Sunday, November 18, 2007


Land of the Smiles! Land of Sawadee! Land that D2 and I love! And it is only figuratively speaking, 'a stone's throw away' from us. We love the land of Loy Krathong for many reasons...fantastic shopping at good prices, fantastic Thai food at reasonable prices, the give and take attitude of their people, their music and culture, the ambience, nightlife and their sea and mountain resorts.
My 1st visit to Thailand was back in the mid 60's when Bangkok was the host city and venue for The ASIAN GAMES. Since then, I have visited many parts of the country over many years.
This particular visit was in year 2000. D2 and I checked into the Patong Beach Hotel which was located close to the sea front. One highlight of this trip was we decided to try as many types of "massage" as we could find.....not those sleazy ones.
Top photo:
This lady giving me one of the Best massage ever..she was , one of many, that we found along the packed sea front of Patong Beach area. She used a variety of oils that we felt were very effective and that produced a far better tone and relaxation for us. It was so super GOOD that after it ended, we booked her and her friend again for another session the next day.It only cost about $10 in Sing dollars per person,per session. And on top of that they were certified and licensed.
When the Asian Tsunami broke out on the morning of 26th December 2004 and spread its disastrous effects over many countries and areas, including Phuket....Patong Beach front received the worst assault. That morning, D2 and I were hoping and praying from home, that those like this sweet lady, managed to escape.
Bottom photo:
Being surrounded by the stars of the famous Transvetite Review/Show of Phuket.

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