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Improve Your Eyesight...Free from Owl !

How to Improve your eyesight....and throw away those specs!

Hi Yippies!
Thanks to handsome Linus (without glasses now !) I can share with you my personal battle with the nuisance of having to wear glasses. I remember when I was very active in the 60's, 70's and early mid 80's, actively engaged in many outdoor pursuits....I had near perfect vision. Never wore glasses ( except for cosmetic reasons ), did not require any.
Then for reasons I'm still unsure day I went to the Optician in the late 80's at Hougang to make a pair of sunglasses ( AO , as I was out in the sun alot ), the lady there, as a matter of standard practice, tested my vision with their optometry reader. Suddenly, my perfect vision was no more! Both eyes required lenses of 100+ degrees. correct....ACCORDING TO THE OPTICIAN.So, I had no choice, not wanting to further aggravate my less than perfect vision, I followed her reccomendation for 2 pairs of sunglass, one normal for everyday use. Costs few hundred $!
From then on, every year or so, I went to the same place to change lenses, frames, eye testing etc.
Then one day, they told me I was suffering from double vision !?!...and astigmatism ( whatever this was? ). So, despite my FAITHFULNESS in putting on glasses at all times, and despite my regular visits to test my vision and upgrade my lenses regularly and not to mention spending over $1000 -2000 since my 1st pair of specs, things did not improve. Instead it got steadily worse ! So, I thought to myself, if that were to continue at that rate, I would soon require 1000 degrees specs since my highest was around 300+ degrees already.
By mid 90's, when I tried to play a game of badminton without my specs ( as an early experiment ), I saw 2 shuttlecoks in the air instead of one....and felt GIDDY. I also could not estimate the distance between me and the net causing repeated errors.

One day, I read a little ,short excerpt about improving one's eyesight with some tips provided. Basically, what it said in the article was people who are living close to nature never have problems with vision. Those in the jungle, or living in the forest or mountains or valleys...they have close to perfect vision always, from kids to the aged.
Can we not learn from them?
Like Bob the Builder says," YES WE CAN !"
But How?
Please don't ask me for that article now.....if I can ever find it, sure I'll put it here.
But more importantly, since I made a VOW to myself to try out the suggested tips sometime in the mid 90's, I can state them here for your benefit. Fortunately, I can recall most of the tips. Note that try out meant that I deliberately locked up my spectacles, never to use them again from that moment I made my self -promise!
I have kept to my VOW all these years....why?
How did I achieve it?
Here's how......SIMPLE, REALLY SIMPLE !!
All the things I state here are to be done without glasses.

1. Exercise the eyes.....rotate the eyes up, down, left, right. Helps to strengthen eye muscles.
2. Massage areas around the eyes, eyebrow, nasal fringe, upper cheek near eyes. Do 1 and 2 as often as u can daily.
3. Wash your eyes with running tap water a few times clean it.
4. Read anything in good lighting conditions. Hold away from eyes. Don't stinge on saving light!
5. Daily, really LOOK at nature surrounding u..especially green stuff...trees, leaves, bark, branches, flowers,grass,ferns etc.... as often as u can, even while working, step out, have a breather and LOOK!
6. Micro- look technique.....focus your eyes, STARE if u like to call it and follow the path of a tiny ant, bug, fly, mosquito, or anything that is really tiny. Learn to use your eyes to see and OBSERVE tiny differences in these insects as they move, play or fight etc. Spend more time on this kind of micro observations with your naked eye. Do it as often as u can.
7. When u are working facing a wall at your desk, stop a while to look for tiny spots on it...the wall with your eys wide open or squint alternatively. This exercise your eye muscles.
8. From time to time, close and tightly squeeze your eyes shut...for about 20 seconds, then open it as wide as you can. This act to stimulate your impt nerves and muscles controlling focussing!
That's it.
After I started to do all the things I have mentioned above.... daily, my vision very QUICKLY came back to weeks and months, not even in years.
Today, I do everything without specs.....swim, play,drive,read, watch, etc..
I still FOLLOW the 8 steps above daily.
Should I charge people for my advice and testimony?
[ Since the day I posted this entry here on my blog, this has been one of the most
visited article on internet searches for improving vision ]
You should all try these simple really worked for me.

