Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Christchurch,Dunedin and north

Top picture: Right in the heart of Cathedral Square, which is the city centre of Christchurch, South Island,NZ. This whole place is so named because of the cathedral which is in the background. The Christchurch Cathedral is of Anglican origins. Four major avenues surround this popular destination . There are numerous attractions within the square and park. I noticed a huge statue of the famous Antarctic explorer Robert Scott nearby and went closer to read the inscription. He was one explorer that fired my youthful imagination about adventure, courage in the face of extreme adversity and heroism. Yes, I have read and re-read various accounts of Scott's Last Expedition. So, why was his statue erected here?
The base of his expeditions was nearby.
Christchurch is the largest city in South Island and has a population of about 345,000.

Centre picture: Dunedin
This is one place, one city that has captured our hearts. It is truly beautiful and breathtaking. The heart of the city lies on relatively flat land, west of Otago Harbour. In the late 19th century it was actually a swamp that was eventually drained off. The spectacular Dunedin skyline is dominated by a ring of 7 hills, remnants of a volcanic crater. In the city centre is the famous " Octagon", a popular draw for all visitors. Here, we noticed many students of the nearby University of Otago, hanging out amongst the cafes, eateries, quaint shops, malls,galleries etc. It is full of movement and life. DT and D4 proudly took us around the University where they both had studied in. It was a picture -book setting. If I could be young again and given a chance to study in a university, this would surely be my top choice. D2 and I just love the peace and lovely setting and everything within easy reach.
In Dunedin, we located Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world. In the Guinness Book of Records it says the gradient is 1 in 2: 9. Walking up that street makes you dizzy. It certainly requires much effort. Walking down is also peculiar and funny. So, many people try running down the street....quite effortlessly, if you can somehow keep your balance!
This street is close by to where our dear friends, the Turners DT, Nick and M live.

Bottom Picture:
A snapshot of an old farm barrow in the countryside.

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