Friday, November 16, 2007


The Maldives consist of about 1190 coral islands that stretch 820 km from North to South and 120 km fro East to West. One visit and visitors will be addicted to the irresistible charms and sea magic of the islands. It has often been described as" the last paradise on Earth" in most travel brochures. I would strongly concur. The major earning power for their economy is the revenue generated from tourism.

photo: After our diving adventure...all smiles !

D2 and I decided that we should check out the place for ourselves in November 1995. We headed for one of the furthest resorts situated at the southern tip of the chain of islands. It took us nearly 3 hours to get there from Male, the capital city by a fast cruiser. But...boy was it worth the long sea journey when we arrived. Before us was paradise! Or at least it was that close! Pristine, tranquil beaches with pure-really pure white sand, swaying palm trees in the gentle sea breeze, brilliant turquoise lagoons and the wealth of marine life as we walked along the jetty, with fellow travellers going goo-goo and ga-ga, as they pointed excitedly to the numerous varieties of fishes swimming about everywhere.
The best was yet to come....below the surface of the resplendent sea!
The fabulous coral reefs got me hooked and I made a decision to somehow coax my dearie D2 to learn Scuba Diving there and go where
she has never been before. That was a feather in my cap. She, a non-deep sea type, actually went diving with me into the depths of the deep ocean, surrounded by huge sharks, stingrays, giant fishes and other denizens of the deep.
Owl's Recommendation: A visit to Maldives and scuba diving not to be missed !

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