Luv to all.

Unk Dicko


The post above was written by me in March 2007 for our private Blogsite"The Yippies Blogspot".

There are many superb posts, anecdotes, stories and photos on many topics and subjects within.

But most in the extended family of mine prefer the website to be kept private and closed for now. So, visitors can't access it at the moment.

Back to the question of improving your vision.

What I have tried was so simple in its application and the results so astounding....that I was truly

amazed. I have not gone to any eye doctor, specialist or hospital since the mid 80's. Don't need to. There is no medicine, contraption or herbs involved.

Just those steps I've outlined above.

Back to nature....would be apt... to describe the process I took.

If you ask me ...the most important, critical decision to make, at least for me, was to

literally lock my spectacles I would not be tempted to simply put them on, thus

defeating the purpose of my self imposed' experiment or try out'.

It was not easy at first....BUT,...gradually and sub-consciously, improvements were taking place.

Not noticeable at first......BUT,....slightly later, with progressive accumulation, BINGO !

Back to almost perfect vision again.

Do drop me a line or two if you are at it.
Would love to get feedback from anyone regarding this.
Wise Owl


JY said...

Dear Uncle - thanks for sharing your story. I did wonder why you never wore glasses. I am now both short and long sighted and cannot do without my glasses as I have severe mypopia but I shall try out the exercises you mentioned.

uncle dick said...

Yes, it is worth trying. No harm done and things can only get better as your eye muscles get stronger and your eyes start the process of adjustments and re-focssing esp..when you do more micro-focussing techniques.
Keep it up, Jac.
unk D

tomcbh said...

Dear Sir,

I am 15 and my eyes art already over -3. I'm really worried by the time I'm around 30 I'll be nearly blind. I shall try your excercises, hopefully they work...

uncle dick said...

Hi Tom!
In the mid 1960's I was skinny and weak weighing maybe 40 odd kgs.I used to see many adverts in movie magazines urging one to subscribe to their body-building methods by ...correspondence course. Most were from the USA. I'm glad I did not do so...paying for those expensive courses. But I knew I needed and wanted to be much stronger. That meant not just exercise but a nutritional plan for putting on weight...of the right kind. I did my own reading and simple do all that. Bought Weider Wt gain formula as a supplement, bought my own free weights, bars and dumbbells.Made my own training bench. Found a few like-minded friends and BINGO..we were into our very own body-building programme. I recorded all data and it showed that in 6 weeks I was taking nice shape. After 12 weeks[3 months] of working out 3 times min per week,I was a totally different person...muscular,healthy weight,fitter,good-looking! We had no coach....all the info came from me. I had surprised myself!
What is the moral of this story?
Certain SUCCESS will come if you make a hard decision and stick with it.You must have the power of BELIEF in yourself. Regularity and Consistency are important too.
You have my full support in this.

tomcbh said...

I have a predicament though for I am at school and unable to take notes from the board unless I have my glasses on, should I persist with wearing them or should I just leave them and copy off the person next to me...

uncle dick said...

Hi Tom,
Just a couple of suggestions.
1. Discuss with your teacher your intention to try improving your vision first...maybe even some classmates too.
2. Request to move closer to the front or the you can focus better without glasses.
3. In the beginning you might still "need" your glasses. But work out a determined plan to use them less and less your vision improves, and more of your naked eyes.
As for me...I CHOSE to start from the extreme [ No glasses from Day one]. It wasn't easy. For eg..I lost most of the games I was playing at Badminton in the early few weeks. And I'm a very competitive person. I simply hate losing!
The pain of losing so often was turned into permanent GAINS....even till today.
I'm still WINNING almost all the time!

Anonymous said...

HI,i am 19 and gonna start to racing around 1 year, I was playing computer or study hard for more than 10hrs a day, i'm pretty much worring about my eyesight-it's something like 100degrees and 250 dgrees.

anyway,thanks for the tips,i'll make a post months later if mine turns better.


unk Dicko said...

