Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Latest.... Burma's Killing Field. Shocking if true!

1.Betel nut seller 2. Ferry crossing at Yangon river
3. Poor boy selling cold water

According to the latest Daily Mail (UK ) News, 2nd Oct 2007, a senior Intelligence officer working with the Ruling Junta has decided to defect after he refused to be involved in the clandestine dirty work, now going on deep inside Burma's jungle in the north. According to HLA WIN ( his name ) he was to accompany thousands of detained monks and other protesters taken into the deep jungle and there shoot and bury or dump them. He could not bring himself to do so and taking his son with him, fled to the refugee border of Thailand to escape and seek refuge. He reported that all the monks and protesters had been shackled and dragged deep into the jungle. There they were all killed and their bodies dumped.

It does not come as a surprise to me that the evil regime has chosen the deep jungle as the new "Killing Field "for those who oppose them. The jungle's canopy provide the perfect cover against any spy satellites overhead. Some satellites have already captured clear images of their fortress-like bunker Hqrs at Naypyidaw. Obviously they wouldn't want such mass killings to be recorded and shown to the outside world. Brutal killing, heinous torture and state -sponsored terrorism against their very own people is the signature trademark of Than Shwe and his murderous clowns.

Many more horrific and brutal stories are posted on the internet. I am reminded of the "mad and murderous" reign of Idi Amin of Uganda after he deposed President Milton Obote while the latter was in Singapore for the Commonwealth Heads of Govt Conference.

A BBC team visited 7 monasteries and found no monks in any. Now, at least we know where they could have ended up. But they won't kill all monks. Those released were defrocked and sent home to their villages or communes. Others will remain locked up and languish in the regime's jails for a long time as punishment and warning to all in Burma.

Latest Update:
This piece of news made it to the top stories on BBC news tonight, 3rd Oct 2007, on TV.
I caught the whole story. The BBC reporter was interviewing this defector. He said he was a major and was i/c of a unit of men who were given orders to massacre the monks in deep jungle. He spoke in his own voice, pointing to details on a map. His face was hidden for security reasons.
I do hope that the UN and other international bodies that have the power to investigate further take notice and launch some preliminary fact-finding before the evil generals erase all evidence of their monstrous crime.

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