event. Grandparents Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of November every year.
-CNA /ls.

Unk Dicko was invited by the Council of Third Age to perform and entertain at the main stage of this big event. The special invitation was made more than a month ago.
So yesterday morning , me and my 'Minstrels' made our way to the Singapore Zoo where the Grandparents Day celebrations were held. Fortunately, I had asked members of my group to be there by 9.15 am. We were slated to perform at 10.15 am at the main stage of the Event venue.
By the time I got there, only 3 empty parking lots were left.
The many vehicles that came later had to park along the 1.5 km approach road to the zoo, all the way to the main junction of Mandai Road!
It was that crowded.
Young parents and families of all races turned up in force to support and honour their own grandparents. It was good to see that many people doing this. Quite a number even had elderly grandparents in wheelchairs coming for this event.
My minstrels and I walked to the Performing area amidst a sea of excited kids and other visitors, enjoying the sights, sounds and especially the unmistakable scent of animal droppings that was ever present in the morning air.
Soon as we neared the stage, of the event co-ordinators excitedly asked me if we were all ready to start. I looked at my watch which showed Obviously the earlier item must have ended earlier than expected and they could not just keep the crowd waiting for the next 15 minutes with nothing to hold their attention.
Being always ready and well-prepared has its advantage as in such situations...I meant our group.
Immediately, I gathered our minstrels and strode on stage. Checked the mics and music stand.
The emcee had made an introduction of myself to the crowd.
I tuned and played some warming up notes on my Ukulele as I engaged the crowd. Nice and really pleasant audience seated on white chairs.
It is always very useful and important to engage the audience a little before a performance in "live' entertainment like ours. Such rapport guarantees there will be some enthusiastic response from those watching you.
How to do so effectively is not a secret, more a natural tendency and knack.
We were slated for a 15 minute slot in our 1st segment. Turned out it was over 25 minutes.
That means being ready to entertain with more song requests.
What was our 1st segment like?
Details in part 2....lots of pics.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unk Dicko entertains SM Goh and company

Singapore News
Channel News Asia
800 seniors gather to celebrate Grandparents' Day
Posted: 21 November 2010, 1915 hrs
By Dylan Loh

800 seniors gather to celebrate Grandparents' Day

[ Photo: CNA news online ]

[ Photo: CNA news online ]
[ Photo: CNA news online ]

Some 800 senior citizens gathered on Sunday to celebrate Grandparents' Day.It is the culmination of a two-month long active ageing campaign held in the South East District.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong graced the occasion with grassroots leaders and met the area's residents.
The celebrations also had other performances from various community groups.
CNA /ls
[ Media Corp Primetime News - from my TV screen ]
[ Media Corp Prime Time news - from my TV screen ]
Last Sunday, Nov 21 2010, there was a big event organised by the South East District in conjunction with the on-going Active Ageing campaign ( Active Ageing Roadshow ). It was held at the upmarket Qian Xi Restaurant at Tanjong Katong Complex. This is a big restaurant that can hold more than a thousand people.
More than 800 seniors from the Marine Parade GRC were gathered there to celebrate Grandparents' Day. All the MPs and advisors involved were present.
The Guest of Honour was Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.
A sumptious 10 course Lunch was served.
An elaborate entertainment Programme had been prepared well in advance by the organisers which lasted over 2 hours. There were many dance items, karaoke 'type' solo and duet singing,
skits, a drumming act, most songs were either in Mandarin or dialect, interviews with 2 winners of " Mr and Mrs Active Agers of the GRC ", and a lucky draw.
One major highlight was Unk Dicko's 'live' UKULELE Performance. It was slated for just before the Final Lucky hold the crowd's interest.
'Live' Ukulele public performance is rare in Singapore.
I had received this special invitation to give a Ukulele performance more than a month ago.
The request was to showcase my unique Ukulele music and style, preferably with a young kid whom I've taught the ukulele to.
For this, I handpicked 13 year old Darren Goh now in Sec 1, one of the hundreds of kids I have coached about 3 years ago. Fortunately, he is still playing the ukulele when I contacted him through his father.
To polish his technique and skill, I gave him 5 solid one on one in-depth session on strumming, plucking and other more advanced methods.
We also worked through the songs I selected...7 in all, for tone, tempo and emphasis.
Our hardwork and effort was rewarded.
As soon as I began to warm up the crowd and SM Goh and company, by light strumming and introduction of ourselves and songs , while Darren got our music scores ready, many whipped out their cameras, camcorders and that included the official TV media...and approached the front of the stage to have better shots...sensing that they were about to see and hear something that was far different to what had gone before them.
Part 2 to follow soon.....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Another youth arrested for inciting online Violence

15-year-old arrested for inciting violence online
By Wayne Chan
Posted: 25 November 2010 2116 hrs

CNA news online

Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy for inciting violence online following the Downtown East gang murder which occured on 31 October.
The arrest was made on November 22.
The suspect is said to have posted comments on YouTube related to the Downtown East slashing, claiming he was from a gang.
This happened on the afternoon of November 4.
He also challenged other online users in the video wall postings to meet for a fight at a specific date, time and location.
The suspect has since been released on bail and is being investigated for making a statement to incite public mischief via electronic means under Section 505(b) of the Penal Code Cap 224. Director of the Criminal Investigation Department and Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ng Boon Gay, said that statements which can cause fear or incite violence are against the law even when hiding behind the anonimity of the Internet.
Anyone who does so can be jailed for up to three years, fined or both.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
Hope that can be a big lesson to the reckless youths and other irresponsible people who visit forums and blogsites to post insensitive or incendiary statements.
I say well done to the police !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Measures to control gangs, youths at risk.