Hi "Eiw",
Your situation of 100-250 degreees is not too critical yet but is about the best time to follow the tips I've outlined...which should lead to GREAT improvement as in my case.
Working or playing games on the computer...make sure the lighting around is good. Do take breaks every now and then and relax the eyes by looking at nature.
Use your eyes to see:
1. as far as you can
2. as per normal
3. like a microscope( micro-focus )
That way...your vision will improve as the eye muscles readjust to various distances.
One other tip, use your eyes at night or in darkness to look around without lights. You will be surprised you can see your way around after trying out.
This is what natives do in their natural jungle environment.
They can see perfectly in the dark!
Hope to hear from you again!

dennisrowntree said...

Hello Dick Yip

I accidently came across your blog on "Improve Your Eyesight" and I almost find it too good to be true. I want to believe it because I had always felt intuitively that doing eye exercises must help the eye to regain its healthy vision.

I have a question. In step 3. you mentioned: "Wash your eyes with running tap water a few times clean it". What do you mean precisely by "wash your eyes"? Do you mean literally get the water into the eyes or just splash the face and surface of the eyes?

I know there are books already on this subject but I am going to try out your exercises and hope for the best.

I hope this isn't a gimmick but it is wonderful news if it has truly worked for you. What an inspiration for others!

Thank you for passing this information to us.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Dennis,
Thank you for having found this blogpost on my site and for visiting. Hope you will be able to achieve your goal of improving your vision...with the easy steps I've outlined.
The articles and posts on my blog are based on FACTS or personal experiences that came my way.
I have DONE exactly as stated in those steps...without my glasses, kept at it eversince. The last time I wore spectacles was in the mid 90's...the day I locked away my specs for good ( still in my drawers today!}.
What worked for me should work for others too...provided you have the same disipline, sheer determination, BELIEF and loads of patience.
Before I wrote this post, I did not do any research on improving vision as such. It came from what I had already put into practice for myself which has not only worked for me but sa you said "has brought tremendous benefit for all".
So, just to assure you this story is NO FICTION AND NOT A GIMMICK.
If you see the the 1st comment by JY you can understand. JY, a Professional Training Consultant, is a niece of mine. She was aware of my past eyesight with glasses always...and then never again.
To hekp all you readers and visitors more, I will do a new post on this subject sharing more insights from my perspective.

Step 3: I actually wash my eyes with/in running water often,daily...even today. So not just splashing water on the face.
The amount of grime, dirt, dust and other polluntants in the air and on the roads can affect our eyes greatly. Many modern people today put on makeup and other cosmetics on the may be less inclined to "wash their eyes".

dennisrowntree said...

Hi Dick

Just to say a quick thank you for replying so quickly. I didn't expect you to reply so fast! I appreciate it.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to share this information to others for FREE.

I have been looking at sites where they are selling books on improving eye sights and some of the comments about these books were mixed, some positive and some sceptical.

Your site was the only one that did not "smack" of sounding like a sales pitch. How can it be? You're not selling anything.

The fact you say your story is no fiction and not a gimmick, and furthermore you're not selling anything, helps me to believe your experience is real.

Your story is an inspiration for me and for others. I have already started doing your exercises.

Once again thank you for sharing your experience and I wish you all the best.

unk Dicko said...

Hi again Dennis,
Thanks for your encouraging and sincere comments...much appreciated.
I have decided, when I first set out on this blogging journey in Jan 2007,to share my many TRUE Life experiences. So, all my personal story posts are based on ACTUAL INCIDENTS INVOLVED IN, SEEN, DONE etc.. which obviously include "How to Improve Vision".
Yes, glad you notice I have nothing to sell...just a genuine desire to share something so simple that it is actually MINDBOGGLING when you think about it.
Some principals and teachers have asked me to consider sharing/speaking about my experience on vision to schools and kids in schools. Myopia and other eyesight problems are getting worse in schools.

One problem though, mine is an ordinary, personal layman's account, not a certified medical account.