Thursday, March 20, 2008

1st Tahan Expedition, part 19, " DIAMONDS" from Tahan

After we congratulated each other with pats, hugs and firm handshakes on reaching the peak, we got down to enjoy the scenic beauty from the very top of West Malaysia....looking as far as the eye can see. Then we spotted beautiful translucent stones that looked like big diamonds in the ground around us. These were actually quartzites which Ahmad told us were locally called "Batu Tahan". The whole Tahan ridge is composed of very ancient sedimentary rock....and many of such

quartz were clearly exposed in dried-up streams, river beds or cracks in rocks. We each collected a few bits and pieces for a closer study later.

Today, this is not allowed by the Park Hqrs.

This surviving colour photo showed the 3 of us ;

me[ Dick], Balbir and Twang as the 1st 3 TTC Camp

Instructors from Singapore to set foot on Tahan.

Quite a few others, leading their own students, would follow in our footsteps.....henceforth.

In later years, other organisations, having by then learnt about the great challenges that all Tahan expedition members must face up to and the immeasurable positive values acquired when overcoming the odds, came on board in greater numbers each organise their own "Tahan" expeditions.

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yg said...

dick, i remember balbir showing us some of these 'diamond' souvenirs he got from g tahan.
i think there's some problem with your email address. sometime ago last year, after you had posted a comment in my blog re obs, i tried unsuccessfully to reach you at your 'coach@redsports' address.

uncle dick said...

Hi Y Ghee,
Yes, you are right....about email
address last year,as that was not under google, but under a paid server provider used by Redsports. There were service problems.
But my present gmail is ok.
These " diamonds" that I still have...not many left, as I've given away to friends and others teaching Geography.
When I was on my 2nd Expedition to Tahan in 1985, the Park Hqrs staff conduct checks when we boarded the boat with our barang2, at departure.
They are very strict now. Even non-biodegradable litter and rubbish must be carried back for proper disposal at Hqrs.They note these items before the party set off.
By the time of 1985, the trail to Tahan was pretty well-set. The tough terrain and challenge remained the same though.