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Nov 24, 2010
Curfew for at-risk youths?
By Teh Joo Lin
Related Link

TO TACKLE the problem of youth gangs, the police may be armed with additional powers such as getting at-risk youths to observe curfew hours and to attend intervention programmes.
The Ministry of Home Affairs is studying the feasibility of giving the police this kind of clout, so they 'can intervene upstream', that is, step in before errant youths form loose gang associations, said its minister K. Shanmugam in Parliament yesterday.
Giving an update on gang violence, he made it clear that the police have a 'zero-tolerance' policy towards gang activities and will hold on to this stance.
The police have picked up 144 suspected gang members since the end of last month. They include the eight youths since charged with murder in the Downtown East slashing case, and the six linked to the armed rioting in Bukit Panjang, who are being processed for criminal detention.
Mr Shanmugam, who is concurrently Minister for Law, said 45 per cent of the rioting cases this year involved young persons; about 32 per cent of them were linked to secret societies.
Noting the current of 'understandable public concern' over the recent incidents, he assured the House that the police took a serious view of such violence.
Read the full story in Wednesday's edition of The Straits Times.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
There is far too much talk and reports on what the government can do or hope to do.
There is also far too much "top down" instructions and "controls'' on how to cope with many of the challenges facing Singaporeans. This slowly fliters down to from top to bottom to the men in blue...who are somtimes clueless about the emphasis and directions they should take.
They lose focus in their fight against crime.
We need to have a special team or TASKFORCE specially trained to take out these ss elements in our society. The work of the SSB should continue but now shored up by the exclusive attention of this select group of special officers who will be a part of the future of S'pore's frontline home defence.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mas Selamat...relatives, family members jailed! I was spot on again in my analysis!

Mas Selamat's relatives aided escape
Posted: 22 November 2010 1510 hrs
Channelnews asia

[Photo: CNA news online ]
Mas Selamat's brother, the brother's wife and their daughter, have been jailed between three and 18 months for harbouring the terrorist after his escape from the Whitley Road Detention Centre in 2008.His niece, Nur Aini. was sentenced to 18 months in jail.His brother, Asmom was given 12 months while his sister-in-law Aisah, three months' jail.
The three were arrested and charged last Wednesday, on November 10.They were convicted of the charge and sentenced on November 18.Mas Selamat's nephew, Mahadir, who had a lesser role in the matter, has been served a stern warning in lieu of prosecution.These details were revealed in a Ministerial statement in Parliament by Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam.
He said Mas Selamat made his way to his brother's home in Tampines on February 29, 2008, two days after he escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre (WRDC).He wanted to seek shelter and help from his niece, Nur Aini.Mr Shanmugam said Mas Selamat thought that Nur Aini was living alone.The Minister added that Nur Aini persuaded her mother to allow Mas Selamat to enter the flat.She gave him use of her bedroom, provided him food and water, and also assisted him by destroying the clothing he wore to the flat, which included his WRDC-issued attire.
Nur Aini helped Mas Selamat disguise himself as a woman to evade detection and recapture.She also gave him several items, including a map of Singapore that showed part of Malaysia.Asmom gave him S$100 and RM100 to facilitate his escape from Singapore to Malaysia.Asmom's wife Aisah gave Mas Selamat an EZ-link card and hair-net which he wore as part of his disguise, and some paracetamol.
Mr Shanmugam said the three had knowingly harboured Mas Selamat, an escaped prisoner of the State, who they knew was the subject of a massive manhunt.They deliberately withheld information when they were interviewed by the authorities on March 3, 2008.It was only in October this year, after being confronted with the facts, that they admitted to what had happened.Mr Shanmugam said Asmom and his family's decision to harbour Mas Selamat and provide him with material support that enabled him to escape to Malaysia was very wrong, illegal, and had grave security implications.Mr Shanmugam said Singaporeans will be understandably disappointed that Asmom and his family had helped Mas Selamat in his escape.But he added that their actions are not a reflection on the wider Malay-Muslim community who had disapproved of Mas Selamat's deeds, and participated in the manhunt for him in 2008.
Mr Shanmugam said Singaporeans should not allow this episode to affect the trust and goodwill that has been built up over the years between the different communities.Instead, he said this should reinforce how important it is for every Singaporean to unite and assist the security agencies to overcome the threat of terrorism.As to how Mas Selamat made his way to his brother's flat and how he subsequently made his way to Malaysia, Mr Shanmugam said the account given by Mas Selamat is still subject to verification.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
I have been proven absolutely correct again. Readers should check out all my earlier blog postings from the time of Mas Selamat's escape, the big manhunt for him and his subsequent recapture.
My analysis of the situation, including the FACT THAT HE WAS STILL BEING HARBOURED IN SINGAPORE, was made in the days and week following his escape.
If only the police and the ISD could have obtained the proper search warrants and if only they could have been a little smarter than his relatives and family members...they would have solved this much earlier and avoided much public embarassment.
After Mas Selamat was brought back he recounted how he escaped by crawling all the way through those linked drains and culverts to Woodlands. He then embellished it by saying he swam across...ALONE. This is to say he "had no help from anyone inside S'pore ".
I asked our authorities not to fall for this " bullshit and hogwash" of a story.
He had outside help. PERIOD!
I rest my case.

Teen offenders had to do community past.

[ ST report 1996 ]
Click on the image to enlarge and read.
Look at the date on this report which was in 1996...14 years ago.
Our Singapore courts and other agencies involved came out with this innovative approach as part of their strategy in tackling the teen problem.
On paper it looked good. In practice it should be even better.
That being the case, why have we not heard anything more about this so called
" Community work for teen offenders " anymore. Years have passed by.
I do not seem to recall any news about any teen offenders serving graciously ( by court order or whatever ) at any CC, old folks home, hospice, childrens' home etc...
Any of my readers and visitors remember?
Police arrest 70 more for gang activities
Posted: 21 November 2010, 2120 hrs, CNA news report.

