Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1st Tahan Expedition, part 22...Kuala Teku campsite

These 2 pictures originally in beautiful Kodak colours have faded with the passage of father Time. Nevertheless, it captured us so clearly at the end of an eventful day....the same day we had made history.
We were all very exhausted having descended from the Padang plateau. Earlier that morning, we had set off to conquer Tahan peak and then returned to our base camp at Padang...repacked all our gears and things for the descent to where we now were.

Top, from L to R
Standing: Ahmad, Tng, Yam Tee
Seated : Jesudasen, Louis, Dick Yip, Yeow Huat, Twang, Francis and Balbir. If you enlarge this picture you can see my BOWIE knife which I had placed on my pouch ,gripped by my feet.

Bottom, from L to R
With Ahmad was Francis, Tng, Louis and me[Dick]
Lower-Jesudasen, Yeow Huat, Twang, Balbir and Yam Tee. In the foreground a pair of boots can be seen....likely was Yam Tee's. The NJC cloth emblem which I had sewn on to my left shirt pocket on the initial train journey, can be clearly seen if you enlarge the photo.

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