Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Route to Milford Sound

Homer Tunnel

Having heard quite a lot about the Fiordland and especially about Milford Sound , we embarked on this journey by taking the luxury coach from Queenstown. DT and D4 were also with us on this trip. The single day return trip, including the cruise on the Milford Sound Fiord ,takes more than 12 hours....especially in full winter season. Our very early morning journey began as we sat ourselves comfortably in the coach which moved southwards towards Mossburn. The roads on either side were enveloped with snow. Soon after reaching Mossburn we turned westwards heading for Monapouri , which houses a large power station. Then we headed northwards to Te Anau an internationally renowned resort described as the sightseeing" Walking Capital of the World." It is nestled on the tranquil shores of Lake Te Anau. From here, the road winds down the Eglinton and Hollyford valleys, then through the Homer Tunnel, to be met by Mitre Peak ,towering over the glassy waters of Milford Sound.

All in, the road to Milford Sound is one of the world's finest drives.

And Milford Sound is the most famous and accessible of the various fiords.

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