[ Newsclip: Sunday Times - 14 Nov 2010, front page ]

Police have clamped down on gangs with another 70 arrests.
The arrests were made at entertainment outlets and public places along Orchard Road, Clarke Quay and at various HDB estates.
Police said those arrested were between 16 and 51 years old.
They are suspected to be involved in gang-related activities, drug offences and possession of offensive weapons.
With these, the number of people arrested for gang-related incidents stands at a total of 144.
Of this total, 35 people were involved in the Downtown East murder of student Darren Ng who was hacked to death.
16 others were arrested for another gang incident at Bukit Panjang.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
The crackdown is producing some results.
The residents living in a particular neighbourhood, together with all those who have business within, should know their own backyard well enough.
They are the ones, the majority who want a safe and peaceful environment in their estate.
They are also the ones who know best where the various "samseng kias" often it at or near a coffeeshop, near a 7-11 store, at a foodcourt, outside a mall, at a HDB void deck, at a Basketball court or some secluded corner of a field, at a designated location in a park etc..
Residents, through their RCs, NCs and Business community should form their own Anti-crime and Anti-SS taskforce to liase closely with police agencies.
Such taskforce should make their very 1st task by IDENTIFYING ALL KNOWN SS or SS elements irrespective of sex or age operating in their own area.
They should make notes and identify.....
Who they are.
Who controls them.
What school they come from.
Where do they live approximately.
Other details such as the name of their group, weapons seen, their type of offences.
Day and time of ss activity
Night and time of ss activity.
Residents should also observe if police have been carrying out checks regularly, infrequently or
even NONE at all.
Such feedback should be channelled OFFICIALLY to their MPs or higher authority to remedy the situation.
The Police cannot SOLVE all of society's ills. But Police need to reorganise their approach.
Everyone must do his or her part to help clear this scourge from our land.
EVERYONE....every Ah Pek, Ah Soh, Ahmad, Muthu, boy or girl, man or woman.
Every teacher, counsellor, Principal or educator.
Every father or mother who treasure the children they have.
Yes, everyone if you make even a small effort to be helpful and corncerned enough to do your'll be surprised how fast these samseng kias will turn into the tamest pussy cats.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 ex-gang members say, "Don't imitate us !"

The way I dealt with my former students who were directly and deeply involved in crime
and secret societies and those actively on the fringe of the same lifestyle is quite simple and classic.
Since I was fully aware there was not just a handful of cases but a frightening number of cases, all requiring in-depth internal investigation, and with many complicated twists and turns of differing complexity...I set out my personal philosophy and approach early and made it clear to one and all.
My approach? My strategy?
I won't reveal everything in detail here except to say it was MOST successful in keeping all the ss
and other elements from flexing their muscles where I was and in the vicinity where I was...and even further afield.
I used the "ICE and WATER" approach in dealing with ss chaps.
As you and I know, and the ss chaps too know... WATER is liquid and in that form is "soft".
A few drops of water on you won't kill you.
But ICE is real HARD compared to liquid water. A block of hard ice can kill you.
My strategy is always offer them a choice...if they want me to be water or ice.
That is choose if you want to play softball or hardball. But the choice is theirs.
I paint the scenario for those considering hardball.
I lay out the positive picture for those who opt for softball.
Having laid the background and drawing a RED line between the two...there's no middle ground
for any compromise, my session with these chaps begin. It can last from just 5 minutes ( super-quick confessions to crime and involvement) or over several days or even weeks.
I switched between "ICE" and "WATER" when dealing with such types.
When they aggravated their actions, even while under investigation, and upped the ante,
I came down on them like a TON of ICE.
They experienced the fear of the LAW but also the love I had for them as misguided kids.
Many are now gainfully employed or still studying.
The large majority I dealt with successfully are today on the straight and narrow. I have full confidence they will remain so.
Only a handful may still have to learn the hard way.
Some have served time in prison, come out and remained ok.

Friday, November 19, 2010

DTE killing...3 MORE CAUGHT, 2 more to go !

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Nov 19, 2010
3 more youths charged

By Khushwant Singh

[ ST photo by Wong Kwai Chow ]
Left to right: Chong Rui Hong, 18, Jason Chew Wei Beng, 20 and Ng Wei Lun, 18.
All three were ordered to be remanded in Central police division till Nov 26.

THREE youths were charged on Friday with the murder of 19-year-old polytechnic student Darren Ng in Downtown East last month, bringing the total to eight suspects arrested so far.
Chong Rui Hong, 18, Ng Wei Lun, 18, and Jason Chew Wei Beng, 20, were ordered to be remanded in Central police division till Nov 26.

The judge also issued an order that they could be taken out to assist police in investigations.

The trio is believed to have joined a group who hacked polytechnic student Darren to death with choppers at the Downtown East entertainment hub after a gang-related dispute on Oct 30.
Four alleged accomplices were first arrested on Nov 13.

At the mention of their cases on Tuesday, Chen Wei Zhen, 19, Ho Wui Ming, 20, and Tang Jia Min, 21, were ordered to be detained at the Changi Medical Complex in Changi prison. Edward Tay Wei Loong, 18, is recovering in hospital after injuring himself while fleeing from the police.

The fifth suspect, Louis Tong Qing Yao, 17 - who was arrested on Nov 2 for illegal moneylending activities - was charged for Darren's murder on Nov 10. On Tuesday, he was ordered to be remanded in the Central police division to assist in investigations. He also faces three loanshark harassment charges after he allegedly scribbled graffiti in Bishan and Serangoon North and splashed paint at a flat in Hougang

Two suspected accomplices -

Stillwell Ong Keat Pin, 19, and Ho Wei Quan - are still at large.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
Kudos to all the field officers out there involved in the relentless hunt for these 3 samseng killers. You can be sure that the public is pleased to see this. The police and the government cannot rest until this scourge of resurgence in teenage violence is completely put down...and rubbed out.
So there were 10 rotten Humpty-Dumptys carrying parangs sitting on the wall.
First 3 were caught, 1 literally fell down and 1 more while on the run went on a spree of crime.
5 + 3 = 8 caught.
Eight have fallen from their high pedestal of crime, secret society and murder.
Only 2 more to go. The police said they are still at large...but as you can see their names are already known.
Once that happens it will only be a matter of time before the other 2 rotten Humpty Dumptys will also fall.

