Monday, March 17, 2008

1st Tahan Expedition,part 16....Seeing is Believing!

Thought I'd add one more photo before I do the post on the actual ascent to the peak of Tahan which will be featured with historic photos of the triumph. Would you believe it? Here we were higher than the drifting clouds around us, at an altitude of nearly 6000 ft and yet we looked like preparing for a beach swim! How come?
This photo showed us on the morning of Sat 19th April 1969, before the ascent of the peak. The temperature was soaring to the point where we could get sun-burnt. The other reason was we had endured a night of bitter cold sleeping in our tents on the exposed Padang plateau. But it was nevertheless a most memorable experience, never to be forgotten. So in a way, we welcomed the sun to warm us up a little after the previous night's cold while we got ready for the last leg of our ascent. That portion will take about 2 hours.
L to R: Francis, Dick Yip[me], Yam Tee, Balbir and Yeow Huat.
In my right hand I was holding a plastic Tupperware box. That box was very important as it contained all the medication, pills and tablets that I had described in my earlier posts. It was my duty as Chief medic to dispense the various kinds of tablets and pills to all ten of us in the morning, after breakfast. Looking back at all the happy and smiling faces, all in good health and peak condition, I guess I must have discharged my duties well.

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