Wednesday, October 24, 2007

S'pore - Dunedin, a new Chapter is born!

While we were in Dunedin, we wasted no time in getting to know and meet DT's people...his mom,aunties, cousins and their spouses. We even met Millie, that beautiful dog in the previous picture ,that is part of the Judy and Karl family. Millie impressed us tremendously with her gentle,lovable and most pleasant nature. It was such a joy and an unforgettable experience to have taken her for a nice,long walk through the nearby park.
The 'getting to know everyone' dinner was held at a very nice traditional Chinese Restaurant in downtown Dunedin. It was a most memorable meeting and dinner that time. The food was very good served with Chinese tea. And by dinner's end we were all more than just friends.
DT and D4 made all the introductions.
I thought to myself....this is one of the nicest bunch of people D2 and I could ever hope meeting.

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