Ps: To ensure they do not escape, perhaps the MHA could issue their photos to the media and press. And just like the "heartbeat molester" ...Singapore is so small, there's NO WHERE THIS KIND OF SCUMS CAN HIDE FOREVER. Yes, they may run but cannot hide for long.
More than 4 million pairs of eyes will be looking out for to hide?

The school background of all these 40 odd samsengs nabbed SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY CHECKED. It would not surprise me at all that everyone of them are still LINKED to MANY of the present students in their former schools or in those schools they have some "control and influence". ( Remember the 19 nincompoops , many heavily tattooed, who turned up in court to show gang support to their arrested "brothers"....these are not all they have in their gangs. They have many, many more. Remember the large numbers at the funeral wake of the victim...many of the opposing gang members would have been there too. Press reports said more than a thousand were there !)
If the Police Intelligence Unit and the CID is up to it, they would have captured all the beautiful snapshots of many of the suspected gang members of FHS that had the fued with 369.
In the coming weeks and months even these FHS chaps would feel the heat...not just 369.
Some may already have over-exposed themselves and captured so clearly on TV during their rantings. Police and SSB officers will pick them up at leisure.

Another SLASHING at AMK ! ...what can police do?

Straits Times online
Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story
Nov 19, 2010
Teen slashed in AMK
By Bryan Huang

In yet another incident of youth violence, a 17-year old , who was acquainted with the alleged attacker, also 17, was slashed on the right shoulder at Block 448, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 at about 7pm. --PHOTO: TNP

POLICE have arrested a teenager who was involved in an attack on another youth in Ang Mo Kio on Thursday.
In yet another incident of youth violence, a 17-year old , who was acquainted with the alleged attacker, also 17, was slashed on the right shoulder at Block 448, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 at about 7pm.

The victim, who left a blood trail from outside a 24-hour restaurant, where the attack took place, was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
The New Paper reported on Friday that the two youths had got into a loud dispute and a shoving match before the victim was knifed.
A police spokesman told on Friday morning that the incident had nothing to do with gang activities, and investigations are ongoing.
The latest incident comes after a teen was slashed to death at Downtown East and seven others were attacked in Bukit Panjang.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
And only early this morning, I had stated clearly in my post..." Take it from me, there are still MORE out there..." referring to these brainless youths who are carrying LETHAL WEAPONS that can KILL with just a few slashes, stabs or swings.
When I saw this latest report online, it further confirms what I know about the "Real" situation
out there.
It is high time our S'pore Police Force relook their operation strategies to combat this rising scourge of gangs and violence.
The Courts and our Laws only come in when these samsengs are caught AFTER commission of crimes.
" We need to destroy not only the adult mosquitoes but to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding. Look for breeding grounds...larva, stagnant water, foul drians, cesspools.
Destroy these and the larva cannot turn into mosquitoes."
Our police need to be braver and smarter.
The commanders of all police divisions in S'pore should organise a SPECIAL PLAINCLOTHES ANTI-CRIME, ANTI-SS UNIT in each of their own divisions. The manpower for this are already there.
S'pore also has a large pool of police officers in the Special Constabulary both NS and Volunteers. All are trained in general police work.
I say select the BEST of them...and form them into a cogent taskforce to take out these multiplying hooligans. They too should be out of uniform and trained. Fully armed.
You only need to convert selected uniformed officers into plainclothes officers. They are fully armed and have the usual assortments, including hand-cuffs, extra rounds, etc...all unseen on their persons.
Keep this Taskforce operating openly where the public and DEFINITELY the samsengs know about it. Not all police action should be covert.
Most to be effective should be overt.
I speak from experience.....

What's the Most Important Gang Weapon Today?

Singapore Straits Times online
Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story
Nov 18, 2010
2 with knife arrested
By Vanessa Jalleh

A photo of the two teenagers was posted on citizen
journalism website Stomp.

TWO youths have been arrested for brandishing a knife onboard an MRT train.
The incident occurred in December 2009.
The suspects, aged 16 and 17 years, were on a train with two friends on New Year's eve when one of them took out a knife from his bag and started posing with it, while his friend took a photo.
A photo of the suspects brandishing the knife was later uploaded onto citizen journalism website Stomp.
The two teenagers have been released on bail and are still under investigation.
They are also being investigated for gang-related offences.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
Take it from me that there are still some more of such senseless and brainless "hot air balloons",
carrying different kinds of weapons hidden in bags they carry or on their persons. Police on their rounds should make random checks at every opportunity. The checks should be THOROUGH.
Some of the most incriminating evidence linking these scums to their direct links with gangs can often be found in their :-
1. Wallets:
Long list of Telephone contact numbers, sometimes more than 200 names, coded names and many with such prefixes as " god-aunty, 4th aunty, 5th aunty, ta-jie, 2nd ta-jie, apple #1, apple #2, candy #1, Candy#2, and many nicknames...ah xiao, ah boy, cockroach, scorpion, devil, etc.. etc..
In addition, there will be name cards, tattoo cards, arcade cards, games hall, gang photos often
taken as a close kit group..etc.. The stupid ones even have their gang numbers or name advertised on those picture cards.
Items that are stolen can be found in their wallet too...stolen NRIC, buspass, EZ link cards,
ATM cards, drug packets, drug pills, etc...
Large amount of cash is a an indicator of illegal or criminal activity for such thugs.
2. Hand or Mobile Phone:
Contains a lot of information that can link them to gangs.
To me, the Handphone and not the chopper or parang is the
For with just a few clicks on his mobile, he can transmit all kinds of coded message to his fellow gang members to do any number of things. An Example only:-
xxxx - Disperse now !
M - Meet at usual place.
MM - Meet at usual place Urgently! ( Calling for reinforcement over gang problem )
MW - Meet up, with Weapons ! ( An impending or expected fight or ambush of opponents ).
and any other kind of pre-arranged signals known to fellow gang members.
Holding a mobile in his hand that can summon a small army of thugs in minutes, a 15 year old hooligan feels very mighty and powerful. The gang has tried it before on "dry runs" and anyone who was supposed to turn up but did not ( no excuses excepted ) will later be severely punished to instill FEAR and COMPLETE SUBMISSION to the GANG LEADER, HEADMAN or his deputies. The punishment is usually a horrific, physical assault on the member ( even very new ones, age is immaterial ) carried out by fellow gang members that humiliates the victim...slapping, punching, kicking, spitting into the face, stomping, burning with cigarette butts, etc.... Most victims are too fearful to report even though they suffer injury as they have been warned that a WORSE fate will befall them if they do.
There have been countless victims such as I've painted, over the years, in practically all the schools and elsewhere.
This severe gang punishment is only for those who miss the "regular, scheduled meet up"..mandotory !
What about those who WANT to LEAVE the gang finally ?
Can you imagine WHAT kind of punishment or severe penalty they will face?
Just missing a meet up and you get horribly whacked...
And now they hear direct news that you want to leave the gang !... all hell break lose for you !
You can never imagine the FEAR and TROUBLE of some of those who went through the hellish process...of trying to opt out, on their own without any "help".
Unk Dicko has helped many so called "tough" ss chaps, some holding ranks, to get out usually after they have got a most terrible hammering from their own gang members.
How many of this came about, some with my close work with the SSB, is far too detailed for blogging. So I shall save it for confidential sharing with police or other agencies or the MOE or MCYS if invited by them.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The STATE cannot afford to be less 'tough' than the gangs!

