Monday, November 19, 2007


Indonesia, our largest neighbour in ASEAN, is a must visit place for me, my family and most of my friends. Why? They are our nearest neighbour besides Malaysia. That's why. We ought to know how the different people in Indonesia live, their towns and cities, their history which impacted upon us in the past, their music, food and culture which are so closely intertwined with our own in singapore. And their unique country has more volcanoes, dormant or active, in the world. The most populous Muslim country in the world. The Land of " keroncong" music...that special blend of soothing sounds that conjures images of Balihai, of peaceful kampongs amidst swaying palm trees and gentle lapping waves by the sea shore. The type of music close to my soul!
I have made many trips to different parts of this huge chain of the archipelago.
The 3 photos were from a trip I made back in 1989 together with D2, D4 and my friends from former COMEX club, Singapore. D3 could not be with us as she was also busy travelling elsewhere with her friends.
Top: At Borobudur temple...where the ruins have been painstakingly restored.
Center: The town of Mataram
Bottom: At the foot of Mt Bromo, a live volcano that was and still is bubbling at its crater top. We stayed at Probolinggo and from there proceeded to Ngadisari at the foothills where the expedition up the mountain began. The view from the top is not to be missed if you can withstand the high sulphur air around you.

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