Wednesday, March 19, 2008

1st Tahan Expedition, part 18...N J C and 4 teachers made history.

Gunung Tahan at 7186 ft, the highest mountain in West Malaysia was first conquered by a group of ten Singaporeans on Saturday, April 19th 1969 at about
10 am. The expedition was led by Mr Twang Peck Ee.
The group comprised of 4 teachers and 6 students of National Junior College.
Colour photo:
L to R: Tng Kim Guan, Dick Yip[me], Ahmad our guide, Balbir Singh, Twang Peck Ee.
B/W photo:
I captured this memorable and historic moment as the 6 NJC boys unfurled their college flag
at the peak of Tahan.
Standing: L to R- Yeow Huat, Louis, Jesudason, Francis, Han Chew
Squatting: Yam Tee and our guide Ahmad

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