Now that MHA is going to conduct a full review of all our laws pertaining to suppressing gangs and the spread of gangsterism, it would be timely for our courts and the AG Chambers to also conduct their own reviews with particular reference and attention to young offenders, many of whom are in the school system or are school dropouts.
There must be a strong deterrent factor that should be applied to the fullest extent as a public example. The act to forewarn other potential adventurers must be given widest media and press coverage.
Everyone of us needs to do our part to help make Singapore safe.
Singapore can never be touted as a gracious society and a safe haven with gangs choosing to run wild with choppers and parangs, whenever they like and in whichever location they choose.

Newsclip - From Unk Dicko's Archives [Click on image to read]
The New Paper - Mon 24 June 2002

The majority of our samseng kias out there and their parents or family members do not realise that their wayward sons and daughters can be charged as adults even if they are under 16 years old at the time the offence is committed.
Under 16? Yes...that means 15 years in age and that boy or girl will be charged in "adult" court which carries very serious sentencing penalties.
So instead of being sent to a Boys' or Girls' Home for youth offenders, they join the much older prisoners at Reformative Training Centre or prison.

Unk Dicko has been bringing his " s s darlings " for twice yearly visits to such RTC and prison in the fervent hope that such visits will open their eyes to the DRACONIAN life ( if you can even call that living) and conditions that awaits them...when and if they stray from the straight path.
Prison life is not a joke.
Neither is life in the RTC.
It's a punishing regime of very STRICT rules and regulations to hopefully guide the inmates and channel them back to mainstream society after their release.
The prison visits always include a perfect demonstration of CANING on a dummy but using an actual cane and similar technique and extreme force.
All the "ss darlings" whom we have specially chosen on this MANDATORY visits have to go through every part of the programme.

On the journey back in the bus provided, I would ask for their feedback and frank views.
Most said they do not ever want to end up in prison.
All said they FEAR CANING ! Some of the toughie girls wanted to cry.
They were allowed to see real inmates out of their cells huddling in straight rows or squatting down. The prisoners were told not to look at our party...and they dared not disobey.
Most of them are in the thick of ss activities and display similar characteristics of those you have read about recently...they swagger, they curse, they openly show defiance to one and all, all of this taking place when there are lots of people "show and prove" to the world and their enemies out there just how "tough" they are.
It's an ABSOLUTE MYTH. You wannabie young boy and girl gangsters out there know for a fact that the so called "untouchable, leader or most-fierce chap" was always putting on a show when he or she knows many people are watching.
Just like DTE...thousands of people were there. They still did it. They felt very "brave".
But all of these ss darlings, when there is no one else around to watch...just between him and a law officer, SSB officer, me, police detective....when facing just people who have the REAL POWER to put them away for a long time...they never act brave, never this and never that, all shake and tremble, some go on their knees to ask for mercy.
Mind you, all this are during the investigation stage only and they are already crying and pleading!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GOVT will REVIEW all Laws to Tackle Gangs

Singapore News

MHA to review gangs, youth violence laws
By Wayne Chan
Posted: 16 November 2010 1346 hrs
CNA online news
Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of State for Education and Home Affairs.

The government is considering if laws need to be tweaked to give more police power and sentencing options to deal with gangs and youth violence. This came in the wake of the recent Downtown East murder and armed rioting at Bukit Panjang.
Minister of State for Education and Home Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli, said the review would take between six and nine months.Speaking to reporters at a news conference, Mr Masagos said the upcoming review is aimed at clamping down the threat of street gangs.Beyond sentencing options and police powers, the review will also look at the powers other institutions need to ensure street gangs do not take root in the society.
Mr Masagos also stressed that the government, schools and parents need to work together to help the youth-at-risk.
He cautioned against over-using legislation and oversimplifying the solution to the recent problems, which are multi-faceted and need customised solutions.
He said: "The existing legislation framework is actually sufficient, but we also have to be forward looking - to look at the kind of trends our youth go through, the environment they live in. "And we have to ensure that these are all cogent in addressing the issues, so that relevant laws can be put into play to address the issues."
Mr Masagos said there are programmes currently available to help youth-at-risk such as school dropouts.
But the message that must be sent out is that while these programmes give them many chances, the law will come down hard on those who cross the line.
Sherrin Chua, assistant director of Community Involvement, Singapore Police Force, said: "In the coming school holidays, the police will be intensifying our checks at the youth congregation hotspots. "We wish to reiterate that the police do not condone any acts of violence. And those who disregard the law, regardless of their age, will be dealt with accordingly."
The authorities also urge parents to call the
police hotline
at 1800-225-000,
if they suspect their children are involved in secret society activities.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
I would like to commend and thank Minister of State, Mr Masagos Zulkifli for coming out clearly and strongly against gangs and youth violence at his News Conference. More importantly, he has on behalf of the government, assured the public at large that the Ministry of Home Affairs WILL REVIEW OUR PRESENT LAWS with regards to dealing with gangs, secret societies and thugs.
Our government has been known to be able to adept and react FAST to any kind of situation. This assurance by Mr Masagos serves to confirm the intent and hopefully the fact as it unfolds.
For the Review Committee to be able to carry out its major Task properly and effectively, it should be PROVIDED WITH THE "REAL FACTS, FIGURES AND DATA'' on the actual situation of Gangs and s s related incidents, recruitment, harassment, intimidation, extent of their network and structure, all manner of gang activity all schools, Jcs, ITEs, Polys, University, in the SAF, SCDF, and all levels of our society.
The most important area to FOCUS on is what has actually been going on in all our schools, all these years, over the last 10-15 years when the gangs have been recruiting non-stop from WITHIN EACH OWN SCHOOL, Primary or Secondary, the ITEs, JCs etc...
Most schools did not really know how to deal with the ss.
Only some cases may be reported in a year, if at all.
It is imperative that the Review Committee GET THE FULL PICTURE of the situation or else its recommendations will be muted and prove ineffective.
The whole of Singapore, except the samseng kias, will back the government on NEW STRONG MEASURES .
Some form of physical punishment for our wild and violent girls should be considered too.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

