Saturday, March 29, 2008

1st Tahan Expedition, part 25....Departure from K Tahan

Tuesday, April 22 1969

Departure from Kuala Tahan

We had come through safe and sound after a most challenging jungle expedition. The previous evening we gave away much of our things to our beloved guide, Ahmad. There were items that we had borrowed and those had to be returned. Our self-made plastic fly-sheets we gave away. Last night, we had time to

browse around the main Park office. There was a Visitor's book there and most of us signed our names into history. I bought this particular postcard with a B /W Tahan river photo and got a couple of the guys to put their dhoby mark on it. I can roughly make out signatures of Twang, Balbir, Tng, Jesu, Yam Tee, Yeow Huat and Han Chew. Also got a stamp and addressed it to myself. That old address was my home and also of my family since before WW 2.

It has disappeared from the map forever since the 1990's.

So, with all our gears repacked and ready for the homeward journey...I suggested we have a few final photos before we left Taman Negara for good.
This colour picture was taken just outside the Park Hqrs office.
Clockwise from Balbir ....Dick[me], Jesudasen, Louis, Yeow Huat, Han Chew, Yam Tee, Francis and Twang.
Photo-taker was Tng.

We re-boarded the 2 launches for our return trip to Kuala Tembeling and from there to Jerantut Train station by the same old rickety bus. We took the night train from Jerantut to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, Singapore....arriving early the next morning, Wednesday April 23rd 1969., where we were informed that the Straits Times, Chinese and Malay press reporters were awaiting our arrival at Victoria School, Tyrwhitt Road, to interview us and hear our story. Victoria School Scout Den was our Preparation and Organisational Base Camp before the trip. I was a key old boy scout leader there for many the 60's.

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