Tuesday, November 13, 2007


There is a saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Similarly, a photograph however taken, by whatever camera, captures the unforgettable image of a certain moment in time and at a specific location.

I first handled a Yashica box camera back in the early 60's. Most of the pictures were in black and white film. Since then, I have literally taken thousands of pictures with a clutch of different cameras, graduating from Nikon 35mm to the latest, easy to operate digital cameras. My latest is the Canon IXUS 70 SLD which I purchased in June this year.

Photo: Official Welcome given by Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido, Japan during the 2nd ASIAN YOUTH VOYAGE June - July 1972. I was the Leader of the Singapore Delegation.

I have also tried photo developing in a friend's homemade lab. The large volume of prints I've accumulated over 46 years poses a difficult problem..... Display and Storage. Photo Albums are too numerous and bulky. Framing all your pictures is out of the question. Mostly, I keep them in plastic boxes. Thus, they remain hidden and "buried" in the storeroom, totally forgotten. Such precious memories! Today, I have decided that I will change all that entirely. I intend to scan my entire collection of photos as a personal project even if it takes a couple of years. The next step will be to organise and categorize them into sub-sections for easier retrieval and reference.
For this blogsite, I will continue my posting on ....journeys, travels, anecdotes, incidents and insights and personal experiences from education, all with picture content. PHOTO aRCHIVES or PA will be where much of my photo collection will be displayed. Most will have brief details and comments about the picture. It will be grouped by country, city or year.

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