High Time to Increase PUNISHMENT !

[ Photo: S T, L to R - Azad, Nurul Aisyah, Effendi ]
Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story
Nov 15, 2010

4 charged for choppers
By Khushwant Singh

The two kitchen choppers that were seized by the police.


AS ONE of the four teenagers arrested on Saturday at the Pasir Ris Costa Sands Chalet for possession of two choppers is not yet 16 years old, she was charged in the juvenile court.
In a district court less than 100m away on Sunday, her three older friends were having similar charges read to them by the Malay interpreter.

Muhammad Faiz Muhammad Effendi, 19, is alleged to have a kitchen chopper hidden under his shirt that Saturday while Nurul Aisyah Osman had another chopper hidden in her handbag.
Both are aged 18. Also charged was Azad Khan Azlan, 17. He and the underage friend were charged with consorting with persons armed with dangerous weapons.
All are believed to be involved in gang activities.

Unk Dicko's Comments:

They obviously are displaying a "we couldn't care less attitude" by their carrying these dangerous choppers on their body and handbag. All this despite knowing that the crackdown against gangs and thugs have begun.
According to the Chinese evening papers, after they were charged in court and led out by police officers..."they were smiling ".

Those smiles will cost them dearly as they clearly show a kind of teenage defiance against law and authority. The court will not take kindly to such arrogance...and neither will the police or prison officers.
Perhaps, it's high time that MPs and Parliament should call for the toughening up of our laws with respect to meting out punishment for anyone caught :-

1. Carrying a weapon in his or her possession.
2. Proven to have stashed away weapons for armed attacks. Many of these thugs, both male and
female, do hide some of their weapons for easy retrieval in secure hiding places.

We ought to make it something similar to anyone caught in possession of a gun or ammunition.
It is a MOST SERIOUS OFFENCE and deserve the maximum penalty under the LAW.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The GOVERNMENT has replied.... !

Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story
Nov 12, 2010
Govt will not hesitate to act on gangs
By Jeremy Au Yong

'The concern is understandable because these are not random acts.
They were senseless violence. They were revenge attacks,' Mr Shanmugam said.

CLOSE to 200 people involved in secret societies are currently detained under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act, and the Government is prepared to use it on even more perpetrators if necessary.

Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said yesterday the State would not hesitate to hold people under the Act as it moves to stamp out gang activity in Singapore.
And if there was a need for new laws to prevent the looser street gangs of today comprising youths from taking root, the Government was prepared to look into the matter, he indicated.

Speaking to reporters at a press briefing yesterday, he said: Where we can, we will charge them (gang members) in court for the serious offences, and they will face very serious consequences, as you can see from the actions we've taken.
"Where those who need to be put under CL (criminal Law) detention, we will do so, we will not hesitate. No one can doubt our resolve in that."
The Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act was introduced in 1955 and empowers the authorities to detain people suspected of criminal activities without trial. Historically, it has been deployed to control secret society activity.
Read the full story in Saturday's edition of The Straits Times.
Unk Dicko's Comments:
Finally the Home Affairs Minister Mr K Shanmugam has spoken out loudly and clearly. He is the first Minister to speak about the recent gang attacks. I hope more Ministers and MPs should be concerned enough to speak out in similar fashion to show a CLEAR MESSAGE to these cowardly scums to change their way of life, stop their nonsense and get back on the right track.
No half-hearted approach or measures will work when dealing with gangsters hell-bent on killing people.
The Crackdown should increase in intensity in the coming weeks and months. These gangs are very resilient. Unless continued pressure is applied by the police and all our won't be too long before they bounce right back.
For example, many of these gangsters will be drafted into N S when they reach the age. Many are presently serving in N S. Many are already known to the police, especially the SSB.
It should not be too difficult to keep tabs and monitor them aggressively provided the relevant info is forwarded to the SAF.
Parliament could also amend our N S laws and policies to extend the NS years by additional 2-3 years for those found to be still involved in gangs and secret societies...even after they have served jail time for crimes committed. We have to make it tougher for these teenagers and older gangsters and let them know what they will be facing.
In the schools, many of the most unbelievable incidents engineered by samseng elements against teachers, VPs, Ps, OMs, DMs....are by samseng girls of the worst kind. They have behind them adult samsengs who coach and back them up. These need not always be their parents or other family members. Many a time...they are goaded by their older "god-aunties, god-sisters, go-mothers" wreak havoc and hell on the school system.
Nan Chiau High School in 2004 was not the only case, though it was THE WORST CASE of its kind. Practically all our schools have experienced such situations before, year in year out.
Tougher measures, perhaps even laws may need to be effected as punishment for female samsengs. Many have asked in forums...WHY CAN'T THEY TOO BE CANED ?
Parents cane their own beloved children...boys and girls. That's alright. That's ok.
Schools cane their students who break school rules....BUT only the BOYS .
Girls break the same school rules with greater intensity and frequency....What happens to them?
No caning. Nothing. No physical pain from punishment as inflicted on male students.
No wonder they feel like the Almighty!
Perhaps, it's time for the govt to rethink the strategy and philosophy for the long term good of our nation.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Police Crackdown Continues...

