Wednesday, November 14, 2007

PA.....Hong Kong !

This picture was taken by Ms Tomoko Shibuya a fellow participant of the 2nd Asian Youth Voyage 1972. She hails from Hokkaido where I was fortunate and privilege to go to after our main Voyage ended at Yokohama port, Japan.
This was my 1st ever visit to Hong Kong in June 1972. The people walking along this street with me were my fellow "Block A" members, taking care of me. Japan Jaycees was hosting the whole programme. They were all from various parts of Japan. We had some free time after our pre-briefing before we officially boarded the SS Coral Princess, the official Youth Ship docked at Hong Kong harbour.
The 2nd AYV made a big impact on my understanding of post-war Japan and the new generation of younger Japanese youths. There were selected participants from most of the other Asian countries...Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand,Sri Lanka, Taiwan, etc.... .


JY said...

Dear uncle - congratulations on your very own travel blog! You truly are a well travelled person! Perhaps you should consider writing a Singaporean version of the Lonely Planet Guide :-) I especially enjoy your NZ posts - I did not realise how many times you and Ty have been there! It's also one of my favourite places to visit especially now that we have Kiwi relatives.

uncle dick said...

Thanks for you lovely comments and encouragement. Yes, we should all'pressure'the TURNIPS to organise a camping vacation by campervan. Wouldn't that be fantabulous! Ty and the others can do the outdoor cooking part. DT obviously will be the chief Navigator cum driver. D4 the chief sourcer/buyer for supplies. Everyone will have an appointed role...yes,even the kiddoes, if they can come along with us.
It would be great FUN and should be an unforgettable family experience!