Monday, October 29, 2007

Arrowtown, Wanaka and a teahouse stop.

Picture source: Alpine Motel and suite from motel website.
Lake Wanaka from Tourism NZ.
Owl's pick: Arrowtown, Wanaka and teastop.
From Queenstown, driving in a North-East direction for about 21 km, we came to the historic township of Arrowtown. This place came into existence in 1862 when gold in fabulous quantities was found in the swiftly flowing Arrow River. Miners from all over the world flocked to the fledgling town. A shanty town emerged on the banks of the river but this was soon washed away in the spring when flood waters rushed through, with loss of many lives. As a result, the miners then constructed small cottages of stone and timber on higher ground, established churches and planted handsome avenues of trees. Their legacy today is a picturesque town that retains its old world charm through careful preservation of historic buildings and trees.
We enjoyed walking around the many shops and restaurants, went into some and bought some genuine "Arrowtown gold " in intricate gold-leafed black boxes and other stuff.
We bought DT and D4 some gifts from here to remind them of our love and of this unforgettable visit.
Wanaka [ Centre pic ]

From Queenstown, to Arrowtown, to Wanaka is about 112 km proceeding in a north-northeasterly direction. Wanaka is located on the south shores of Lake Wanaka, in west Otago.
Embraced by the Southern Alps, Wanaka is Otago's 2nd resort town after Queenstown. The crystal-clear water of Lake Wanaka, NZ's 4th largest lake, reflect the snow-capped peaks of Mt Aspiring National Park. Thus this town is a magnet for visitors who fancy outdoor adventure and indoor luxury.
D4 had made prior booking for us at the lovely Alpine Motel situated at 7, Ardmore Street. The lake was just across the road from where we were! So after checking into our suite, we made our way across the lake where some swans were coasting nearby. It was a very peaceful, scenic and tranquil town.

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