Photo: SPF
Straits Times online news
Nov 12, 2010
Police vow to act on gangs

POLICE on Friday warned youth offenders involved in violent crimes that they will not be treated lightly simply because of their age, and vowed to deal with all gang behavior 'firmly and decisively'.
They will not hesitate to use the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act if necessary, said a police statement in response to a recent spate of gang attacks and rioting, sparking calls from the public for stronger police action.
Police said they conduct regular enforcement rounds on the ground to flush out out gang activities. Once detected, the Secret Societies Branch would step in to investigate the extent of gang involvement by each member.
In the recent cases, a Republic a Republic Polytechnic student was fatally slashed in Downtown East on Oct 30. Five youths have been charged with the murder of Darren Ng, 19. Nineteen youths who turned up in court to support the fifth suspect also ended up being arrested on Wednesday.
On Monday evening, a 20-year-old youth was slashed by a group armed with parangs and choppers at Block 418, Fajar Road. The group is believed to have also attacked six teenage boys at Block 505, Jelapang Road. Twelve suspects have been arrested over the two attacks.
Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam told reporters at a news briefing on Friday that these attacks were not 'completely random'.
Following these incidents, police have picked up 40 suspects in an island-wide blitz and will continue to target gang-related activity in the coming weeks.
'Police will deal with all gang behaviour firmly and decisively,' said a police statement on Friday.
Police are also using preventing and proactive strategies to deal with street gangs, including giving talks to secondary school students and other rehabilitative programmes.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
The public's reaction has been noted and now acted upon.
This is a good sign.
But much more remains to be done if we want to remove this scourge from our peaceful homeland.
May I urge the police and other law agencies, our courts to show no sympathies to such internal terrorists. They knew what they were doing were brutal, evil and wrong. They had a CHOICE of whether to be a part of an armed gang going on a hunt for their enemies...or not to participate at all. THEY FREELY CHOSE to the end seriously injuring their poor victims and scarring them for life. In the case of Darren...he will never, ever be around again. Snuffing away the life of a human being is the ULTIMATE CRIME ( not justifiable hanging by the state...that is sanctioned by LAW ).

POLICE CRACKDOWN BEGINS...more suspects nabbed !

Breaking news, Channel News Asia online.

[ Knives believed to be used in the attack - SPF ]

Police have arrested another three male suspects, aged between 19 and 49 years old, in connection with the two cases of armed rioting which occurred at Bukit Panjang housing estate on Monday.The latest arrests on Friday included the driver of the getaway vehicle and two key suspects who had played an active role in the attacks.Police have also recovered 13 knives that were believed to have been used during the attacks. Since the attack, the police have arrested a total of 15 suspects.
The arrested persons are currently under investigation.
Director of the Criminal Investigation Department Ng Boon Gay said the police would continue investigation until all those who were involved in the attacks have been brought to justice.He said the police are taking a tough stance on this and would ensure those who blatantly disregard the law are dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Unk Dicko's Comments:
Kudos to the police again!
The relentless hunt by officers of the Secret Society Branch (SSB) and other Police agencies have not stopped. Known SS headmen and some of their underlings have been pulled in the island -wide crackdown. Many former headmen of such secret society gangs were detained or jailed for gang activity. When they were released after a lengthy spell in prison, some will try to keep a low profile for a while before resuming their control over the gang. Others make serious attempts at going straight, knowing full well...IT SIMPLY IS NOT WORTH IT TO BE IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW AGAIN. If caught again, they face even longer prison terms.
The ability to move about FREELY is one of the most important blessings for a human being.
In short....FREEDOM is a most precious commodity which many of us take for granted.
The samsengs know that but thinking they are all too clever for the police, did not reckon on being caught easily when they planned and prepared for their murderous crimes.

Looking at all those knives..many appeared to have been carefully wrapped with cloth fabric.
What does this mean?
1. Leave no fingerprints as to who used it.
2. Provide better grip in the frenzy of the attack
3. Also will mean premeditated and planned excuse to say, "we did not plan,
we were provoked, we bought them off the shelves from hardware stores" new knives have no wrappings on their handles.

In yesterday's newspapers, there were very detailed descriptions of the horrific injuries that were caused by these scumbags wielding these knives...on the poor victim. He was cut, slashed and chopped right to the bone while they pinned him down...cutting through his veins, cartilage,tendons, and major artery. It was a miracle he did not die!

What shall we call these scumbags...BUTCHERS ? KILLERS? WHAT indeed?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bt Panjang Gang Attack..6 More caught, total 12!

[ Photo: Shin Min Daily news ]
Breaking News Story
Nov 12, 2010
Six more suspects held
By Jermyn Chow

SIX more people were arrested on Thursday in connection with two armed attacks in Bukit Panjang which left seven youngsters injured on Monday.
The men, aged between 19 and 25, were collared after officers from the Secret Societies Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department carried out raids in Balestier and
Bukit Batok.
It brings the number arrested over Monday's attacks to 12.

A 20-year-old man, Jayasiva Shangar Guru, was slashed by a group of tanned-skinned youths armed with parangs and choppers at about 10pm at Block 418, Fajar Road. The group is believed to have then attacked six teenage boys at Block 505, Jelapang Road.
The 20-year-old is in hospital with injuries to his legs and back. The others also needed treatment.
Earlier the same evening, a group of youths kicked and punched a tanned-skinned teenager near the spot where the slashings later took place. It is believed all the attacks could be linked.

