Friday, November 9, 2007

More Snapshots...Cromwell, Larnach C, Fruitlands

The photos : The giant sculpture of the stone fruit outside the northern end of Cromwell town.
Larnach Castle grounds, Otago. D4 and DT at Fruitlands, a nice homely cottage where we had our lunch.


The town of Cromwell lies in the valley of the Upper Clutha River in Central Otago, between State Highway 6 and 8.
In 1862, gold was discovered here which led to thousands flocking here to try their luck at finding this irresistable fortune hidden in the grounds. When gold became scarce those who had settled here turned the area into a centre of pastoral farming and stone fruit production. There are vineyards too.
The town was likely named after Oliver Cromwell [ 1599 - 1658 ] whose New Model Army defeated the Royalists in the English Civil War and which led to the execution of King Charles I in 1649. Cromwell dominated the short-lived English Republic, conquered Ireland and Scotland and ruled as Lord Protector until his death.
Flashback: I remember D2 and I enjoying the movie " Cromwell" which starred Richard Harris, Alec Guinness and Robert Morley, a long time ago around 1971. It was a very good movie with top rate performances by the cast, especially R Harris, who acted as Cromwell. If my memory serves me correctly, it also garnered an Oscar Award for....maybe Best picture. Has any reader here seen it too?

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