Monday, October 15, 2007

No Ordinary Killings...Savage Butchery !

This past week was a week of reflection, recollection, thoughtful dedication and in memoriam to my beloved late mother-in-law, who crossed over to gloryland at the ripe old age of 94. We had a well-organised lying-in-state and after the cremation ceremony, conducted a simple yet dignified sea burial off the peaceful waters at Changi Channel ( Changi Point ) for her remains and also that of her late husband, who had gone on before in the 80's.

Last night, I had received some 10 horrific and most gruesome photos of some recent victims
of the Burma uprising. It had come with a take a few deep breaths before viewing.
It was good advice. Although I'm not squeamish nor easily terrified by most anything, it still took some getting use see such inhumanity, cruelty beyond belief, butchery beyond comprehension in those pictures.
I have decided, for the moment, not to display them here openly for one simple reason.
And the reason is I do not wish to cause any severe discomfort to anyone's physical or mental state. They are that gory!

Nevertheless, the story of such depraved and evil brutality should not remain hidden.
The story should be brought to the attention of all civilised people everywhere.
If any of you visiting my site here wishes me to forward you the pictures, just send me your contact email address at the "comments" box and I will gladly oblige.


uncle dick said...

I responded to one request,so far.
This friend was shocked to the brim, to say the least!
His knees may have gone a little soft too.

unk Dicko said...

This is an update of the subject of total, inhuman brutality.
Recently,I received a video clip showing how the TALEBAN and other similarly mad groups conducting
deliberately "slow" beheading of several victims...who were all tied and trussed up like chickens.
The murderer used a small kitchen -type knife ( again I think it was deliberate to make the poor victim suffer more and for video impact ).
The camera even focussed on "close up" view of the sawing away at the neck with the rusty knife.
It was utterly EVIL and cowardly.