Read also:
Judge asks for gang data
MPs to raise gang issue
A haunt of rowdy teens
Fights not racially motivated

Unk Dicko's Comment:
The Police crackdown has started. Round the clock investigation by various police agencies has reulted in the speedy identification of these scumsbags who should be TAUGHT A LESSON THEY CANNOT FORGET FOR A LONG, LONG TIME .
Kudos to our hardworking field officers for this !
I hope they and our Division police officers would NOW come down hard on these S S elements
wherever they are. Even if they are lying low, which many will do, identify them, go to their houses, knock on the door, pull them out from the safety of their hideouts. When residents see all this happening, their spirits will be uplifted.
When gang members realise there's a BIG CRACKDOWN going on...widespread across all corners of Singapore, this year's end of the year S S Recruitment at all schools and neighbourhoods will be very muted.
And that will help all schools in the new year when the new Sec One intake begins.

Unk Dicko has been dealing with and countering this problem for many years...most successfully! Normal policies in school for reigning in these SS elements do not work at all.
The strategies and methods I'd used cannot be shared publicly for obvious reasons.
If the MOE is really bothered and interested in solving some of this eternal problems,
they know how to get in touch with me...seriously speaking.
The Govt has always said and often repeatedly, " those who have retired have much to contribute with THEIR WIDE EXPERIENCE, SKILLS, TALENT, KNOWHOW . Their experience should be tapped. "

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bt Panjang Attack..6 Nabbed ! Also 19 fellow gang members 369 arrested in court.

Six nabbed in connection with Bt Panjang gang fight

Posted: 10 November, 2010 2013 hrs, CNA news online.

Police have arrested six people, aged between 15 and 23 years, in connection with a gang fight at Bukit Panjang on Monday night.The alleged assault took place at about 10pm, at Block 418, Fajar Road where a 20-year-old man was slashed and later hospitalised.
Not long after, the group of attackers, some armed with choppers, rained blows on six others near a basketball court at Jelapang Road some 400 metres from the first site.

Police added investigations so far do not indicate that the Bukit Panjang attacks are related to the murder case at Downtown East that happened on 30 October.
It has also been found that the Downtown East case was connected to gang-related disputes involving the deceased, victims and assailants, and not from a staring incident as reported earlier.

Police added that 19 young men between 17 and 22 years old were arrested at the Subordinate Courts on Wednesday.
They are believed to be gang members.
Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Ng Boon Gay, said: "Youth offenders involved in violent crimes must be warned that they will not be treated lightly simply because of their age. There is no excuse for violence and no leniency for those who disregard the law. All gang behaviour will be dealt with firmly and decisively, including taking action against those who turn up at the courts in force as a show of support for their fellow gangsters. They will face the full brunt of the law, including the Criminal Law
(Temporary Provisions) Act."

- CNA/ir
Unk Dicko's Comments:
1. This swift action by the police in nabbing 6 of the gang attackers signify they must have been working round-the -clock and with a large investigating team. It is indeed most commendable. Hopefully the remainder of those brutal scums will be tracked down soon.None of those involved should be allowed to escape. Even those not involved directly in the attack but are members of this scourge should be put away for the safety and sake of our people and nation.
I hope police will use Section 55 to keep them inside until we devise some other ways TO ENSURE THAT BEFORE THEY ARE RELEASED, THEY WILL NEVER AGAIN BE "SECURITY RISKS". Same strict reasoning as applied to those under detention by ISD for terrorism. These gangsters are definitely "Terrorists" however you define the word.
2. I salute the Director of CID, Sr Asst Commissioner of Police Ng Boon Gay for coming out with the STRONGEST STATEMENT AGAINST these violent youths and gangsters. It is most heartening and most encouraging to know that the POLICE will exert all its powers to ensure they face the " Full Brunt of the LAW ".
Now, it remains to be seen how our Courts will deal with them.
I am fully confident the entire population will be on the side of the LAW and in FULL support of our Courts when it comes to meting out the harshest punishment possible...for these internal terrorists.
3. The Police must be highly commended for arresting all those 19 "fellow terrorists" most with
heavily tattooed bodies, whom I'd described in previous posts about such scums as all "macho-bravo " hot air balloons. Such scumbags have been dishing out their particular brand of hell to the weak and innocent, those whom they can easily intimidate and bully. Now, let's see them acting tough surrounded by hard-nosed lawmen.
Let's see if they dare to utter, " Kua si mi ?" against these lawmen or when they appear in court in front of the judges.
You'll be surprised how many pussy-cats you will find. Even One Eyed Dragon could not act like his nickname suggested as he was led up the steps to the gallows.

One more Caught & Charged..DTE killing.

Fifth youth charged with Downtown East murder
By Shaffiq Alkhatib / Wayne Chan
Posted: 10 November 2010 1600 hrs

4th Downtown East murder suspect still hospitalised

Police arrest four suspects over Downtown East murder

Four men charged with murder of 19-year-old

A fifth person has been charged with the recent Downtown East murder.
Sixteen-year-old student Louis Tong Qing Yao is accused of being part of an unlawful assembly that attacked and killed 19-year-old Republic Polytechnic student Darren Ng Wei Jie between 5.30pm and 6pm on October 30.
Darren, who was reportedly hacked with choppers, died in Changi General Hospital about five hours later. Tong, and the three others charged earlier, will be back in court on 16 November.
Tong also faces at least three other charges of acting on behalf of an unlicensed moneylender.Tong and three other alleged accomplices including full-time national serviceman Chen Wei Zhen and private student Ho Wui Ming will be back in court on Tuesday. The court heard on Wednesday that another of their alleged accomplices, 18-year-old Edward Tay Wei Loong, is still in hospital.The unemployed teenager was warded after hurting his head while trying to get away from the police and is now in a secure ward and no visitors, including his parents, are allowed.

Tay is represented by lawyers Subhas Anandan and Sunil Sudheesan from KhattarWong law firm. Mr Sudheesan asked the court if the prosecution could assist in allowing Tay's parents to visit their son.District Judge Lim Tse Haw said Tay's parents can make a request to the Investigating Officer handling the case.Tay's case will be mentioned again in court on November 24.
If convicted of murder, the five young men will face the death penalty.